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Halo 4 is the "best looking game" ever on the Xbox 360 - Developer

343 Industries has stated that Halo 4 will deliver the "best looking game" ever on the Xbox 360. (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

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jazzking2001  +   1433d ago
an't wait for Halo 4 to release. Hopefully tomorrow's embargo lift will see the release of some good stuff for the game.
DarkBlood  +   1433d ago
this is the only game where i wonder what the multiplayer is going to be like as well as the single player

360 is not my go to system but the halo games so far is my go to competitive multiplayer
da_2pacalypse  +   1433d ago
343 is a lot more talented than people realize. Microsoft actually didn't cheap out this time, they went out and hired a lot of experience people from very well known companies. I can't wait to see what they've done with the franchise!

Halo reach's multiplyer was not very competitive which kind of turned me off from the game altogether, from the things I've read that 343 has said, they're really looking to change that.
Drake117  +   1433d ago
Yeah Reach was def a step down in competitiveness from H3 and def H2 but hopefully 343 can bring something back that increases the skill cap.
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EVILDEAD360  +   1433d ago
The twit has already been debunked as NOT aiming to start the usual flame-bait console war banter.

She is simply proud of what her team has accomplished thus far and that saying ALOT considering how 343i has got to be arguably the most ambitious collection of development talent in the history of gaming.

When the embargo lifts and ultimately down the road when the game releases this holiday maybe we all will share her sentiments.

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joab777  +   1433d ago
Didn't the article also say best looking on any console. That is saying something for halo. I hope they are right.
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Deputydon  +   1432d ago
Not going to lie, the graphics look a lot better than Halo Reach. As much as I hated Halo 2's single player, and loved Halo Reach, I still sold my 360 recently because it just became a large USB charging port for me.

No offense to the 360 owners, it's a great console overall, the games that were coming out just weren't to my liking, and I've never been a fan of motion based stuff. The last time I turned my Wii on was Super Mario Galaxy 2, and I never did finish it. The PSMove isn't to my liking either.

I was going to pick up Gears 3, but was broke around release time, then it just failed to grab my attention enough later when I had the money.

I hope Halo 4 turns out to be the game every true Halo fan wants it to be. Halo 1 had one of the best FPS single players out there, only behind the Half Life series, Bioshock, and arguably Metro 2033. It also had some of the best offline multiplayer as well, and Halo 2 has had some of the best console FPS multiplayer as well. I wasn't a fan of Halo 3, and Halo Reach had far too many hackers (i'm referring to the obvious hackers, not just me sucking).

In the end, it's nice to see MS isn't ruining the franchise (so far at least), but it would have been nice if they don't focus it around Master Chief. Seems almost like an insult to Bungie. Speaking of Bungie, I can't wait to see what their new game will be.
Anon1974  +   1432d ago
Ugh. I despise the "OMG! This game will have the best graphics evar!" trends. I don't care what platform we're talking about.

And how many times do we have to suffer through this. Crysis 2 was going to be the best game graphically on the 360 and raise the bar. Or was it Alan Wake? Or was it Metro 2033? Or was it Halo Reach? Or was it Ninja Blade?

Back in 2006 when Gears blew us all out of the water, I expected that this was it. That was a turning point. We now know what the 360 is capable of and Gears raised the bar and all other games would start pushing the graphical envelope. Then I sat with my 360 and waited for those games to come. And waited.

Eventually, Gears 2 came out and was a graphical improvement over the first. Then Gears 3 was a bit better than 2, although that's arguable. Other than that, how many games released on the 360 realistically look better than even the first Gears? It's been years now and it's time to admit the 360 hit it's graphical ceiling a long time ago. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Halo 4 will not set some new, graphical benchmark. If it were possible, we'd have seen tonnes of games the same graphical quality of Gears over the years. We haven't.
gamingdroid  +   1433d ago
I'm not a member of the press, so didn't know there are some info scheduled to be released. I can't wait to see what it is!

Please make it an in game trailer! :D
Paradicia  +   1433d ago

Frankie's post at the bottom of the page.

"Corrine is expressing pride in the team in a twitter character limit, mostly to her colleagues. At no time will you ever hear us 'officially' represent the game in those terms. So uncrank your hype handles a couple of turns.

Like how my three year old is the cleverest girl in the world. Let us revisit my statement after she graduates from DeVry."

Keep your hype in order guys. Also notice how msxbox-world left out the final word in her tweet "sorry" which was aimed at a troll.
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Gildarts  +   1433d ago
Halo 4 is the "best looking game" ever on the Xbox 360
This shouldn't come as a surprise,As most of 343i developers come from high-ranking studios including gearbox,id software,kojima productions,treyarch, guerrilla games and bethesda

A lot of them come from Id software and guerrilla games, according to wikipedia.
Gamer1982  +   1433d ago
yeah you got your info from NEXT!
Arnon  +   1433d ago
As opposed to finding this info out from where else? You would be surprised in my statement that a lot of the big wiki pages are written by the companies themselves.

I guarantee you they're not going to let their name on a website and have false info spread about them.
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Deputydon  +   1432d ago
Wikipedia is actually one of the most accurate sources of information. I remember when I was in High school we had a debate class, one student wrote a direct debate to our English teacher about how Wikipedia is indeed a very reliable website.

He actually provided multiple facts and sources that showed, on average, how quickly a false piece of information was correctly changed. Any thing from a recently created Wikipedia page to something as old as how bread was created.

In the end, that English teacher now allows for Wikipedia to be used as a source, as long as you also provide the link to the source that wikipedia provides at the bottom of the page.

And actually, there were several key members of GG that left after KZ2. A couple of them joined the design team for Bethesda's Brink. I'm sure now they probably regret it, since that game turned out to be complete crap. But they probably also get paid more.
fluffydelusions  +   1433d ago
I still say best looking 360 game is Alan Wake
Gildarts  +   1433d ago
How can you say that when you haven't even seen halo 4,How do you know that that Trailer was not in-game?

And Gears of War 3 has best graphics on Xbox yet.
fluffydelusions  +   1433d ago
^^ in game really? Not on current gen consoles...sorry.
JellyJelly  +   1433d ago
Imo Gears of War 3 and Rage are the best looking 360 games.
E2M  +   1432d ago
gears 3 is the current best looking 360 game in my opinion. It would be awesome for halo to even have graphics on the same level of gears let alone be the best looking 360 game
Gamer1982  +   1433d ago
come on was 343 gonna say it wasn't? Also can they really make a better Halo than Bungie? Computer says no... Especially since nobody can even get native 720p out of exclusives like Halo. I seriously doubt Halo 4 will be native 720p either.
kaveti6616  +   1433d ago
A small drop in resolution allowed them to add HDR, 4 times the texture resolution, large-scale areas, advanced particle effects, etc.

They can make a 720p game if they want. It just won't have a stable framerate.
Arnon  +   1433d ago
I can live with the Halo franchise not having a native 720p resolution. The micro-detail placed into Halo: Reach was a pretty big testament to what the Halo series can look like. Also, the incredible anti-aliasing and character models helped as well.
Jazz4108  +   1433d ago
Not that it matters but neither console can do 720p and good fps without causing issues and the ps3 due to its limited bottleneck ram is worse then the 360 in this dept. Unless its a linear game and then they both do ok.
ape007  +   1432d ago
crysis 2 looks fantastic too
BattleAxe  +   1433d ago
Should be interesting, although I'm wondering if Microsoft would want to release this game along side Windows 8 instead of just releasing it on the 360. Either way it will be interesting to see what 343 Studios has done with the series.
Patriots_Pride  +   1432d ago
That would actually be a good idea, not that they need to do it to sell W8 becuase a new windows will always sale.

Unfourtunatly MS will not do this day one but might do it a year later.

Who knows maybe 343 can make majic and make it look 5 times better on the PC than on the 360.
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caperjim  +   1433d ago
Hopefully this halo will be available for PC since windows 8 and Xbox live will be combined. Might find out this week during GDC. Halo 4 maxed out on PC sounds pretty good to me.
caperjim  +   1433d ago
Double post
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-Alpha  +   1433d ago
Cool, but I hope the world feels as awesome as it was in CE. Great Graphics are nice and all, but for some reason I never got that sense of awe playing Halo 3/Reach like I did when I played #1.
gotgame1985  +   1433d ago
I agree with you about halo 3 but to me reach was the best game so far this gen.
WitWolfy  +   1433d ago
Yeah Reach was what I would've liked HALO 3 to look like when it first released... The time Reach released the graphics still looked last gen but looked 10 times better then what HALO 3's engine looked like
ThichQuangDuck  +   1433d ago
I more want a Halo 2 feel in multiplayer and single-player. The Halo games this generation have felt like they were trying to match competitors too much rather than do something new in the Halo world.
TENTONGUN  +   1433d ago
the first day i bought a xbox, i knew nothin of halo. it said goty on the box so i bought it. enjoyed the hell out of it, so much so the moment i beat it i started a new game and kept playin. halo will be very hard to top even with sequels imo. cause of halo i love fps on consoles and have a pretty good skill set to this day
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Gamer1982  +   1433d ago
-alpha I agree graphics dont make a great game and the best devs realise that. Shame not many great devs around nowadays. Gameplay over graphics any day of the week.
kaveti6616  +   1433d ago
Halo 2 was much better. The Quarantine level in Halo 2 was a legitimately creepy level.
Bathyj  +   1432d ago
I agree.

Halo 1 was the last time Halo graphics impressed me. I went straight out and bought an xbox the first time I saw it.
dantesparda  +   1432d ago
@ Alpha

I agree, Halo 1 was the best so far. I think they've been getting worst with each consecutive release
TheGamingArt   1433d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Muffins1223  +   1433d ago
Not surprised,ive seen the members of the this game developer.Some of the most know and talented people in the gaming industries are working on this.Also they have ex nasa people who work on the coding it.They have some people from pixar,mass effect,metal gear,i mean. Almost every famous person in the gaming industry is working on this game,i can not wait for this :)
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gotgame1985  +   1433d ago
yea but with all these famous people yhey rreally have a lot to live up to, they said there goal is to become the very best game studio in the world, they certainly
have the potential with all yhe talent they have but only time will tell.
Gildarts  +   1433d ago
I just hope they don't stick with Halo so much as Bungie did.

They should make a new IP just to mix things up,Make use of all that talent.

And the one from NASA your talking about is Corrinne Yu, she is the female John Carmack
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Parasyte  +   1433d ago
343 Industries was created for the sole purpose of overseeing the Halo franchise since Bungie is with Activision now and not Microsoft.
munish23  +   1433d ago
343 Industries is called 343 Industries for a reason.
Avraj45  +   1433d ago
I can't wait to see the return of MASTER CHIEF!
IM_KINECTED  +   1433d ago
I'm loving what 343i is doing so far. Halo 4 is going to be great and I'm happy to finally have Master Chief back, its been a long 5 years.

Microsoft fans should be stoked about the embargo lift, there is going to be a ton of information released about whats going to be coming for the Xbox 360.

Its a great time to be a gamer.
GraveLord  +   1433d ago
Really? I'll have to see it to believe it. Can't imagine the game looking better than Crysis 2 or BF3.
Virtual_Reality  +   1433d ago
It says on Xbox 360 only, so it could be better than Crysis 2 or BF3 of Xbox 360 version on its own standard and hardware.
spicelicka  +   1433d ago
Actually it says "It's the best looking game on Xbox and any other consoles we ever made" so i don't know.

Of course it's not going to crazyy looking with all the sandbox gameplay and what not, but as long as it looks as good as crysis i'll be the happiest man.
lategamer  +   1433d ago
Frankie (343i Director) had this to say:

The best looking game could be anything. Geometry Wars is one of my favorite looking games. Forza. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Crysis. Gears. And let's not even send out a clarion call to Uncharted people.

This is not that other forum. We are not children. Accept she tweeted a note of pride in our team and move along.
Rageanitus  +   1433d ago
I honestly hope halo 4 will be much different in mechanics, gameplay and graphics... When I heard that a different stuidio was taking over the franchise I felt glad.

I was never a fan of halo's because it felt to generic. Currently I am playing coop Reach and its monotone acting and it simply does not have any epic moments.... feels like im playing a more polish version of serious sam games.

A good direction is to put some RPG elements in the game i.e. rage style or even further deus ex.... but that might be too complex for the mainstream ;)
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baodeus  +   1433d ago
wow dude, people love Halo not because of graphics. It is the balance,fun 4 coop, and MP gameplay that make it what it is today. I sure hope they don't change gameplay mechanic. Couldn't care less if the graphics sucks.
tigertron  +   1433d ago
Best looking 360 game eh? I guess all will be revealed soon...

The concept art showing the new environments look fantastic though. I hope 343i are able to match our expectations.
Legionaire2005  +   1433d ago
I hope Halo 4 is using a brand new engine, but to say it is the best looking game, well that's a tough pill to swallow. I have to see it to believe it. If it looks as great as the Halo 4 Cgi trailer, then yes it has the best graphics.
Paradicia  +   1433d ago
"If it looks as great as the Halo 4 Cgi trailer, then yes it has the best graphics. " - talk about over hyping Lol
Legionaire2005  +   1433d ago
Funny you quote me thanks lol!!! As for the disagrees...No thanks. Shoot the same thing was said for the infamous Killzone cgi trailer for Killzone 2. Halo 4 will be a great game regardless of it having the best graphics or not. Halo and the Medal of Honor series is making a great comeback to beat Call of Duty, that what we all can a agree on. As for,"talk about over hyping Lol," every game always have an overhype status so get use to it.
mcgrottys  +   1433d ago
every new halo game so far (except ODST and maybe CE) has had a new engine. So halo 4 should have one as well.

But yeah if the graphics are as good as the CGI trailer I would never question the 360's hardware ever again...
Legionaire2005  +   1433d ago
Not entirely true, but a modified engine of the last Halos before the next. This is a new developer that has yet to prove themselves. They could be using a brand new engine.
mcgrottys  +   1433d ago
the pretty much upgraded everything in each iteration of the engines, its like building a computer and upgrading everything but maybe something like the hard drive not at the same time but over time. I would consider that a new PC compared to what was there before.
Rageanitus  +   1433d ago
no worries... when halo 2> reach trailers released.... the fans REALLY though they were watching in game graphics....

To this day you still hear the fans say halo reach is "technical achievement"
FragMnTagM  +   1433d ago
You do realize that Halo Reach's trailers and cut-scenes were made from in-game graphics with different camera angles with a tiny bit of polish right?

Uncharted 1, 2, and 3 did the exact same thing by the way.

p.s. Halo has always used in-game graphics for cut-scenes.

The only time I remember Halo being deceptive was that CG for Halo 3, but Bungie nor Microsoft never made a statement saying it was in-game.
Paradicia  +   1433d ago

You're comparing an outsourced CGI trailer with a not even yet seen Halo game. It was just a teaser to show the master chief is back, nothing more, nothing less.
#10.4 (Edited 1433d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1433d ago
Yes , they're using an engine built from the ground up just for Jalo 4. Can't wait till tomorrow for the unveiling.
lategamer  +   1433d ago
Quote from Frankie (Halo Director):

The best looking game could be anything. Geometry Wars is one of my favorite looking games. Forza. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Crysis. Gears. And let's not even send out a clarion call to Uncharted people.

This is not that other forum. We are not children. Accept she tweeted a note of pride in our team and move along.
Sikct9a  +   1433d ago
I'm excited now bring it!
Angainor7  +   1433d ago
it better be... the franchise deserves it!
Patriots_Pride   1432d ago | Off topic | show
sandman224   1433d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
thehusbo  +   1433d ago
It would be disappointing if it didn't have the best graphics on Xbox..
DoctorXpro  +   1433d ago
best looking game doesn't mean best graphics
gm0ney1985  +   1433d ago
then what does it mean
KaBaW  +   1433d ago
@gm0ney1985 -
Best graphics, means the most realistic.
Best looking, means the best art style..
That's the way I look at it, anyway.

If that's what he meant? Who knows.
RedDead  +   1432d ago
Best graphics - best on a technical level. Resolution, AA etc...most photo realistic

Aesthetics is basically art style and personal preference.


Crysis has better graphics. By alot. Okami looks better imo

That's all really. Having both good graphics and a good art style together is the best imo
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banner  +   1433d ago
I agree... Its only the flagship of microsoft!
DoctorXpro   1433d ago | Trolling | show
banner   1433d ago | Personal attack | show
DoctorXpro  +   1432d ago
Im a huge halo fan, but NEVER a halo game was the best looking game on a xbox

Halo- Good campaign but not the best looking game on xbox

halo 2 nope

halo 3 nope

ODST nope

Reach not bad but 360 has better looking games than this
Whore_Mouth  +   1433d ago
This sounds a little hard to swallow.

As a long time Halo fan, I would like to see this come to fruition. Though from what I have seen from 343i I would not say that they have the market cornered on graphics.
josephayal   1433d ago | Trolling | show
gypsygib  +   1433d ago
I REALLY hope so, I also hope he DMR makes a return, I love that gun, it's great for headshots.
#17 (Edited 1433d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
lugia 4000  +   1433d ago
No NO NO! Thats what made Reach plagued with noobs and randomness! Bring back the battle rifle.
Parasyte  +   1433d ago
Actually, Lugia, what filled Reach with randomness was not the DMR. It was reticule bloom combined with the shot spread.
#17.2 (Edited 1433d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
WiiStation_360  +   1433d ago
Noooooooooo! Battle Rifle > DMR :D
Patriots_Pride  +   1432d ago
The BR has been confirmed.
kurochi   1433d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
QuantumWake  +   1433d ago | Well said
Someone already posted this, but I'll just leave this here again since I can sense some people are going to take this all the wrong way:

"Corrine is expressing pride in the team in a twitter character limit, mostly to her colleagues. At no time will you ever hear us 'officially' represent the game in those terms. So uncrank your hype handles a couple of turns.

Like how my three year old is the cleverest girl in the world. Let us revisit my statement after she graduates from DeVry"

So people, set your hype levels appropriately. I have a feeling some of you won't even bother with this comment. But I tried.
#19 (Edited 1433d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Frankfurt  +   1433d ago
I would rather have Reach graphics at 60fps than Crysis 2 (or better) at 27-30fps like usual.

Not that i expect many people to agree with me. Most people in forums couldn't care less about gameplay - they buy HDTVs without looking up their input lag, play in fancy Movie Mode instead of Game Mode, buy PS3 games with input lag (Uncharted, Killzone, Heavenly Sword, BF3), dismiss RAGE despite having the most responsive gameplay this gen, buy Need for Speed over 60fps racers, don't mind Devil May Cry going 30fps... It goes on.

Also, i doubt it'll look better than BF3 and Crysis 2 for one simple reason: Halo offers WAY larger environments and freedom. No way they can push the graphics THAT much forward from Reach and still keep the classic Halo freedom. Games like Uncharted, BF3, C2, Gears 3 look so good because they're corridor shooters. Riding an escalator is less linear and scripted than those games. Halo isn't like that. AT ALL. The engine has to handle 5 times more stuff every single second.
#20 (Edited 1433d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
adamant715  +   1433d ago
I'm so damn pumped for this game omg.
NAGNEWS  +   1433d ago
Tose  +   1433d ago
NAGNEWS  +   1433d ago
he can have an opinion but not me?
ape007  +   1432d ago
"not me"

u stole that from niko
kingslayer1000  +   1433d ago
milked game series
Gamer-Z  +   1433d ago
Cool cant wait to play, tbh Halo Reach didn't really do it for me it kinda felt as if Bungie was trying to copy some elements from COD hopefully halo 4 stays true to its roots while adding new original ideas to the gameplay.
Blacklight82   1433d ago | Spam
Game3s  +   1433d ago
"Halo 4 is the "best looking game" ever on the Xbox 360 - Developer"......Now i am interested to see.
brandonb21  +   1433d ago
we all heard that befour, crysis 2, anyone
Septic   1433d ago | Not a reply | show
Picnic  +   1433d ago
You could give the accolade of best looking Xbox360 game to one of Rare's games like Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.
The art design and level design is part of what makes 'best graphics' and if you prefer cartoony games then that will get your vote above any Halo game.
Roccetarius  +   1433d ago
I'm afraid Halo 4 will be sitting on the bench when Witcher 2 releases for the 360. That'll definitely be one of the most graphical pleasures.

It's mind blowing on the PC with max settings.
#27 (Edited 1433d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ZeroWil  +   1433d ago
Better than Mass Effect and Gears of War 3? Now I really can't wait to see some gameplay.
MrGunny94  +   1433d ago
Can't wait for Halo 4, since Halo 3 ending i miss to play some Halo, Halo ODST and Reach...were kinda..erh.. not true Halo games... Reach erh... bad
vevul  +   1433d ago
enough talk LET ME SEE!!!
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