What Could have Saved the 3DS Could Now be Killing it

It is known across the globe that one of Nintendo’s most famous franchises is Pokémon. There has been news that two new Pokémon games will be coming out this Fall, Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2. Fans across the world will flock to buy this new game. The fans of Pokémon are some of the most loyal around, they come in all ages and each player is as passionate as the next. People who love Pokémon are crazy about these games and both titles are sure to sell millions of copies. So how could a game that is set to sell so many copies actually end up hurting sells of Nintendo’s latest handheld system, the 3DS?

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TheSuperior 2089d ago

Wow i think that nintedno could have made a fortune on the game and sold a bunch more 3DS's in the process if they would have sold Pokemon right... I was under the impression no more games were going to be made for regular DS's once the 3DS came out. If i would have know that maybe i wouldnt have bought the 3DS on the release date.

Majin-vegeta2089d ago

They had to make it on the DS cuz it has a bigger fanbase than the 3DS.

TheSuperior 2089d ago

Agreed, im actually happy about it being on regular DS so i can trade all my pokemone over to the new game easier.

dark-hollow2089d ago

The 3ds doesn't need any saving.
It already selling like hot cakes.

Wait till a new Pokemon game for 3ds then it sales gonna soar through the sky.


isn't the 3DS backwards compatible with DS games?

TheSuperior 2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Yeah it is but still wasnt aware that new games would come out for the regular DS systems. Now i have the original DA, DSi, and 3Ds. I only got the 3DS thingking they would stop making games for the others. Now im standing here like an idiot with 3 DS's in my hands waiting for my favorite game Pokemon to ome out for all of them xD lol


you should sell the other DS on Ebay and get that money back ^^

Knight_Cid2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Again more BS nonsense.

Games on older systems come out when newer ones are out.

Yeah the 3ds is being killed at number 1?

"hurt the sales of the already hurting Nintendo 3DS."

How is the 3ds hurting at number 1 and breaking records. Trolling is trolling

Game freak made 2 games for the gba after the ds came out. 2 . The first rpg pokemon came out 2 years after launch.

Was ds hurt?

Its been 1 year for the 3ds and already being are acting like butt hurt un informed idiots.

Shok2089d ago

Why does the 3DS need saving? It's the fastest selling handheld of ALL TIME.

Then it already has Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, RE: Revelations, Starfox, and soon to come out:

Kingdom Hearts
Fire Emblem
Metal Gear Solid 3
Kid Icarus Uprising
Tales of the Abysss

I don't get it, it just doesn't make any sense. Nintendo makes crazy money this gen, but somehow, they STILL remain doomed.

Myst2089d ago

Why look to the future when we gotta write about the present? That seems to be the main thing when these doomed articles come up. 3DS is also getting Monster Hunter 4 to which should do something great for it along with Kingdom Hearts. All in all it doesn't appear to be as doomed as some make it out to be just in waiting like every other console at times.


I believe a new handheld will come out in 2 years that will bury the DS much like the DS did the gameboy... i wouldn't be suprised if the gameboy is ressurected and is similar to PS Vita. As far as nintendo is concerned when the DS cameout it was suppose to be the "3rd pillar" i won't be suprised if something like this happens. Gameboy= 1st nintendo cellphone that does everything and more,and can be a direct competitor to iphone and andriod.

GillHarrison2089d ago

I think Nintendo will distant itself from subscription based services like 3G/4G use for the time being. Parents like when kids can pick up a machine and run it themselves.

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The story is too old to be commented.