This Is What We Want In Doom 4

The 170+ Doom 4 images that surfaced a few weeks ago are the real thing, and to celebrate our long awaited first look at the highly anticipated sequel Dead Pixels had rounded up a list of things they'd liked to see in the game.

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ATi_Elite2056d ago

1. PC lead platform
2. DX11 Game Engine or effects
3. Heavy tessellation
4. Sandbox Format (like Crysis)
5. Finally being able to fight the character on the Box
6. Bring back all classic Doom monsters
7. Mod tools
8. 20+ hours of a Hell killing SP campaign
9. Hard difficulty
10. Blood Gore and Horror
11. Add some RPG elements to it (Like STALKER but a little less)

FutureTechnologies2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

So you want id to overlook the PC won't happen! It will be a 360 port once again!

soundslike2055d ago

It needs H.R Giger

if it doesn't get his art direction, all is lost.

ATi_Elite2053d ago


instead of Med-kits you unmercifully slaughter Unicorns for their souls that have the power to heal!

Great idea NeoTribe!

gk072055d ago

I want rooms filled with demons , and no crappy rage grafx : )

Vynzent2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

"The 170+ Doom 4 images that surfaced a few weeks ago are the real thing..."

Are you fucking kidding me? FAIL. Nah I don't doubt that they're Doom4, but the way these articles say it they're making people believe that they represent the final thing.

Matt Hooper's laughing at this article as I type.