GameStop's CEO says platform holders can't push them out

J. Paul Raines believes that platform holders could have cut GameStop out of the loop long ago

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theWB272089d ago

Dems fightin werdzz : )

FrankDrebin2088d ago

I hate Gamestop! Luckily they are closing down stores all across the US.

SnakePlissken2088d ago

Same here, close them ALL down!!!

Ares84HU2088d ago

Never mind that people are losing their jobs right?? You guys just want to see GameStop burn.

Nice....very nice/s

Fylus2088d ago

People all across the world lose jobs at some point. It's F'd up, sure, but It's practically natural. I hate that these people are going to lose their jobs, but that's not gunna stop me from hating Gamestop.

ConstipatedGorilla2088d ago

Whether you like Gamestop or not (which I do not), it's not good for the economy when stores close down and people lose jobs.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

The Democratic Republic Of Congo>>>>>>G ame Stop

SilentNegotiator2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

*Drives 5 minutes to local Gamestop
*Buys a new copy of game from friendly clerk
*Gets reward points
*Doesn't get coerced by mythical Gamestop robot that forces you to sell your games at Gamestop, that people seem to think exists
*Drives 5 minutes back
*Puts game in drive
*Plays game

MY local Gamestop > Ordering online

Unless Amazon or Ebay have an ASTRONOMICAL deal, I would rather support local jobs and get my copy immediately. Sorry, people with a personal vendetta against Gamestop for their robots and personal experiences with individual rude or uneducated employees; I don't have those issues at my local gamestop.

FrankDrebin2088d ago

Amazon Rules! That's where I get most of my games for $10 less than the other places along with DLC content for free.

KwietStorm2088d ago


It isn't JUST about tools behind the desk, it isn't JUST about their bullshit deals, it isn't JUST about shady handling of new/used games and their included bonuses, and it isn't JUST about being forced to make a decision based n pre-order deals. It's their business model as a whole, and I don't support them for any of those reasons. When they moved in and shut down MY local mom and pop game store, that was the icing. I'm not supporting local jobs for the hell of it, when I'm really supporting a filthy corporation.

Ares84HU2088d ago

Amazon and ebay are nice choices but I like to walk into stores sometimes and just pick whatever out....browse a bit maybe.

At that, you can't beat GameStop. Though some clerks can be pretty rude and pushy but understand that being pushy and trying to sell games to you is their job and they are forced and pressured to do that.

ThanatosDMC2088d ago

I would suggest newegg too. No tax and almost next day shipping.

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cheetorb2089d ago

Hey Paul, shouldn't you be selling used lawnmowers and old jewelry? Oops, sorry, that's probably the big announcement for next year. Hope I didn't spoil it.

n4gisatroll2089d ago

I kind of hope gamestop does go away. Maybe a new store will take its place and not be as big of jerks.

MySwordIsHeavenly2089d ago

Your savior's name is Disc Replay.

MySwordIsHeavenly2089d ago

No, but Disc Replay can. ;)

It's a midwestern thing right now, but it's growing.

$54.99 for a used game? Ha!
Try $42.99 for that same game that just came out last week...AND it's guaranteed to work because they buff out every single disc!

GameStops have been closing around here.

n4gisatroll2088d ago

Hmm, too bad I moved out of Cleveland to the west coast. I can only hope disc replay comes out to cali soon.

MySwordIsHeavenly2088d ago

Well, that's up to someone in Cali. It's independently owned and operated. The guy who created Disc Replay hated that corporate BS that GameStop deals with. He'll literally let someone open a store anywhere in the US, if that person can run a business. I wish I had the money to open one, instead of just working there. Lol.

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