Metal Gear's strong sales make a good case for HD collection remakes

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection sales are close to one million which could mean more of the same on the way.

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DigitalAnalog2300d ago

Then we should be seeing more franchise collections soon.

Knight_Cid2300d ago

and less original games fantastic

consolez_FTW2300d ago

..MGS is one of the most original series of games ever created and tons of people were glad it was remastered into HD as proof with its strong sales.

They won't quit making new games so stop crying, HD remakes are awesome.

nirwanda2300d ago

Or more money in the bank to risk on and original game.
I was thinking the other day of what game would make a good remake and i came up with 'how to be a compleate [email protected][email protected]' on the spectum would make a great psn/live game,
It was about trying to ruin a party by upsetting everyone and sabatarging everything.

Knight_Cid2300d ago

yeah thats why theres only been 1 metal gear on systems in 6 years

Blaine2300d ago

Are you somehow trying to imply that the reason there's only been 1 new MGS game on a console, in 6 years, is because of the HD collection?


Outside_ofthe_Box2300d ago

Son, metal gear games are not milked. Kojima takes his time when making games, thus the reason why everything he makes is a masterpiece.

IM_KINECTED2300d ago

I think it makes a case for quality games being remade. I don't think every remake would have the same success. Also, they put this out on multiple platforms, which has helped it as well. Still, its a inexpensive way to make some profit. I don't think it costs very much to smooth out these games and throw some Achievements/Trophies on them.

I've only bought a couple of HD remakes, the MGS ones, Halo CEA and God Of War 1 and 2.

If they are worth owning I'll buy them, but I think there are a ton of really good new games out, so I try to stick to the present and look to the future, as opposed to being stuck in the past.

Smashbro292300d ago

They better not be "HD" like Ico or Sonic Adventure.

I want my increased draw distance, 60FPS and 1080p.

nirwanda2300d ago

Exactly sonic was a very lazy conversion

njdevil2542300d ago

While I agree that lazy HD remakes suck...there was nothing wrong with Ico.

AusRogo2300d ago

Didnt ico get praised because it looks like one of the best hd collections?

Inferno2300d ago

It's not that I care much, but why am I getting "IP Address blocked" from this site?

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