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NovusTerminus2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

For everyone saying that it could be no worse then Fable The Journey...

I give you Fable Heroes!

Both look like CRAP!

Abash2056d ago

*crosses off to get list*

EVILDEAD3602056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

LOL @ the hate..

It's simply a fun arcade spin-off ala castle crashers.

If Lionhead wants to make a xbla game for fun then more power to them.

XBLA is clearly expanding rapidly as a viable platform for bite sized console experiences in the vein of IOS games.

Not my cup of tea but I see it being used as another cross-promotional for Fable:The Journey as the Fable XBLA card games did for Fable 2 and 3.

I'm looking forward to Journey to see what Lionhead concocted for Kinect.

But, it's clear the major jump for the studio will ultimately be Fable 4 for the 720.

I still find it crazy how well Fable 3 charted at the end of last year.


SockeyBoy2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

People so overreact to things, this is just a action arcade title, not a full Fable experience. This ties into Fable The Journey, much like Pub Games tied into Fable 2.

People are going to nitpick the art direction without even playing the game or hearing anything about it.

I'll at least keep an open mind, but definitely want a full Fable 4 at some point.

Rainstorm812056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Thats the second Castle Crashers reference ive seen....This game looks NOTHING like castle crashers more like dungeon defenders if anything

Castle Crashers was a 4 player beat em up in the vein of the old school 2D arcade games..... Fable Heroes looks nothing like that

2v12055d ago

The new word is "haters" and this is used by anyone and everyone to show they don't agree with them. If you disagree with me, then you are a hater. I guess we are all haters then..

Yi-Long2056d ago

... this looks horrible.

It's sad how deep Lionhead has seemingly fallen, and how they have dragged a very promising license like Fable with them.

BakedGoods2056d ago

No kidding! MS has gone bat-#$%@-casual at this point.

Poor Lionhead. I remember when Project Ego (er, Fable) was going to be the end-all of RPGs.

Nozzle2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

So let me get this straight...instead of bringing new and improved sequels or even brand new IPs to the Xbox 360 they'd rather do dumbed down Arcade Games.

First Alan Wake, now Fable.....whats next Gears of War

American Nightmare was alright but lets face it, the game didn't top Alan Wake.

As a gamer I'd rather have lengthy, action packed, full retail games then Arcade titles...especialy if it's with my favorite franchises.

Watch Xbox fanboys eat this up though like theres nothing wrong.......if a franchise you like is being exploited like this then yeah...there is a problem, thats why dmc fans are shouting there opinion of the new game all over the internet, it's making your opinion heard so developers don't try something like this in the only benefits you as a consumer at the end of the day

Yi-Long2056d ago

... in fact, some of the best games of this generations have been downloadable games on PSN/XBLA (TrialsHD, Shadow Complex, Flower, Journey, Super Meat Boy, etc etc etc).

I do mind crappy lazy arcadegames which are seemingly just trying to cash in on a license, instead of actually being great and interesting games!

There is SOOOOO much potential with the Fable-license, and so much artistic talent at the studio, yet THIS is what the come up with!?!?!?

GTFO Lionhead!!!

ginsunuva2056d ago

But those are built as downloadables titles. These are big games squished down.

TheDivine2056d ago

I think these xbla games are a stop gap for big ip's till next gen. Fable 4, Alan Wake 2, will both be launch titles for next gen. Theyre also trying to make their great franchises into more popular household names like how mario does. Fable and Alan Wake are 2 of my favorite series/games ever but most people dont really know about them outside of the core core 360 players.

Im all for a co-op hack n slash in the fable universe. Fable journey looks shi* to me but its great for kids and might get casuals into fable, its a stepping stone. Hopefully theyre hard at work on Fable 4 though, i loved all 3 but the 3rd needed more areas and quests. Went through it kind of fast but damn i loved it.

FlyWestbrook2056d ago

I cannot tell a lie. This looks god damn awful.

ElasticLove2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

WTF is this bullcrap lol, I really thought this game might be something good until I saw this crap. *smh* Lionhead when will you learn that all we want is something similar to the Fable(original) we all know and loved. Not this kiddie candyland adventure looking game that you guys are about to release lmao.

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