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Review: Stacking (The Gamer Studio)

Review of Stacking by The Gamer Studio.
Conceived during Double Fine's initiative to foster new ideas for download-able games, Stacking seems to come from the simple idea: what would it be like to be a stacking doll? In exploring this idea, Stacking takes what can be compared to the puzzle elements of the Hitman series to heart, and ends up a charming and enjoyable experience.....Stacking is a charming little game. While the $15 price point may be a little steep for those who aren't fans of experimental, weird games, or those who feel price and game length should be intrinsically related, Stacking is a hearty recommendation from yours truly. You won't play anything quite like it. (PS3, Stacking) 90/100

Relientk77  +   1274d ago
Fantastic game, if u havnt tried it. Truely unique

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