Could Sony's #GameChanger put PS4 ahead of next gen consoles?

"With a marketing campaign that claims the PlayStation Vita as a “#GAMECHANGER,” and the strong push towards cross-platform play, it's hard to believe that Sony Computer Entertainment could ever go back to the old ways. Sony has multiple reasons to advertise the PS Vita in this way, especially since the PlayStation 3 didn't have things like Party Chat, custom soundtrack support, and multiple programs running simultaneously. The speculated existence of the PlayStation 4 needs to be much, much more than a graphical boost to be successful at all, let alone be the number one console. And the Vita, or, forbid it, the “next handheld,” can bring the strengths of itself and the inevitable PS4 to new heights."

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NAGNEWS2055d ago

say "Playstaion 4" on the box

just "PLAYSTAION" would be gr8

NiKK_4192055d ago

Yeah, but I think people would be confused at what a "Playstaion" would be.

Couldn't help it, you did it twice.

NAGNEWS2055d ago

look at iphone, they dont have nummers on the iphone or sony ericsson

Krakn3Dfx2055d ago

I just want good games that I can have fun playing. I don't need game changing, I just need no hassle, immersive, great experiences. Whether they are from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Apple, Valve, or some new, unannounced console makes no difference to me.

Bring me the fun.

izumo_lee2055d ago

I believe the PS4 will be Sony's most important console to date. They are in a position they are not familiar with & that is being the relative 'underdog' next gen. They have to try to 'win' back the trust & support of the consumers after the debacle that was the PS3. They have did a heroic job on trying to repair the damages the PS3 launch caused & it is a testament to their commitment that the PS3 is where it is now.

One thing i do know for sure is that Sony have learned alot about themselves & hopefully the PS4 is the result of what was learnt. If the PS Vita is any indication i have high hopes for Sony next gen.

dcbronco2055d ago

Nice post. I don't agree with the learned from the mistakes of PS3 part. If they had learned they wouldn't have switched from UMD. Trying to push a new format. They should have just used MicroSD or gave a 32gb card with the console. Charging $300 and then wanting people to pay another $100 for the needed card is greedy. Also wanting people to pay $300 for a $160 machine is greedy.

Greed caused Sony's problems with the PS3. Blu-ray was about taking movie royalties from Toshiba. And Blu-ray caused PS3 to launch at $600 and have slow sales. They still have their main problem based on the way they are handling Vita.

izumo_lee2055d ago

I do believe we could have gotten another format for the vita that would have benefitted both sony & consumers but one thing screwed that over. The rampant piracy of the PSP cost sony in software sales & alienated some of the major developers.

The charging more for something has usually been the norm. Nintendo is notoriously for this, Sony has for the most part has sold hardware for a loss but make it up in software sales (the whole gillette razor blade idea). This again changed thanks to the piracy of the PSP which i explained earlier. If you have been a fan of anything Sony this pricing isn't that surprising. However nowadays since they are no longer a powerhouse in the industry things will probably change.

They have always tried to push new formats from betamax, CDs, DVDs, etc. Some of them work but some don't. Is it wrong to think that Sony is trying to push the tech forward, cause i don't. I will not be suprised if the PS4 has a new bluray disc. The main point i believe they have learned is that the machine will be SOOO much easier to program for like with the Vita. Also if they can lower the price of dev-kits that can also help win back developer support.

dcbronco2054d ago

Everyone has a piracy problem, but overpriced storage isn't the answer. And they do all do it. I think it's just an excuse to make extra money. The parts never cost that much when you buy the system. Agreed that Sony has done this all of the time, but they should have realized how much it has cost them at this point. The Vita pricing makes me believe they haven't learned.

And yes they have always tried to push their own format. But it has usually blown up in their faces. And it's not about pushing tech further, it's about money. Blu-ray was taking what Toshiba has. Beta was whoever was getting those royalties. Mini-disc was a good try because it actually had advantages. Besides scratch resistance, Blu-ray has no real advantages.

On the PS4 it sounds like they may have learned. An AMD APU is a far better idea than the Cell. And if they are waiting until 2014 it will have HSA which will make it a monster chip. But it is also the type of chip the next Xbox will be using so it will be interesting to see who gets the better chip. Though given that Microsoft has been working with AMD to develop HSA they may get an advantage there.

Solo2272055d ago

Good article cuz cross platform play will be a game changer... With many of the greatest hits games being available for download, if they add cross platform to those sales would pick up...

CanadianTurtle2054d ago

Which means twice the price...

Its the PS3 sales all over again people....