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Submitted by Valay 1440d ago | screenshot

First Fable: Heroes screenshots leaked

The first screenshots of Fable: Heroes have been leaked from Microsoft themselves. (Fable: Heroes, Xbox 360)

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LordMe  +   1440d ago
For everyone saying that it could be no worse then Fable The Journey...

I give you Fable Heroes!

Both look like CRAP!
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Abash  +   1440d ago
*crosses off to get list*
EVILDEAD360  +   1440d ago
LOL @ the hate..

It's simply a fun arcade spin-off ala castle crashers.

If Lionhead wants to make a xbla game for fun then more power to them.

XBLA is clearly expanding rapidly as a viable platform for bite sized console experiences in the vein of IOS games.

Not my cup of tea but I see it being used as another cross-promotional for Fable:The Journey as the Fable XBLA card games did for Fable 2 and 3.

I'm looking forward to Journey to see what Lionhead concocted for Kinect.

But, it's clear the major jump for the studio will ultimately be Fable 4 for the 720.

I still find it crazy how well Fable 3 charted at the end of last year.

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SockeyBoy  +   1440d ago
IM_KINECTED once said...
People so overreact to things, this is just a action arcade title, not a full Fable experience. This ties into Fable The Journey, much like Pub Games tied into Fable 2.

People are going to nitpick the art direction without even playing the game or hearing anything about it.

I'll at least keep an open mind, but definitely want a full Fable 4 at some point.
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Rainstorm81  +   1440d ago
Thats the second Castle Crashers reference ive seen....This game looks NOTHING like castle crashers more like dungeon defenders if anything

Castle Crashers was a 4 player beat em up in the vein of the old school 2D arcade games..... Fable Heroes looks nothing like that
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2v1  +   1439d ago
The new word is "haters" and this is used by anyone and everyone to show they don't agree with them. If you disagree with me, then you are a hater. I guess we are all haters then..
Yi-Long  +   1440d ago
My gawd....
... this looks horrible.

It's sad how deep Lionhead has seemingly fallen, and how they have dragged a very promising license like Fable with them.
BakedGoods  +   1439d ago
No kidding! MS has gone bat-#$%@-casual at this point.

Poor Lionhead. I remember when Project Ego (er, Fable) was going to be the end-all of RPGs.
Nozzle  +   1440d ago
So let me get this straight...instead of bringing new and improved sequels or even brand new IPs to the Xbox 360 they'd rather do dumbed down Arcade Games.

First Alan Wake, now Fable.....whats next Gears of War

American Nightmare was alright but lets face it, the game didn't top Alan Wake.

As a gamer I'd rather have lengthy, action packed, full retail games then Arcade titles...especialy if it's with my favorite franchises.

Watch Xbox fanboys eat this up though like theres nothing wrong.......if a franchise you like is being exploited like this then yeah...there is a problem, thats why dmc fans are shouting there opinion of the new game all over the internet, it's making your opinion heard so developers don't try something like this in the only benefits you as a consumer at the end of the day
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Yi-Long  +   1440d ago
I don't mind Arcade games....
... in fact, some of the best games of this generations have been downloadable games on PSN/XBLA (TrialsHD, Shadow Complex, Flower, Journey, Super Meat Boy, etc etc etc).

I do mind crappy lazy arcadegames which are seemingly just trying to cash in on a license, instead of actually being great and interesting games!

There is SOOOOO much potential with the Fable-license, and so much artistic talent at the studio, yet THIS is what the come up with!?!?!?

GTFO Lionhead!!!
ginsunuva  +   1439d ago
But those are built as downloadables titles. These are big games squished down.
TheDivine  +   1440d ago
I think these xbla games are a stop gap for big ip's till next gen. Fable 4, Alan Wake 2, will both be launch titles for next gen. Theyre also trying to make their great franchises into more popular household names like how mario does. Fable and Alan Wake are 2 of my favorite series/games ever but most people dont really know about them outside of the core core 360 players.

Im all for a co-op hack n slash in the fable universe. Fable journey looks shi* to me but its great for kids and might get casuals into fable, its a stepping stone. Hopefully theyre hard at work on Fable 4 though, i loved all 3 but the 3rd needed more areas and quests. Went through it kind of fast but damn i loved it.
FlyWestbrook  +   1440d ago
I cannot tell a lie. This looks god damn awful.
ElasticLove  +   1440d ago
WTF is this bullcrap lol, I really thought this game might be something good until I saw this crap. *smh* Lionhead when will you learn that all we want is something similar to the Fable(original) we all know and loved. Not this kiddie candyland adventure looking game that you guys are about to release lmao.
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DigitalRaptor  +   1440d ago
I know Fable is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but you'd have to be a die hard fan to think this looks good.

In fact, if you are a fan of the franchise it'd be hard not to be insulted by Lionhead. Especially after what was Fable 3, and the reveal of Fable: The Journey. So much potential in Fable but they keep on wasting it.
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Biohazard8860  +   1440d ago
Yet Again Microsoft u Fail Deadass Just show Halo 4 thats your only good exclusive this year.
Biohazard8860  +   1440d ago
Xbox fanboy disagreeing with everyone lmao stop dick riding microsoft.
Nozzle  +   1440d ago
I know many disagrees yet no possitive comments so far
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Biohazard8860  +   1440d ago
Now man theres been positive comments u just gotta look my dude u just mad cause i be right stop getting so buthurt and hop off if u dont like my comments simple as that :) !
Rainstorm81  +   1440d ago
I m waiting for all these disagreers to come out with a counter argument why this game is promising.

The Art design looks very childish and nothing like Fable, and the only saving grace could be the gameplay but this definitely isn't meant to draw in fable fans.

Since its a tie in to Fable: The Journey it must be trying to draw in the Kinect crowd
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Optical_Matrix  +   1440d ago
Got milk?
aPerson  +   1440d ago
What the hell is this crap?
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gtxgamer2  +   1440d ago
looks like dungeon defenders. except your not defending dungeons.
Eamon  +   1439d ago
Seriously Lionhead, wtf?

Fable 4 needs to be mindblowing to be able to redeem Lionhead's reputation now.
Muffins1223  +   1439d ago
Okay for some reason people leak shitty cartoon games but no halo 4?WTF
mcgrottys  +   1439d ago
it looks weird... But Idk I guess this is a bit better than another pub games.

Those characters look way way too strange for fable...

now thinking about it, it kinda reminds me of wind waker in terms of the art direction but not as good.
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   1439d ago
Some folks thinks Fable the Journey will be similar to this but there is another thread started with pics of that game.
The game will be fun similar gameplay like Castle Crashers and Fat Princess.
gotgame1985  +   1439d ago
It looks like this game is aimed towards small children, Microsoft seems to be the only company that cares about the little ones, look at some of the games they are releasing is it really a surprise when they get one of there biggest studios to make a game for the little kids? Besides no one has played this game so stop biotching. I swear you sony fanboys make me so sick with how you just dog anything Microsoft does, you accuse them of milking there titles when they release a spin off, But try to justify it when Sony does it buy saying well the psp and vita are different platforms. Bull crap, it dosen't matter if they make a game for VHS milked is milked.

Anyways I am going to do the same thing I did last night list all of Microsoft Studios but this time I going to also list Sony studios as well.


United States
343 Industries
Good Science Studio
Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment
MGS Family
MGS Mobile Gaming
Microsoft Studios LEAP
Microsoft Studios - Sports Entertainment Group
Platform Next Studios
Turn 10 Studios
Twisted Pixel Games
Xbox Live Productions

MGS Soho
Rare Ltd.

MGS Vancouver
MGS Victoria
Microsoft Flight

And now sony studios.

SCE Japan Studio
Polyphony Digital

North America
Naughty Dog
SCE Santa Monica Studio
SCE San Diego Studio
SCE Bend Studio
SCE Foster City Studios
Zipper Interactive
Sucker Punch Productions

SCE London Studio
SCE Cambridge Studio
SCE Studio Liverpool
Evolution Studios
Guerrilla Games
Media Molecule

It looks like Microsoft has 3 more more studios then Sony, 4 more really there is a MS studio that I did not list Fire Bird, which seems to just have gone under the radar. I don't know if they have been disbanded or renamed so I just did not list them. You Sony fans can go head and count your second party studios that can jump ship at any time just like Insomniac if it makes you fill better. But the bottom line is eventually Sony fans will have to find another reason to hate on Xbox other then no exclusives.

One last thing, lets say 2012 Sony wine up publishing 12 to 15 games but all cause 60 bucks, But Microsoft publishes
6 for core 60$, 8 for the budget gamer XBLA 15$ to 20$, 2 or 3 for the little kids seeing how they are the only ones who cares, and i don't know about 6 or so for kinect 45$, now wouldn't that be a more well rounded selection then Sony.
DigitalRaptor  +   1439d ago
Lol. Care about them? They want to make money of them is closer to the truth.

In answer to your accusation: Sony fans tend to hate on Xbox with the same level of irritation that they received for years in the past for silly, unjustified reasons. You think Sony fans are sickening, but were you actually there to see it from the other side before PS3 was accepted as a viable platform this gen? This business of "us and them" is only being irritated because of perspectives like this, and I'd like to point out that if Xbox fans weren't so antagonistic in the first place we'd be much more friendly and reasonable people over the internet. But heck, people enjoy defending their purchases.

Anyway, that's beyond the point. This hate comes from more than just the fact that they own (or did own) more studios. Really, it's where the focus of their studios lie that is the problem that should be pointed out. They have more studios now. So? What does it matter when it looks like the majority of them are making lame Kinect/Arcade/mobile junk titles. When I heard MS were opening new studios I was like "good that's what they should be doing", but when I saw its focus, that didn't go down well with me, as you should imagine. PS3 fans aren't going to change their outlook on MS because they're catering to kids a great deal. The opposite in fact. It's nice that kids like it, but what about dedicated gamers?

Look at the ratio of content offered to type of content and you will see the difference. The difference is that Sony produce crossover games like Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, LBP etc that core gamers, kids, adults and casuals can get into, as well as stuff strictly for kids, adults and casual gamers. Their selection is comparable but ultimately more rounded than Microsoft.

About this game though. It could be fun, but it's surely not the game Lionhead fans want to see especially after they were delivered the blow by "Fable: The Journey".
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gotgame1985  +   1439d ago
yea in the past when Microsoft had 6 or so studios
these new studios have not prduce anything yet so lets see what the future holds. look at what you fanboys are doing right now with the halo 4 pics in the pending stories, not one of those stories have been approved but everyone has been reported, you sony fans sit up here and lie that this site is full of xbox fanboys but I have been on this site for about 7 years and I have never seen xbox fans try to block a PS story. there is absolutely nothing you sony fans can say to justify that, That is just truly sad.
ZippyZapper  +   1439d ago
I didn't know it was a arcade game. Bad year for the horde up ^ there.

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