Don't tell me cause it HERTZ — When will 60 frames per second become standard?

SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced controls-us writes:
I not to long ago wrote “The RESOLUTION will not be televised — when will 1080p become standard”. I asked 1080p if it could kindly bring 60 frames per second along for the ride as well, and was going to leave it at that, when I realized even though the two should go hand in hand it’s not guaranteed and is a totally different question. We could very well get 1080p/30Hz or 720p/60Hz combinations. So I decided to tackle the issue at hand.

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LOGICWINS2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

"Don't tell me cause it HERTZ — When will 60 frames per second become standard?"

Never. Frames per second is a design choice. As long as both slow paced games(BF/Killzone) and fast paced games (COD) continue to exist, neither 60 frames per second or 30 frames per second will be a "standard" for ALL games.

Dr Face Doctor2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

This. I appreciate when an FPS or a racing game can be optimized to run at 60fps on lower end systems, but on some types of games it's not really necessary, and the sting of a lower framerate in those cases can be more than alleviated by the better visuals or better gameplay (physics-based gameplay and complex AI can take a fair bit of processing power) that come with that lower framerate.

soundslike2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Thats a silly diagnosis. BF and Killzone run at 30fps because they prioritized graphics, next gen such a priority wont yield a difference as distinct as it is now. I'm starting to really despise 30fps. Any game that runs at 30fps should be denied certification from Sony/Microsoft on the next systems.

Next gen should aim for 120fps/120hz on 1080p with the power to do something like BF3 at ultra settings. Its not overkill, its future proof.

Blows my mind that people would disagree with this. Its only in everyones best interest.

edit: You can only say its overkill because of existing technology. 4 years after launch, those specs might only get 48fps out of new rendering technology. Technology is moving too fast to aim for "decent standards" of today. It would be a damn shame to repeat the same mistakes of this gen because some people are too insecure to look at current standards critically.

also: it wouldnt cost the consumer 1200 dollars. One of the biggest selling points of consoles is to make more expensive hardware cheaper to the consumer and then make up the cost in software over time.

Dr Face Doctor2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

120hz at 1080p for BF3 on ultra IS overkill, I assure you. A GPU that could do that costs more than an entire Xbox 360 did at launch. If you really want to invest $1200 into a system that can pull that off, I invite you to just build a PC instead.

grahf2112d ago

I just got BF3 for the 360 a few days ago (used, $20, Plus Online pass! Take that EA). It is a good game, and one of the best looking I've ever played, even at 30 FPS.


COD @ 60 FPS is superior for the genre ON CONSOLES. I would LOVE a PC rig that could handle BF3 running 60 FPS @ 1080p... 64 player conquest... that would be awesome, as some of you could probably attest.

Not knocking BF3, especially now that I've gotten some hands on time with it. I enjoy it. The experince is taken a notch below when running at 30FPS.

I'll be hard pressed to play Halo 4 multiplayer if they can't pull off 60 FPS.

Major_Nelson2112d ago

The PS4 will be 120fps !!
Will that do ?

Sobari2112d ago

Frames will never be a standard; only resolution, if even that.

GamingTruth2112d ago

well the better you want games to look then naturally the frame rate and resolution needs to be lowered, no matter how powerful hardware gets

yabhero2112d ago

And lose Mario,zelda, uncharted,gears, halo,super smash, Pokemon, Last of us, Little Big Planet are more and can't think of?
HAHA!!! I think not...

RankFTW2112d ago

Well buy the consoles then aswell, you don't have to only game on one platform.

yabhero2111d ago

Totally true... gaming on multiple platform is for the best...

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