The History of PlayStation Ads: PS3

The release of the PS3 will forever be remembered as Sony’s fall from grace. Having previously developed the greatest selling console in history, Sony was set to continue to take the world by storm. Yet, within a few years time, Sony would let the top position slip through its hands and generate some of the most memorably bad commercials ever released. - PSLS

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knifefight2089d ago

I'm assuming we've now caught up to the one with the no-look flaming crossbow shot? That was good stuff. Haven't heard much about Long Live Play in a while though.

Relientk772089d ago

Kevin Butler


To Michael!

-Mika-2089d ago

The problem with Sony ads before and now is that they don't show alot of gameplay. The kevin ads we have now most of the time just shows him and the a quick clip of the game he talking about. It just not good. The ad below was my favorite and i think Sony should go back to that method. It had good music and it showed a good amount of gameplay footage for their exclusives.

doctorstrange2089d ago

Yeah, it's odd. PS3 exclusives look top notch, yet Sony never shows em.

kneon2089d ago

We all say they should show more game footage but when they do that the ads never get any attention. KZ2 and UC3 ads showed plenty of game footage but no one talks about those commercials.

Foolsjoker2089d ago

The sad truth, is that unless a commercial is striking in some manner it will not generate any buzz. The really awful ones seem to continue to be remembered. The problem is, Sony rarely has any that are considered on the other side of the spectrum.

Personally i think Michael was one of the greatest ads out of Sony in the last 10 years. Although KB is great marketing.

doctorstrange2089d ago

Nobody talks about Kinect ads, but they work

Foolsjoker2089d ago

Yeah, but their ad budget does have a few more 0's...Which is apart of Sony's problems.

Ravenor2089d ago


Sony's problem is they never know what they are doing when they advertise ANYTHING. The Vita commercials are mind raping garbage.

Foolsjoker2089d ago


It isn't that they dont know what they are doing...its that they are completely mad. They use abstract methods of advertising to generate buzz instead of selling a product for its worth.

Like doctorstrange said, their exclusives are amazing, but no one ever sees them.

Their ad campaigns are are rarely about a title, its just brand recognition.

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Ilovetheps42089d ago

The baby commercial will always be a memorable one to me.

Virtual_Reality2089d ago

I always considered that Japanese commercials are better and more interesting in some way.