Foursquare App Hits PlayStation Vita In North America

Foursquare has finally made its way onto the PlayStation Vita. You can download it right now.

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a_bro2208d ago

i wonder if we will see a facebook/twitter app on the PS3 at some point? i mean, thats long overdue.

jmobley2208d ago

at this point I don't think so

Redcrimson1012208d ago

This app is "stupid" and makes no sense at all. The face ook app is stupid too. Who makes a Facebook app with no chat? This is 2012 Sony step it up.

TheGOODKyle2208d ago

The story is 3 days late to the party. Also there is a twitter app on the store RIGHT NOW and the facebook one is coming soon since they have to make some fixes on it.

Ryo-Hazuki2208d ago

facebook app is already back on the store

DEEBO2208d ago

twitter is the only one worth your time.facebook needs some major upgrades.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2208d ago

Call me when they finally put Skype and Music Unlimted on there.


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