Preview: Star Wars Kinect lets you rampage like a monster using gestures (GamesBeat)

Get a download on the latest preview of Star Wars Kinect from GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi.

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Sadie21002144d ago

Now this, I would play. The original campaign mode looked like kids stuff. Well, actually, the new rampage mode does as well, but that at least is more appealing.

Podracing looks nice, but give me a controller anyday.

NagaSotuva2144d ago

I'd like to fight Jar Jar Binks Punch-Out!!-style with Kinect.

THR1LLHOUSE2144d ago

I want to want this to be good...but so much of it has looked so crummy. Knowing me though, I'll buy it anyway.

I'm just so tired of all these Star Wars.