Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review (PS3) - "You can lose yourself in all the missions without caring about the story. The fact that the character development system can really let you tailor make your own play style in any way you want is astonishingly good. It is one of the best character development systems I have seen in years for an RPG and I think a lot of developers should take a look at Reckoning in this aspect."

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romancer2107d ago

i installed game on my HD (as recommended) and have never had a slow load time between interiors and exteriors.

Also (at level 40, with over 3 million gold) I have earned every available house and have no storage problems. (Each house gives you access to your complete "stash").

There's a DLC due on March 20th that supposedly adds another 15% to the Amalur World -- which is already quite vast.

I would prefer a review that demonstrated greater familiarly with some of the best quests in this game. Amalur has its dull spots but it more often than not demonstrates an interesting intelligence at work; the game as a whole gives tremendous value for its price.