PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720’s Visual Benchmarks to Inject GDC 2012 - Nick's Gaming View Episode #66

"PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720’s power to be shown during GDC 2012, Halo 4 prepares for its gameplay footage debut, the PlayStation Vita has been officially hacked, and more."

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jsslifelike2268d ago

Three words: AMPED. FOR. GDC.

S_C2268d ago

Are the confrences being shown live, if so were can i watch them ?

morkendo232267d ago

the PlayStation Vita has been officially hacked

ALREADY??? like shaggy would say: ZONKS!

Nick2120042268d ago

Right there with ya! I am ecstatic to see what is announced and shown off during GDC this year. I will be attending PAX East 2012 and have heard that a lot of what's being shown during GDC will also be appearing at PAX East heading into E3 2012, which I will also be attending!

SITH2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Nick, I think your videos have greatly improved. I enjoy the quality they have lately. Good job. I look forward to your E3 coverage. The are a hell of a lot better than hip hop you know who.

tmanmushroom2268d ago

All I know is that I'm bound to see some new system at e3 because it's about time for one!

DA_SHREDDER2268d ago

GDC isn't like E3, but I also welcome any new announcements or new gameplay footage of a game that hasn't been leaked yet. I figured Halo 4 was gonna be a xbox durango title? To bad they didn't wait. I was crossing my fingers for this one.

theeg2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

who says it wont be a nextbox title, halo 4 is very likely to be a nextbox and 360 dual launch, microsoft have a HUGE oppurtunity to unleash a frenzy of next gen purchases by launching their new console with a new Halo!

...ohhh, and durango is a retarded name, even for a code name its lame as fugg, they should call it something awesome like THUNDERPUSSY!

sikbeta2267d ago

More and more is becoming the second E3

deadfrag2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

tOO bad for VITA!It has taken more 24h than the PSP to be hacked.Poor Sony!

Virtual_Reality2268d ago

As if they were the only ones to be hacked.

joeorc2267d ago

tOO bad for VITA!It has taken more 24h than the PSP to be hacked.Poor Sony!

wololo already explained, its not hacked.

i repeat it is not a hack its a loader through an emulator.

people are getting the two mixed up.

its an exploit running through the psp emu.

running doom through the psp emulator is still not a hack. they have no direct access to the rom image onboard on a chip level or have mapped the direct memory of the psvita.

an hacking the [email protected] thing is really pointless anyway
due to the fact that indie home brew developers can make games that are 3d accelerated for the PSVita without the need of even a psvita, there is a PC simulator for the SDK with access to the PSVita's GPU, TO MAKE YOUR GAME!

that is what the Playstation Suite is for.

so anyone who disagree's with me that the PSVita has been hacked.

straight from wololo himself=

VHBL does not technically allow you to play any pirated PSP or Vita games.
Although VHBL is free and open source, the current version relies on a vulnerability in a specific PSP game (Motorstorm Arctic Edge) that you need to buy from the PSN. VHBL comes with no guarantee, especially I cannot guarantee it will work on your Vita, so remember that you pay for a PSP game, and not for anything else. I do not do refunds for the money you gave to Sony

It is super easy for Sony to patch the vulnerabilities used by this tool, given the amount of control they have on the PS Vita. VHBL runs fine on firmware 1.61, but for all I know it is possible for Sony to patch the game’s vulnerability without a firmware update. So, once again, before buying the game and downloading VHBL, you need to understand that you pay for the game, and VHBL is a bonus that might or might not work

This is of course just a challenge with little to no practical interest… once we publicly reveal the exploit (in particular, the game used in it), it will be extremely easy for Sony to patch it (or remove the game from the Playstation Store), so probably only a few people will be able to benefit from it… but only time will tell, there is still hope, after all, that Sony doesn’t care about a tool that allows us to run user mode psp homebrews in a sandboxed emulator.

its an emulator running inside another emulator!

Soldierone2267d ago

So if we got this it wont be breaking any rules right? Id love to play some doom on my Vita.

joeorc2267d ago

So if we got this it wont be breaking any rules right? Id love to play some doom on my Vita.

no it means you break the warranty on your PSVita,two if you brick it. its all on you
but your not doing anything illegal. or anything like that unless you are using rom images that you download off the internet, than that would be a problem.

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