Halo 4 perks system introduced

Halo 4's newly unveiled multiplayer perks - which, for the first time in a Halo game will have an impact on the gameplay - aren't a result of 343 Studios chasing Call of Duty and Battlefield, the studio has said.

As part of a slim first look at Halo 4, 343 Studio's first game proper since Bungie departed the series, it's been revealed that you can change every aspect of your Spartan's appearance - and that doing so would influence the way that the game plays.

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Whore_Mouth2300d ago

I agree with what they said about following the today's player, and their play habits.

I actually am looking forward to this.

I understand that people fear change, but what does Halo's core gameplay mean to you nowadays?

dark-hollow2300d ago

Oh god why perks?
Halo 2&3 are one of the most balanced MP games I have ever played.

Even field of play for everyone.
That why I like halo and if I wanted perks and broken balance I'll play cod.

Even the ranking system in halo 3 was top notch where to a certain level you want uprank till you actually improve in your gameplay and not just playing 24/7 to get to the highest rank.

When you see a general in halo you know you are about to get your ass handed to you while in most games higher ranks means nothing besides the unfair advantage of new weapons unlocked at higher ranks.

Whore_Mouth2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

I see what you're saying, and Halo 2 is my favorite FPS of all time. I would still be playing it today if LIVE didn't cancel it services for Xbox original titles.

I haven't read anything yet that alludes to these perks being unlocked through levels or what not. So I'm excited for that. If I do read something to the contrary then perhaps not. Until then I'm going to be hopefully optimistic.

The ranking system for Halo3 was actually pretty busted, since it was tied directly into the "True Skill system". You could play only 70+ games and get level 50 just by boosting, and using inherent flaws in the system.

If I were to bet on how the perks were available to the players, I would say through the armor that you wear. I would also go further into saying that they may be available like the COD BlackOps system, where all perks are available to you through purchase. So that everyone will have the same chance of unlocking them.

Nozzle2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

I was thinking the same thing

I hate perks, it just seems like the developers who do it follow what every other online game is doing, especialy COD.

It makes things more balanced without perks, I mean Halo Reaches Armor Abilities were a nice touch and didn't do anything to unbalance the gameplay but perks will. It will just feel like COD/Battlefield with a futuristic theme

Look at what happened to Uncharted's multiplayer when they added COD/Battlefield/Every other online game like ruined it and made it really unbalanced. Instead of the amazing balanced fun gameplay from U2 it's turned to crap and it was just unecessary. You might like U3 changes...fair enough but you can't say it's better then U2 or you wouldn't like U4 to revert back to what the online used to be like.

SilentNegotiator2299d ago

You know, I used to be hard on the Halo model of multiplayer, because everyone always rushed and camped the spots where the best weapons were.

However, after playing a zillion games with perks....I miss that model so much.

Starting off all even was great. At least the people with the BFGs (the best weapons, I mean) became the top priority.

Why do these shooters keep taking the worst ideas from each other? Halo popularizes a 2 gun limit and regenerating, then COD popularizes perks. What's next? ARGH.

Arnon2299d ago

It's a shame that everyone is relating perks in Halo 4 to the perks in CoD. I mean come on... Halo is in a completely different time. The perks could actually be pretty damn cool to see.

-Alpha2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

I'm with you, I hate the idea of both perks, but what I hate more that I've heard is the "gameplay enhancements" coming from progression, as well as custom building class loadouts. Halo has never rewarded gameplay advantages like that, it has always been completely even

Halo was the last major game that stood against that, it is destructive and distasteful and I have no confidence that it will be fair because the very idea of the mechanic is meant to be unbalanced. All the BS the PR department says wont change that, Halo is fundamentally about equality, perks, gameplay progression unlocks, and custom classes are not.

It ruined Uncharted 3's MP for me, so many games implement it as a cheap standard to artificially preserve the MP experience, COD took it too far, and now Halo is doing it. Sick and tired of this.

snipes1012299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

The only way I can see this working is if 1) 343 keeps the perks as balanced as they keep their weapons 2) They keep the number of them small so as not to throw too many variables into the mix and 3) If they are all available right from the start so no higher ranking players have an advantage.

My thoughts.

Drake1172299d ago

I'm sure the guys at 343 will add perks the right way. The studio still has a Bunch of ppl from bungie leading the charge. Frank O'connor even said that they aren't doing perks the same way that COD (or any other game) does them. 343 def knows Halo and Halo fans, i'm sure they will be able to add perks into their system that fits into and compliments the franchise well.

DeadlyFire2299d ago

Lets not forget Reach's perks. Jetpack, shield, speed boost, clone target, and so on.

I am hoping the aim for perks is more along those lines and not something unbalanced.

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slavish2300d ago

can't wait to see what this studio does. I stop playing halo after 3 because i was burned out. The multiply never changed, aka call of duty, so i can't wait to see this.

HurstDarkStar2300d ago

When call of duty adds perk i cringe, when halo does im interested. wonder if im weird.

yesmynameissumo2300d ago

I think it's just the "cool to hate" COD mentality nowadays. Perks are a great addition to MP and COD revolutionized the FPS genre with their addition.

Nozzle2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Or in some cases ruined it

Some games would be better off with just you and your skill. Especialy when it comes to balancing things out

ZombieNinjaPanda2299d ago

I lol every time I see someone say "Cool to hate call of duty mentality"

Do you think people like me enjoy hating it? Call of duty was my favorite series back in the day, and those assholes killed it.

StraightPath2300d ago

the video of this game looks amazing. killer game incoming.

pain777pas2300d ago

Go back and look at the Bungie Halo 3 lead up videos. Same propaganda. I hope they don't screw this up but I think they are going to "Killzone/Unchartify/CODe ed" this game. They should just let 343 make their own game and let the Halo franchise rest. I just have a strange feeling that there is going to be a GREAT divide in the community reception of this game. Plus who knows whether or not Bungie will have to counter because Activision cannot let this game get momentum and cut into their sales.

turnerdc2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

...not sure what your point with the Halo 3 line was. Are you saying that Halo 3 wasn't amazing? If so then quite a bit of the gaming community would disagree with you. Halo 3 is sitting at a 94 metacritic and is also one of the greatest games I've played this generation. Also not sure how Activision would "counter" as there's really nothing they can do besides release another game. Regardless of this, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo have all coexisted for several years now. Each series has it's respective fans and each series has done extremely well sales wise.

pain777pas2299d ago

343 is unproven. Bungie can make the swag vidoc videos because their reputation demands it. I am just saying this because just like everyone on Gaf there is a wait and see approach that has to be taken here. Plus Reach was made already. The game could look alittle better than Reach but they are talking like Bungie were knaves and they are experts with this bigger and better crap that may just end up being bad design in the end. We will see what 343 can do soon enoughI guess.

XboxInnovation2300d ago

You can have perks and have it be balanced as long as the perks are not overpowered. Why call them perks? leaves a bad taste in my mouth, call them something else at least.

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