Halo 4 Perks: 'We're Not Copying Call Of Duty' - 343

NowGamer: Halo 4 franchise director Frank O'Connor clear on differences between the most popular shooters.

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badjournalism2148d ago

Whatever you have to say to feel good, Frankie.

Abash2148d ago

I miss Bungie already :(

Virus2012148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

What did Halo ever copy from COD?

Halo did matchmaking before COD (Halo 2)
Halo had a online ranking system before COD (Halo 2)
Halo had DLC before COD (Halo 2)
Halo had a COD elite kind of service before COD (
Halo always had a better single player than any COD game.

What a weak attempt at trolling.

You are only getting agrees from people who hate Halo.

slavish2148d ago

im not a halo fan but you are right. halo was the 1st big multiplayer game to change gaming online. if anything cod copied halo

Laika2148d ago

COD was once a good game. I remember when the first COD came out. I always thought it was much better than Halo. It felt like it took more skill rather than Halos "spray and pray" mechanic. Lanning on PC with friends and COD.....ah so fun. And saying Halo has a better single player than COD is just your opinion.... so ya. proves nothing

Farsendor12148d ago

Halo had a online ranking system before COD (Halo 2)
ranking system.

cod also had an expansion not dlc but at least extended gameplay.

Halo always had a better single player than any COD game.

that is your opinion

Virus2012148d ago

I'm not talking about COD for the PC. I'm talking about consoles. Halo 2 revolutionized online gaming on consoles and there's no denying that.

SilentNegotiator2148d ago

"What did Halo ever copy from COD?"


Just like COD had regenerating health and limited amount of weapons to carry (2) because a certain other popular game did it.

Good for Halo for doing those things you listed, but that doesn't change that they're messing with the Halo formula to do the popular thing....the Call of Duty thing.

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gypsygib2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

I hope they copy good ideas, the reproduction/building off of good ideas into new work is called progress and improvement. COD4 had a lot of great gameplay ideas, which has resulted in improved FPS games. The problem is when people try and make the same game.

If people had to entirely reinvent the wheel every time they made something, we'd wouldn't have any of the technological/medical/etc. advancements.

Everything is built on what came before, if people didn't copy Id's idea with Doom, we wouldn't have any FPS games besides Doom.

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Dark3602148d ago

Whatever you have to say to feel good, Troll.


Dante1122148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Yeah, I think they're taking some bits off a COD too. Doesn't matter to me though. As long as the game is good.

LX-General-Kaos2148d ago

I'm looking very much forward to the new details on Halo 4. From the looks of it 343 have taken care of business so far. Very happy for the return of Master Chief as the main character once again. Its been a good long time. I'm sure the perks will add a great amount of depth and strategy to the gameplay. As long as they are not over done like in a few other games. I can always trust Halo to deliver online and off. So I'm sure this game will be AAA quality.

It would be nice if the new world returns the series to the mysterious mood and feel of Halo CE.

I pray for the return of 4 player online co-op and fire fight as well.

Rated E For Everyone

Hufandpuf2148d ago

If they want it to be a competitive game, I say leave perks out.

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