‘Mass Effect 3′ Custom Face Codes, Imported Save Problems Already

Players on PC or Xbox 360 who attempt to import their custom characters first designed in the original Mass Effect into Mass Effect 3 are instructed to recreate their character’s face codes from scratch.

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Thrungus2266d ago

Yep indeed, happened to me. Luckily I literally only needed to change two things. This was proper harrowing at first tho! :(

VanguardOfCalamity2266d ago

I won't get my grubby hands on ME3 till I get home this evening - but I expected there might be import problems ever since I noticed the demo didn't have the same hair style used on the previous two games. I also have imported my same look from ME1 hope its not too different from original. Can't wait to play


Snookies122266d ago

Wow that sucks man... Can't wait to play this though! Hopefully the PS3 version (if it does indeed have issues with framerates) gets patched up before then though.

m232266d ago

You've had a character since the first game? I'm worried now, I've had my character since the first game, I don't think I'd be able to recreate him.

SITH2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Yes, since me1. I loaded it with no problems. I also looked at my three other saved games to see the event options I had. I only loaded one, and it was my oldest account. All had custom Shepard characters and all loaded. Some of you may have had corrupted saves, or some other issues. I have transferred my saves through three diffrent hard drives. I also installed both ME3 disc on the hard drive before I played. Try that, doing so usually fixes some issues.

iamgoatman2266d ago

Bit annoying, but then again the character creator was pretty awful in the first ME so as long as it's better in this one I'm not that bothered. Franklin Shepard will be back to his usual dashing self in no time!