Mass Effect 3 Available Tomorrow, Download it Tonight on PSN

PS Blog writes: "Mass Effect 3 launches in North America in less than 24 hours! We hope you ready to start the war to take Earth back and have secured your copy of the game via digital pre-order on PSN (don’t forget that you’ll receive a bonus weapon and exclusive PS3 theme)."

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JimboG2145d ago

By the time it's done downloading on PSN, it will be morning.

SDF Repellent2145d ago

LOL. I have a $10 coupon I can use at the store in the morning as well and with pre-order bonus.

yesmynameissumo2145d ago

Is it the norm for people with shitty Internet connections to blame everything but their shitty Internet connection? Just curious.

JimboG2145d ago

Downloading a full game, such as Mass Effect 3 will take very long time. Is it the norm for people with poor dry humor to blame everything but their poor humor? Just pondering.

yesmynameissumo2145d ago

Swing and a miss man.

7GB over 30MB down will not take a long time. Time to go back to 7th grade math my friend.

Tapioca Cold2145d ago

I live in Korea and my downloads take no time at all. It's your internet connection.

TronEOL2145d ago

It'll also be available on Origin at 9pm tonight!

So I'll be playing the Multiplayer on PC until my N7 Edition gets here in a couple days (waiting to finish the single player as John Shepard on PS3 since that's where I've dedicated most of my time to the series). And when I platinum the PS3 version, I'll move over to the PC version where I'll play as my personalized Shepard.

I've got it all planned out. Pre-loaded ME3, and got everything downloaded, waiting for activation from EA.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2145d ago

Gonna take forfreakingever to download. But I'm gonna be in class all day tomorrow so I guess I'll download it.

josephayal2145d ago

a $60 download? jeje this is a JOKE?

Neko6082145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

No sales tax :)


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