Mass Effect 3: The Reaper invasion begins in Alliance reports

BioWare has started the Reaper invasion before Mass Effect 3 has even been released.

Gamers who checked into Mass Effect 2 might have noticed a new Systems Alliance report announcing a mysterious invasion of the Batarian homeworld.

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neoandrew2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Know this as you die in vain... your time will come. Your species will fall. Prepare yourselves for the arrival.

Xof2184d ago

It's kind of hard to take the Reaper's seriously as a threat when their invasion opens (more or less) with a full-scale invasion of Earth... and by the time it's over there's still enough of the Earth left to warrant saving.

Given how much ME rips off B5, I'm perfectly fine seeing the individual reapers being portrayed far weaker now than in previous games... but being unable to crush a single planet with so many ships (particularly given how quickly they level the capital) is a bit too much of a stretch.

But, hey, for all I know the Earth you liberate at the end of ME3 is a charred husk. Can't wait to find out!

And on a side note: after watching the launch trailer about a half dozen times, I think I've managed to pin down why manshep is so intolerable to my ears compared to femshep. It's not that the voice acting is inferior to that of literally every single voiced character in every single bioware game since 1999... no, it's because that vaguely nasally tone seems like a better fit for a South Park parody of Mass Effect than Mass Effect itself.

JonahFalcon2184d ago

I have no idea where you get the idea that Mark Meer is a bad actor. Having played both, Jennifer Hale's lines seems like she's trying to do a bad imitation Dirty Harry.

upallnightgamer2184d ago

They're both awesome, but that's just my opinion.

STONEY42184d ago

The reapers are harvesting Earth to create you-know-what, not just destroying it. Basically a much larger scale of what was trying to be done at the end of ME2. THAT takes time.

You'll see throughout the game that the reapers definitely aren't any weaker. Don't expect a happy storyline.

Sargerus2184d ago

Batarians asking for human help?? Now we know things are f*cked up...

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