Top 10 Most Important Mass Effect Decisions

James Pungello of VGutopia writes "Mass Effect 3 is coming out tomorrow in North America and gamers will finally get the chance to see how their decisions from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 shape the final battle with the Reapers and the end of Commander Shepard’s story. To celebrate that, we here at VGutopia have banded together to come up with our top 10 list of the most important Mass Effect decisions."

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Patriots_Pride2237d ago

To sleep with Wrex or not to sleep with Wrex - Krogan $ex can be so hostile.

pungello882237d ago

At least its not poison like with a Turian

RedDead2237d ago

The poison is probably less painful and less traumatizing

Blacktric2237d ago

4 balls... I'd think it through before having sex with Wrex or any Krogan for that matter.

2236d ago
Ezio20482237d ago

i still remember when i had to choose between Miranda and Jack (when they had a quarrel in ME2)!!! I chose Jack (since she was right) and lost Miranda's loyalty...:(

GoldenAge2237d ago

Annoying thing is you had to have near full paragon or renegade just to convince miranda that she's wrong on her bitchness

Captain Qwark 92237d ago

i didnt know that, i got lucky my first plathrough lol, i slammed miranda and jack and everybody survived

pungello882237d ago

I know, I sided with Jack and then was like "wait, Miranda's not talking to me" so I went back and sided with Miranda. On my second playthrough I made sure to get a higher Paragon score before doing Jack's loyalty mission.

MasterD9192236d ago

I dumped Liara for Miranda and chose Miranda over Jack. Nothing tops Miranda in my book (but I am a huge Yvonne S. fan)...

I lost Jack in the final mission and specifically replayed again so she could live (in place of Jacob). She is an interesting character though. If this is what she looks like in ME3 (below) then I am certainly glad I saved her life in the final mission.

TronEOL2236d ago

Awesome, I've nailed everything so far. I was curious about the Collector Base, but given the explanation, it's pretty much as I thought. Cerberus is the enemy, and super-tech in their hands is not the best of ideas.

Perfect timing too. Finish my perfect ME2 save tonight, and load up ME3 when I get it.

Tapioca Cold2236d ago

My biggest decision is changing from xbox to PS3. My xbox has all my game saves but I want to get it for PS3. I canceled Xbox live (garbage). I don't believe in paying for something that should be free. Thanks Sony!

Mordin died in my ME2. Will Mordin make an appearance in part 3?