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VGchartz:Worldwide Hardware Charts For Week Ending 22nd december 2007

DS: 2,046,652
PSP: 725,370
PS2: 623,899
PS3: 619,388
Xbox 360: 594,520
GC: 6,193
Total= 6,187,456 (Culture, Nintendo DS, PS3, PSP, Tech, Wii, Xbox 360)

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TANOD  +   2808d ago
PS3 outsells x360 by around 26 000 units .........not bad
2008 sees bigger difference

The god of all games FF13 would be unleashed on PS3 in 2008

MGS4,KZ2,GOW3 ---PS3 would be on a killing spree in 2008

@All whiners

I still dont trust VGCHARTS

I believe their PS3 numbers are wayy off and their x360 NA and EU numbers are wayy exaggerated (inflated)
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360sucks  +   2808d ago
the ball is rolling
ps3 sold more software than 360 this week
and the 360 has 2x installed base
o sh!t
Fisher339  +   2808d ago
I can't believe that the ps3 beat the 360 in software sales
I'm a ps3 owner I don't see how that's possible...

360 has a bigger install base and a great software lineup, but lose in software sales the week before Chirstmas?

Wow @ sony

Edit: after looking at the numbers the ps3 has outsold xbox 360 every week after the 17th of november.
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TripleTags  +   2808d ago
there is space for
all consoles .. 2008 will be a good year for playstation but a better year for gamers.
Real Gambler  +   2808d ago
If those numbers are half good...
We will see a pretty big price cut on the 360 in January. Very interesting software numbers for sure.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2808d ago
I thought you didn't care for VGchartz anymore?
testerg35  +   2808d ago
Amazing how you like to use VGCHARTZ when it shows PS3 is ahead, but talk about how much it sucks when 360 shows a lead.
Snukadaman  +   2808d ago
20 people agree with tanod/nasim/hotshot?
either that or he used all of his extra accounts too agree with himself...cmon n4g owners..why dont you flush this turd down the toilet now...do you people condone this sort of sheit because it brings more revenue or what...lets try and renew the reputation of this website because its people like tanod/nasim/hotshot who ruin it. ps3 sold over 15K...how does that even break into the 15 million it has sold allready ohh yeaa.
CodeMonkey1   2808d ago | Offensive
Ju  +   2808d ago
BTW: SW charts do not contain US numbers. Those (US) still show the last week. But, at least, for the time being good numbers.
The Killer  +   2808d ago
CodeMonkey1 = d!ick head
what muslims have to do with ps3 kicking the sh!t out of 360 world wide with all 360 biggest games in history?

and when u say muslims u r referring to 1.5 billion persons D!ck head!
AngryTypingGuy  +   2807d ago
"I still dont trust VGCHARTS

I believe their PS3 numbers are wayy off and their x360 NA and EU numbers are wayy exaggerated (inflated"

I guess VG Charts is part of the massive evil conspiracy against Sony. Poor Sony. Everyone is always out to get them.
AngryTypingGuy  +   2807d ago
Aw c'mon Codemonkey1, don't let a few hundred million bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

(great Colin Quinn line)
Lightning Mr Bubbles  +   2808d ago
PSP: 725,370
PS2: 623,899
PS3: 619,388

Sony family of game products doing pretty well. I think the PS3 has a future.
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TANOD  +   2808d ago
that would happen too in 2008

PS3 will also outsell the Wii

just see what happens in 2008

sonarus  +   2808d ago
lol you keep sayign the ps3 has a future yet you sold your ps3 for a 360.
darthv72  +   2808d ago
would be higher....
if sony were to have dropped ps2 support in favor of more aggressive ps3 support.
Meus Renaissance  +   2808d ago
I agree with you 100% but its sort of a catch 22. If they drop PS2 support, profits cease but if they don't, the PS3 will suffer.
cooke15  +   2808d ago
i think the nintendo consoles pretty much rape the sony ones in a sales sense.
Ju  +   2808d ago
I doubt that ditching the PS2 would have helped the PS3. First, it's a different price segment. Nothing which the PS3 could have had compensated fully. I would speculate, it would have been filled by other low price products. And second, the Sony console gaming (not counting the PSP) still has twice as many sales then the 360, and 50% of those machines make real profit. I think by loosing that pillar, the PS3 would even be more expensive. The PS2 might still compensate for PS3 losses. All in all, its pretty amazing, the PS2 & PS3 sold in these numbers. No doubt, exceptional Nintendo numbers...and good PSP sales as well. It will really be interesting to see, how M$ will counter. They either need a mobile product (?? risky - another one ?) or need to push their 360 sales to make it attractive as a global player. US is covered, but if global PS3 SW sales will start to run away, M$ is in serious trouble.
ravinash  +   2807d ago
@ cooke15
yes, I think Nintendo’s figures rapes everyone else's left, right and centre.
Its a bit of a slut like that.
TANOD  +   2808d ago
UNCHARTED sold 100k last week in EU last week

Go UNCHARTED ---The best looking game of all time (till date)
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bababrooks  +   2808d ago
shame your limited to a 3+ game! did your big brother tell you about uncharted?
the way you post shows your age and ability to discuss games wee man!
true gamers are winners..............you?
tmatte  +   2807d ago
Are you serious? 20 agrees? Maybe the best looking console game to date, but Crysis' visuals >>>> Uncharted's.
CeruleanSky  +   2808d ago
Vgchartz.com is no longer able to inflate the 360 worldwide numbers enough to make a difference anymore.

Last year when the 360 was in the 7-8 million range and vgchartz had the 360 listed with the now infamous bogus '10.5 million sold' numbers it was significant. But over time as console sales move into the 10-20 million range you really can't inflate numbers enough to make a significant difference without getting caught having your worldwide sold numbers higher than the actual shipment numbers for a console.
TANOD  +   2808d ago
kinda agree
VGCHARTS x360 numbers are way INFLATED especially the French sales

in OCTOBER too VGCHARTS inflated x360 sales by 180 000 units and 60 000 units for November

at the same time VGCHARTS downgraded PS3's NOVEMBER sales by 50 000 units

I request VGCHARTS authorities to FIX their numbers for PS3 ,X360 and Wii

VGCHARTS wii sales are i think inflated by as much as 2/3m
Genuine  +   2807d ago
Congrats to sony
It looks like GT5 was enough to move enough ps3's to outsell the 360 by 25,000 units (according to vgchartz anyway) for december. Just think, another 279 monthes like this and the ps3 will have caught the 360.

25,000 x 4 monthes= 100,000
10 x 100,000= 1 million units
4 x 10= 40 monthes
40 x 7(360's lead in millons)= 280 monthes
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Horny  +   2807d ago
to Genuine
its 25,000 a week, not a month, just a little to help ur calculations
Genuine  +   2807d ago
O.K. then that's 69 more monthes like this and the ps3 will catch the 360. 69 monthes, what is that almost 6 years.
Lightning Mr Bubbles  +   2808d ago
I just wanted to say that, because it sounds funny.

360 getting spanked...

360 is the champion of champions, how does the champion of champions get spanked?
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Jdash24  +   2808d ago
Good review
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Jdash24  +   2808d ago
software sales
PS3- 1,024,852

its fantastic to see that ps3 is selling more games now.....its even beating the 360 by about 60,000
good job sony :)
4D Zangief  +   2808d ago
Look at all the Sony
lemmings on a rally cry for "the Precious"(PS3).

First of all VGChartz is not 100% accurate. Second of all the PS3 has to outsell the 360 by about 500,000 units a month for over a year to catch the 360 install base.

Do you not see the 360 install base Vs the PS3 install base?

Xbox 360--15,691,972

Silly Lemmings, go take a Math refresher class.
Lightning Mr Bubbles  +   2808d ago
true true
The PS3 is toast.
Jdash24  +   2808d ago
now i'll agree that vgchartz isnt 100% accurate......but it is getting better

but why insult sony fans for being happy that the ps3 is picking up steam and selling better........remember, competition is good......it pushes competitors to try and raise the bar, it only benefits us consumers

food for thought :)
360sucks  +   2808d ago
so how many people still playing there 360 after getting a ps3
i one of those 360 install base
i have not pick up a game on the 360
since gear of war and lost planet
since then cancel xbl account

i have ps3
i buy all most all the games
warhawk,HS,eye of judgement,skate,UT3
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008,Ratchet & Clank Future
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune(best looking game out)
calling all car,superstar dust,bowling etc,

so how many people still playing there 360
WoodyWood09  +   2808d ago
Smart one is see

at least get it right rocket scientist!
athlon770  +   2808d ago
Its funny
but at the beginning of November I said that of the 3 console makers, by Christmas it would be Wii on top, followed by the PS3, and the 360 in 3rd place. Funny but I was dissagreed with left and right and told the PS3 has no chance in hell of outselling the 360. Look who has egg on their faces now! The PS3 has been edging out the 360 for the last couple of weeks now. Interesting, very interesting.
MaximusPrime  +   2808d ago
Xbox 360--15,691,972 "

xbox 360 was stupidly (not having more time to fix RRoD) released a year BEFORE PS3. Im not surprised at the result.

If xbox 360 release a year later and launch at the same time as PS3, the figure would have been different.

It would have read:

Xbox 360--15,691,972 "
Clinton514  +   2808d ago
Pretty lame of you calling others fandroids.
You're calling people fandroids because of false digits. You fankids these days.
pwnsause  +   2808d ago
why am I not surprised.
bettyswollocks  +   2808d ago
Sorry have to disagree with you... still playing my 360 even after getting a PS3. There's enough good stuff on both to keep me occupied over Christmas.
Genuine  +   2807d ago
@sony fanboys alternate account a.k.a. 360sucks
I had a 360 and ps3 both for around 6 monthes. The ps3 doesn't in any way shape or form live up to the pre-launch hype or promises sony made. The 360 is twice the gaming machine the ps3 is. If your playing a ps3 and your happy about it, then good for you. But don't patronize us and claim you own a 360. And as to the status of my ps3, I sold it about a month ago and bought my son a 360 with the money.
HarryEtTubMan  +   2808d ago
Here come to lieing, jealous Xbots.....

AKA Jack Who/Mesh1/Jason360/Genuine/FPS nut.... which are all one person.

PS3 Fifa 08,NFS: Pro street, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank will all be million sellers by early 2008.

See u Xbots just lie. Sony is already bending u lieing, RROD homos over and giving it to you good.... considering this is the PS3 in its infancy "with no games". haha. How does it feel to be raped by a 399-499$ console. PEOPLE DONT WANT THE XBOX 360... THEY ARE WAITING FOR THE PRICE OF THE PS3 TO DROP AND MORE GAMES.

Its gonna happen... its a Playstation.... its ognna sale just like the first 2... maybe not as good as PS2 but its EASILY gonna break 100 million in its life cycle. That means only 10 million a year for the next 9 years to break 100 million. But I'm willing to bet that as Blu Ray becomes the next gen format... all the games continue to drop... price drops... all the hype that will be around the PS3's 2 HUGE Rockstar Exclusives. PEOPLE WANT PLAYSTATION. HARDCORE SONY HATERS AND HALO FANS WANT THE CRUSTY RRODbox. hahahahahahahahahha

GET OWNED DUMB BOTS... And I dont care what u think Jason 360/ Genuine, Mesh, FPS nut( WHO ARE ALL THE SAME IP!) Get a life LOSERRRRR I know ur gonna be lieing and talking PURE BS. Go cry in the corner... becuase there is WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MORE than just this coming. The PS3 really is gonna rape the 360 again this generation.
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blusoops  +   2808d ago
You forgot...
4D Zangief in your list of xbots!
PLAYWATCH  +   2808d ago
Hahahaha you crack me up, so entertaining.
Love my PS3! :)
Lord_Mike  +   2807d ago
Well I love my PS3. It does so much than just play video games, its beautiful, powerful, plays my music/ music videos, plays my bluray, surfs the net and recharges my phone via the usb port. Well I'm off to give it a rub...My P r e c i o u s

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solar  +   2808d ago
i got orange box for PC wooooo! TF:2 > VGchartz
CeruleanSky  +   2808d ago
PS2: 623,899

It is now over 7 years that the PS2 has been on the market and the console just sold over 600k units.

That is what gets you developer support and gigantic libraries of games that appeal to the widest possible range of gaming tastes.

With the PS2 now at 130 million worldwide with actual sales in the 125-128 million or so sold it is fun to look back to what people were saying in 2000:

"The Dreamcast is just as/more powerful than the PS2 - I've got numbers that prove it"

"The PS2 is 'hard teh program' say random PC developer"

"Sony is arrogant"

"Just because Sony sold 100 million PS1s doesn't mean that they will repeat that sucess"

"Sony can't make up their mind if the PS2 is a DVD player or gaming machine more"

Of course none of that has anything to do with the PS3 and 360...
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shoota33  +   2808d ago
Funny how history has/will repeat itself
Milkman541  +   2808d ago
hahahaha wow could not say it better myself
athlon770  +   2808d ago
that is a great list of quotes
You sir get a bubble.
LanRanger  +   2808d ago
That's funny. While I remember a few idiot fanboys saying the Dreamcast would crush the PS2 (you always have some) most gamers seemed to buy into the Sony hype and think a victory was inevitable.

I also remember that by the time the PS2 had been out a year, the Dreamcast was utterly crushed. Fanboys can get excited all they want over whatever system sold a few more consoles or games this week, but the fact remains it's going to be a much closer, more competitive fight this time.
Xbox is the BEST  +   2808d ago
Vg charts shows PS#3 not selling well Sony cheerleaders says "VGcharts not accurate". But when VGcharts shows PS#3 outselling the competition VGcharts is accurate. Flip Floppers
hokis4ever  +   2808d ago
By your comment it seems like you cannot comprehend what is being said here. Can you please show me a single comment so far from anyone stating that VGCharts is accurate? everyone agrees that they are approximate numbers and not exact.

get your head out of your ass!
Real gamer 4 life  +   2808d ago
Wow the ps3 and the ps2 are selling crazy. I think sony will make their goal of selling 11 million untis by march. And i am gald to see that uncharted sold very well breaking the hafl million mark. i am also glad to see that need for speed a EA game outsold it 360 counterpart. this hopefully sends a message to EA so that they wont abandon the ps3 ans quit making inferior products. I hope unreal tournament 3 break the 1 million mark. them huys at epic did a great job with the game, they deserved good sales. Over all the ps3 has been seen a great increase in sales eversince the price drop. the only market keeping the 360 alive is here in NA.
Blademask  +   2808d ago
VGCharts are just to be used as a "direction"
Of course the numbers are never dead on. Thats what Sony/MS/Nintendo release their figures for.

Its a more calculated estimate. Which is usually at least in the RIGHT direction as far as sales go. They are off numerically, but the trends are right.

VGCharts isn't the first place we have seen/heard the ps3 selling so well. What will really amaze me, is if it really is selling more software. Or if they are counting PLAYSTATION as 1 software seller.
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PS3 Limps on and on  +   2808d ago
actually I better not say this.

But the 360 is the champion of champions, I can't believe it had an off week.
#15 (Edited 2808d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
ErcsYou  +   2808d ago
a off week? right before christmas? get over it...
Slayer OP  +   2808d ago
Come on guys....
ps3 limps on and on only has 1 bubble left. Lets just take it from the two faced idiot.
Blitzed  +   2808d ago
He will just make another account and add bubbles.

Lightning Mr Bubbles comment-

"360 is the champion of champions, how does the champion of champions get spanked?"

PS3 Limps comment-

"But the 360 is the champion of champions, I can't believe it had an off week."

Most on this site have witnessed Lightning/ PS3 Limps schizophrenia first hand, so don't be surprised by his constant flip flopping. He only knows what he is told he knows.
aaquib5  +   2808d ago
You'd think with a 2X larger install base, you'd outsell the console "with no games." This is a PS3 first, and a trend that better continue.
Chris Brown  +   2808d ago
If Sony wants to crush any competition in japan then they should try to make every square enix game come to a Playstation system.

And if they want the NA then they should get back the game company they lost.

And if they wants the world set a ps3 price tag to $199.99 or $299.99 and then it is over for Wii and the Xbox360.
Cocozero  +   2808d ago
Don't those software totals look very similar to the European software totals.........
badaxx  +   2808d ago
not 2 - 1
funny 2 month ago xbots were saying the 360 would sell 2-1 over the ps3 this holiday. "mark my words" THE MART lol
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Skerj  +   2808d ago
God damn 2mil DS's!? PSP selling 700k? That'd be sweet if these are the the final numbers.
JIN KAZAMA  +   2808d ago
Meus Renaissance  +   2808d ago
I can't wait to see the effect of a further price drop in 2008. Even with the better software library, and better rated games of the 360, it still isn't penetrating the PlayStation fanbase to convert. PS3 is holding its own, not necessarily out-sell the 360, and that's what was required till 2008.
darthv72  +   2808d ago
price drop
would be great overall. Then people who are one sided can purchase the other sides and be a whole gamer again. There is no more room for fanboys in the world of great games.

aiphanes  +   2808d ago
Its almost all over for the Xbox 360 in 2008...sure a price drop will come
For the Xbox 360...by about another $50...but so will the PS3 drop to at least $299 by next Christmas...maybe even more...

Do not forget Final Fantasy 13, MGS4, GT5, Killzone 2, and Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Socom PS3, and Motorstorm 2.....and many other exlusive PS3 games comming in 2008...

Its now going to be a price war between the PS3 and Xbox 360...remember you do not get bluray\HD-DVD or wireless built into the Xbox 360..and the xbox live service is $50 a year. This all all conspire to bring down the Microsoft House of cards that is the Xbox 360.

Microsoft can not retool the Xbox 360 to include the HD-DVD and make it work with games since it would fracture its userbase.

Its already been proven that the a gamming console be viable for over 7 years...look at the PS2...it sold more in a week than the Xbox 360!!!

So Sony's longterm plan for the PS3, the 10 year plan is a good plan...in 3 years the PS3 will be selling for $149 and there will be so many totally awesome games out by then..that it will dominate.
LanRanger  +   2808d ago
The most recent information I've seen indicates Microsoft is selling the 360 Premium for a $50 profit, and the PS3 40GB system is sold at a $100 loss. Yet somehow you think the PS3 is going to see bigger price drops in 2008 than the Xbox?

"in 3 years the PS3 will be selling for $149"

Doubtful. It took 4 years for the PS2 to reach $149, and it started out $200-300 cheaper.
Jrome  +   2808d ago
@ The Mart and his posse saying 360 would own ps3 this christmas.

It's funny because I know SO MANY people who got ps3 or wii or ps3/wii combo for christmas this year and not one that got 360.

And I heard that ps3 also outsold 360 in software?

Now, for the most part I don't think it is the price drop because a lot of people decided to go with the 80 GB. Because it has BC and it has a bigger hard drive. So price can't be it....I just think that people see the games rolling in now...and they're getting excited.
hotshot127  +   2808d ago
now i know vgcharts is innacurate as 360 fanboys are gonna get ready to come here and say that
but its in the right direction.

its interesting because the ps3 is still at 400 and 500 dollars.
if this is happening with "NO GAMES", imagine 08.
everybody expected the ps3 to get outsold this christmas by 2 to 1 and THIS HAPPENED.

now it seems 360 fanboys bring up total hardware sales but forget the 360 had a 6 million lead headstart.

i dont think they realize that if the wii (WITH SHORTAGES) caught up to the 360 withen 7 months. the ps3 can do it too but in a span of 2 years.

i say the ps3 will catch up in summer 2009.
in japan, it will start to sell like the wii.
in europe, the gap will expand.
in america, the gap will get smaller and the ps3 will probably eventually outsell the 360 here too with socom, mgs,and yes, even killzone2(hype sells games people) and to the 360 fanboys saying, well at this rate, the ps3 will take forever, dont you realize, it shouldnt have outsold the 360 anyway this year. dont you realize that gaps will get bigger.
microsoft made to much of a focus fps.
where are there platformers?
where are there jrpgs?(that are good)
aiphanes  +   2808d ago
I agree with you and am going to go out on a small limb and say the PS3 installed base worldwide will be bigger than the Xbox 360 in summer 2009!
It will happen by Summer 2009..

You guys can quote me...

Look the wii beat the Xbox 360 in less than 1 year...so it is possible...all it takes in one more price drop and the release of all the killer apps in 2008 and it is all over for the Xbox 360....if this happens then bluray will also solidify it reign over HD-DVD too..
Cyrus365  +   2808d ago
What I find interesting is not that PS3 outsold 360, but it's the software sales.

360 has the bigger attach rate, the more hardcore following, and their owners like to purchase games, if this somewhat accurate reflection of sales worldwide, too see for example Assassin Creed for Ps3 out selling the 360 counterpart, yet having the "smaller" userbase, is interesting (I'm taking about this week), and not total as 360 has the advnatage.

Uncharted is sold better this week worldwide than a game like Mass effect.

Need for Speed, WWE smackdown, PES 2008, is all on the back of european sales, out doing it's 360 counterparts.

It shall be interesting if this will be kept up in the new year when spending is down...
PS3 Limps on and on  +   2808d ago
Many said the PS3 would not survive christmas 2007
It looks like it survived. So now it looks like the PS3 will be.

The war goes on and on, and I see the PS3 like a 10 speed bike that started off on it's top gear and is really hard to pedal at first but once it gets momentum it has more power than all the other bikes.

My money is still on 360 at this point. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. PS3 still has a long ways to go before it's all good.
vloeistof  +   2808d ago
hotshot127  +   2808d ago
i sense i ttide changing in you. i remember when you were a die hard sony fan
and now you converted(which is fine, play w/e console you enjoy)

but just a word of advice for you, make sure in life, you never give up just because you have a hardtime at ONE POINT IN THE LIFE.

i bet if all this positive news was coming in for the ps3 earlier in the year, you would've been more confident in your purchase BUT you let the media take over you.

you said the ps3 has a big brick on its back and now its outselling the 360.

so now what are you going to say?
its funny because this war is JUST LIKE THE PS3 VS DREAMCAST.

but im sure most people will forget that.

idc if the 360 has a 7.5 million lead right now.
with 40 million ps2 owners in japan, im sure they will get a ps3.
europeans are showing there love for sony and the playstation.

americans just get what they think is the hottest item on the market so next year.......................... .(you already know)

but anyway, game on ps3 limbs on and on and i know for fact that by chistmas on 08, the ps3 will be back in your hands
Anything but Cute  +   2808d ago
They say theres drivers and passagers in the world
and then there's people who do whatever vloeistof did.
Slayer OP  +   2808d ago
@ ps3 limp o and on(aka hypocrite)
Seriously shut up. You might as well be an xbot now. You usd to be a ps3 fan LIGHTNING but then you started pulling that bs saying "i like sony but ps3 sucks!" You are the biggest hypocrite alive.
Blitzed  +   2808d ago
@PS3 Limps On and On
You should really start taking your meds.
Meus Renaissance  +   2808d ago
I personally don't believe it outsold 360 software Globally. I need more convincing because if true that will shock the industry. Looking at the European charts, there have been more 360 games sold. Now, are you guys telling me Sony is rocking North America with software figures?

Highly unlikely.
hotshot127  +   2808d ago
neither do i.
but i know it outsold it worldwide.

but im sure you also know menus that this only shows the industry just how powerful sony is outselling the competition at 500 dollars and 400.


now your changing your mind? i cant take you seriously anymore, OR THE MART

@MART. "the ps3 will get outsold by more then 2 to 1 this christmas, MARK MY WORDS"

okay mart, well im marking your words so............................ ..WHAT HAPPENED?

i bet you gonna come in here and forget about hardware sales and talk about how software sales are wrong (which im sure they are)
but still your wrong.

also quote by the mart " i've always been right. i was right about uncharted being the only game to average over 90 and i was right about the ps3 not beating the ps3 right out the gates, so i know im gonna be right again"

again........................ ...........WHAT HAPPENED
Coke-a-Cola  +   2808d ago
If these numbers are in the correct ball park ....... it looks like one Heck of a Game.....ON.
#28 (Edited 2808d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kalistyles  +   2808d ago
Do you X Bots really think the the 360 will outsell the PS3? There's just too much going against you. Too much PS backers whether they have a PS3 or not. Eventually the will purchase a PS3. So much momentum going into 08. Too many AAA games. Too much variety coming. Free online. Home. Blu ray. Need I say more. All I can say is, watch your tail from here on out, cause we're playing catch up really quick.
JIN KAZAMA  +   2808d ago
Girl, the only thing that matters in my life
Is that I'm down for you and treat you right
You've got no call to treat me cold as ice
Ohh, girl
As long as I been givin' my love to you
You should be givin' me your love, too
But you just keep on actin' just like a fool
You know it ain't cool

Uh don't be cruel
'Cause I would never be that cruel to you
Uh no, oh oh, no
Uh don't be cruel
Uh girl, you need to change your attitude
Uh no, oh
Uh don't be cruel

Hey yo' Kimmy what's up with this attitude
I thought I was bein' real good to you
I treat you sweet, take you out at night
But you never say thanks girl that ain't right
I bought you diamonds even gave you pearls
I took you for a cruise all around the world
I treat you high post but you play me close
If I want to drink up you won't even toast

Girl, I work so hard for you from 9 to 5
So you could have the finer things in life
Since you're the kind that's never satisfied
Ohh, girl
As long as I been givin' my heart to you
You should be givin' me your heart, too
But you just keep on actin' just like a fool
You know it ain't cool


From fancy cars to diamond rings
I've just about given you everything
There's really not much I won't do for you
I bought you 12 yellow roses and candy, too
I like be up front and never play the back
But the way you treat me girl is like a heart attack
I'm real troop trooper and with all the times
That you were by my side diggin' dollars outta crock

Ohh, girl
As long as I been givin' my love to you
You should be givin' me your love, too
But you just keep on actin' just like a fool
You know it ain't cool
It just ain't cool!

Ow! Don't be cruel...

Uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh...

We used to hang out tough just kickin' around
We discovered a love that had never been found
You gave me your heart I gave you my mind
But a true love affair we could never find
Although I want you bad I could let you go
'Cause there's a lot of girls out there that won't say no
But due to fact that I want you, Jackie
I want you more than human eyes can see
But you had to start givin', tryin' to make a killin'
Thought about the dollars I make and you were willin'
To be with me Bobby B., but with a bad attitude I can't compete
Now you know my name, now I know your game
You want to be with me you got to be the same way
That another girl would be and if you wanna be with me......DONT BE CRUEL!
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Skerj  +   2808d ago
I'm telling Bobby Brown on you, he's gonna come burn you with a crackpipe!! I kid, I kid, cause that's my prerogative.
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