150-Inch Panasonic Plasma HDTV at CES

Japanese paper Yomiuri is reporting that Panasonic will unveil a 150-inch plasma at CES to show the world who has the biggest flatscreen manufacturing capability.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. has developed a 150-inch plasma display TV panel--the world's largest, according to sources.

Matsushita, which is best known for its Panasonic brand, will introduce a prototype model of the television at the Consumer Electronics Show to be held next month in the United States. Commercial release is slated for 2009.

The new 150-inch display, which is about two meters by about 3.5 meters, is big enough to display a full-scale adult. Retail price, which is undecided, is expected to greatly exceed the 103-inch model's 6 million yen price tag.

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TANOD3800d ago

I am planning to get one WHEN I HAVE MONEY

EasilyTheBest3800d ago

Thats exactly what I want for in my car.
Hey Tando, the Xbox 360 is outselling the PS3 everywhere.............
LOL Sarcasm lol

TANOD3800d ago

x360 is non existent worlwide except NA

in UK however tides have changed (not on VGCHARTS though) ---wait for GFK figures

Ric Flair3800d ago

How's about

kooplar3800d ago

do u like have a program to automaticly post the same thing when something bad about the ps3 is said?

Kain813800d ago

This article is aboute Panasonics new Plasmatv, not about the SH..bugs360,
so fanboys please be quiet

Dpa3800d ago

Honestly what is the point?
The average person has / can afford between a 32" - 42" TV.
A lucky person has a 50"+

I reckon about 3 of these TVs will be sold.

The_Dragon3800d ago

If the 103" costs over 52,000 USD I can't imagine what the 150" will cost.

antoinetm3800d ago

damn those fanboys are ruining it for everyone!

back to the topic :

LCD > Plasma : no image burn


PS3 > 360 : no rrod
bluray > hddvd : no paramount! (couldnt think of anything else :(
fanboy > boredom

ddldave3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

you're wrong, plasma has better color, contrast ratios, and faster refresh rates than lcd. generating picture quality way superior to LCD.

Plasmas = Billions of colors. LCD = Thousands of colors

My Samsung Plasma in 720p looks way better than my dad's Sony Bravia XBR2 in 1080p

Plasma doesn't get burn-ins anymore, and LCD gets dead pixels once in awhile.

I was playing COD4 on my Plasma and when I move around, the picture around doesn't blur, but it does on my LCD. 2.5 ms for plasma ftw.

Plasma > LCD
PS3 > 360
Blu-Ray DIsc > HD-DVD

FirstknighT3800d ago

Plasmas are easily the better choice for picture quality. Burn in was a problem with the earlier models but are non existent on current models. LCDs suffer from many problems like blurring and motion problems.

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