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PlayStation 3 Exclusives: The List [150+ Confirmed]

Here is the list of PS3 exclusives. (PS3)

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wil4hire  +   2807d ago
screw lists..
Enough talk sony. Where are the games?
TANOD  +   2807d ago
coming your way champ
enjoy UNCHARTED ,HS,UT3 ,NGS, Resistance,Motrstorm and RATCHET :TOD for the moment
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masterg  +   2807d ago
The games are here.
Quit complaining and go play your 360.

Right now I'm playing Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, UT3 and Call of Duty 4.
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The Brave 1  +   2807d ago
hey masterg hows UT3?Im thinking about getting it
Rice  +   2807d ago
I just go it for one of my x-mas presents and it is awesome, the multiplayer is just crazy. U shud get it.
Real Gambler  +   2807d ago
UT3 is just plain awesome!!!
I bought it mainly because I wanted to try it with the keyboard and mouse, and guess what, I've not checked yet where I have to set it up. Just plain awesome. Maps are huge. Best UT in my book. Sound, graphic, speed, everything is just great.

Well, lipsync suck... (story mode) Somehow this is now throwing me off, but I'm willing to forget it : ) And credits are interesting at the end of the story.

Back to the game : )
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MADGameR  +   2807d ago
I think it should be SAID to the 360
The only thing they have now is Mass Affect and Halo 3? Halo 3 is heading to PC so yeah lolz 360 needs games.
FPS nut  +   2807d ago
I just want Haze (may go 360) SOCOM and God of War
Every other game on the PS3 can go to hell after that. I bought the first Killzone and I'm very weary of it's sequel because it's being made from the devs. GOW3 GIMME GIMME GIMME
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CrazzyMan  +   2807d ago
i really don`t understand you..
There are SO many games on PS3 NOW.

And i DON`T BELIEVE, that YOU can`t find atleast 10, which would interest you.
How you can COMPLAIN NOW???
FPS nut  +   2807d ago
How is he supposed to play many of those games CrazzyMan?
When half of them arn't even out yet and 75% of them can be played on another platform?

EDIT: stupid no, smeller of bullsh!t yeah. Your post just smells of bullsh!t and what's even worse is you know it's BS but yet you still try. Sad bro, sad. Instead of admitting you got caught, you try and spin out. Like I said "sad"

EDIT: again sigh... Xbot, me? wrong tree dude, totaly wrong tree. Go bark up an actual "Xbot's" tree and stop hummping my PS3 owning leg. You got caught, get over it. It's just the internet anyway, nobody cares but you "apparently"
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CrazzyMan  +   2807d ago
IF he is a PS3 owner, why would he care,
that 75% of those games, he can play on other platform?
THESE games are STILL AVAILABLE ON PS3. DO you understand THAT?
Or since these games are available on other platform, these GAMES DO NOT EXIST ON PS3?
You are stupid or what??? Or maybe you play only exclusive games? Then you are stupid indeed.

what bullshit???????????????
HERE IS A LINK - http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... - around 130 GAMES. JUST CLICK IT!

About WHAT bullshit you are tallking???????
You JUST can`t STAND, that PS3 HAS GAMES? OR WHAT???
Caught??? You definetely stupid or just BLIND. JUST PRESS THAT LINK!
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ASSKICKING4U  +   2807d ago
WOW 100+ Games for PS3 nice, too bad most of them SUCK..!!
WIIIS1  +   2807d ago
Isn't Wil4ire a PS3 fan?

In any case, he speaks the truth. I have finished playing NGS, HS, R&C and Uncharted and there is nothing exclusive left on the shelves that I want to buy.
Aniperk  +   2807d ago
Advanced Supreme Attack Force Sony Command Legion

And now MS will come out in a few days saying :
"We have 200 exclusives titles. Here is the list =
Halo 4
Halo 5
Halo 6
Halo 200"
Antiomo  +   2806d ago
What does xbox have.... really what does it have

Halo and Mass Effect... the rest is multiplatform or on PC

Its funny I notice a general trend for the xbox fanboys... yes we all know that MOST multiplatform games are graphically better on the xbox vs the ps3....but it is the xbots that are ALWAYS the first to jump on the bandwagon and too how good their multiplatform games are.....

In the end of the day you can find most of the games on pc or ps3.... add it all up who actually has more gr8 exclusive titles. More importantly xbots make it seem like you can't enjoy the game on the ps3 when it is graphically inferior.
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CeruleanSky  +   2807d ago
There have been some 125-130 million PS2s sold around the world - and the PS2 still hasn't even hit the 99 dollar price point yet. The PS2 should comfortably hit 150 million before it goes out of production in a few years from now.

130 million people across the planet that could have bought a console to play Mario, and other Nintendo franchises, or a console to play Halo but opted not to and bought PS2s for:

Final Fantasy
Metal Gear Solid
Gran Turismo
Team ICO games
Ratchet and Clank
Jak and Daxster
Sly Cooper

and now with the PS3 those 130 million PS2 owners have a console that not only has all of their favorite franchises from the previous two console generations but they also have an insane number of new first party exclusives thanks to Sony dramatically expanding their first party line up of developers since the PS2 era.

The most powerful console by a huge margin
Rock solid reliability
Incredibly silent opertion
Dedicated servers for all major games with no stupid online charges
The amazing Home online world
The winning next gen 1080p movie format in every machine
Incredible media capabilities for movies,music, and images that work with any operating system
Easy to upgrade with off the shelf harddrives
Constant free firmware upgrades adding more and more capabilities to the system

Keep writing those PS3 is doomed articles and posts...
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The Killer  +   2807d ago
dont bother with them
even when 360 sales is stop, they will say they r the winners because of any excuse they will use like they sold more in NA for a long period of time or their xbox live sucking money is so cool etc!
dont about them they will mostly buy a ps3 when the price is right and when big exclusives arrive!
zigzag  +   2807d ago
and they said ps3 didn't have any games
demolitionX  +   2807d ago
in 2008 it's our turn! do 360 have games in 2008 and after??? lol!!!
The Dark Knight  +   2807d ago
lol Microsoft hasent even announced half of there games for 08 yet. there not as desperate as sony. Microsft are taking it easy while sony are like annouced titles that wont be out till 09.....i call that desperate fellas.

Do you honestly think Micrsoft will sit out?? well ps3 fanboys prepared to be anal raped by the 360 once again!!!!!

keep your tissues aswell just to be heart brocken. all sony is talak talk talk when they should be SHOWING the so called "power" pfft yeah well i havent seen i yet. by the time it goes "beyond" the new 360 will be out and craping on that too.

Sony lies to you. and always have. just get ready to buy a 360 =)
Lord_Mike  +   2807d ago
@Dark Knight
M$ have been pretty quiet lately. I remembered last year they were all talk about how great 2007 will be with its games line up. No talk of 2008 games lineup yet and its only 5 more days till next year.
The Dark Knight  +   2807d ago
yeah i know that they have been quiet thats what im trying to explain, that microsft arnt in a rush, they wont just let 2008 slip away, your talking about microsft:P
Lord_Mike  +   2806d ago
I hope not, competition is always good for the consumers.
Darkiewonder  +   2807d ago
Does projects really count as exclusives?

How about the games that ARE coming out between now and the end of 2008 and not 2010
Snoozer282  +   2807d ago
Nice resource.
Jazy78  +   2807d ago
Hopefully i have enough money to buy all this stuff
Samer305  +   2807d ago
LOL there are no games I thought.
i_like_ff7  +   2807d ago
AllroundGamer  +   2807d ago
man i really hope they will make a Patapon game for the PS3, i just can't get enough of it on my PSP, and hopefully not a stupid screensaver like LocoRoco...
xplosneer  +   2807d ago
LOCOROCO!!! Is awesome. And I wish they had stayed with the level format with the PS3 version and made it tilt sensitive. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as good as the PSP one.
Bubble Buddy  +   2807d ago
no no, now the xbots' excuse is that there are no AAA games and they don't sell enough...
ygxbrayzie  +   2807d ago
killer_trap  +   2807d ago
that game scared the $hit out of me on ps2. i don't think i have the nerve to play it on ps3.
HCS  +   2807d ago
Oh great another list to orgasm over without any pics or videos to justify their claims.

and alot of upcoming games we have no idea if theyll be trash or not.(not more then half of them will be decent.)

Wheres the xbox 360 and wii lists? and a bunch of them they dont know what the hell they talking about and this site is hardly reliable, it has no nagivation surface, why is n4g picking up all the crap?
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Skerj  +   2807d ago
Maybe in the 360 or Wii sections of the site who knows.
lawman1108  +   2807d ago
The 360 does not need to show lists of games that may be released
They have 200 already out and more on the way. When Sony can say they sell as many games as MS then run that Stink hole on your face. 40 to 1 THAT is a FACT Sony can NOT hide from.

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Lord_Mike  +   2807d ago
Yeah thats great for M$ corp. But who cares if M$ sells more, or that Sony sells less software. It's all about us playing the games and that's a huge exclusive line up.
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PopEmUp  +   2807d ago
Not this looser again, he seem to spend more times on N4G rather then playing his RROD x-box 360 which he is strongly support, and btw why doesn't he play games?
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Mr PS360  +   2807d ago
Now where cooking with gas
PimpHandHappy  +   2807d ago
Remember ppl
Trolls dont deserve a voice here

anyway on point

Thats a hell of a list now we just need to see what comes out this year and what get delayed

because we all know games get delayed and not just for the PS3
whoelse  +   2807d ago
Lots! Im glad Sony said they're main focus now is the number of titles. That way there is a reason for everyone to buy or play a PS3.
i3EY  +   2807d ago
those are allot of exclusives but all i need is MGS4 and KILZONE2 but than again what if one of those are the next best thing.
AnalFace  +   2807d ago
Hahahaa... dont get too excited! sony will keep us waiting.

Hey Jason360... totally agree with you.... Sony needs to move their arse alot faster.... i'm sick of waiting...
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Keowrath  +   2807d ago
One I noticed on the list I was surprised about. Castlevania. Is this a different title to the one announced on the 360? I knew a next gen Castlevania was due but thought it was exclusive to the Xbox this time around.

I don't see them doing seperate games for each console but this is good news if true because a Castlevania game in some shape or form is heading to the PS3.
Mr PS360  +   2807d ago
-- I agree with the delay comment thats why everybody should have money like me and get all the systems. No need to be dissapointed with delays
Rice  +   2807d ago
This is how u kno the whole world is gonna be broke.
PimpHandHappy  +   2807d ago
yea i hear ya Mr PS360
i am getting a Elite when the price drops to around 350

Im getting Bio Shock, OB, Gears of War and Mass Effect

wont be for a few more months thou

Maybe April if they do drop the price on the Elite
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2807d ago
"PlayStation 3 Exclusives: The List [150+ "PROMISES" Confirmed]"
"PlayStation 3 Exclusives: The List [150+ copies sold Confirmed]"

""PlayStation 3 Exclusives: The List [150+ Blu-Ray movies Confirmed]"

"PlayStation 3 Exclusives: The List [150+ bad reviews Confirmed]"

"PlayStation 3 Exclusives: The List [150+ years of waiting Confirmed]"

"PlayStation 3 Exclusives: The List [150+ LAIR quality games Confirmed]"

I wonder, how many of those games will actualy see the light of day?
Vojkan  +   2807d ago
"Being gay fanboy "CONFIRMED!""
ScentlessApprentice7  +   2807d ago
Dude, Why are you such a loser???
Seriously, Stop being a D!ckhead!
The Killer  +   2807d ago
that was funny! bubble for u !
FPS nut  +   2807d ago
WOW! thats kinda hypocriticle comming from you Vojkan
Now excuse me while I go smoke some crack and then preach to the people in a drug rehab, LOL I'll tell them "just say no" while smoking a blunt.

Sounds like he hurt some feelings, what a buch of babies. How many times does the word "gay" get used on a site like this? try somthing new.
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Mr PS360  +   2807d ago
Yeah im waiting to get a Elite also. My reg. 360 is starting to malfunction( I think) I was gonna get the black 360 case and 120gb harddrive but if I get the RROD it will be a waste.

add me psn JPIN, live JPIN
I got a lot of games so it dont matter
sonyfanonly  +   2807d ago
regardless of this list some of those games are in the works for ps3 only what is so hard to believe about that
Snukadaman  +   2807d ago
Cmon folks...did anyone really look at this list...
Its with games already released....most are just games that dont even have titles.....and lets be honest...if this was a list for xbox games with untitled project...most of you would laugh your asses off and quickly denounce it...I also though these were confirmed exlcusives..they added released games too pad the list...lame.

LOl your a idiot kid...look at the list..those are exclusives....you might as well count every xbox 360 from release until the ps3 released as exclusives as well. we shall see what 2008 brings in exclusives for xbox 360...the year is about too start..
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The Killer  +   2807d ago
u r right
we will laugh our asses of because MS or 360 will never have that many exclusives!! its MS dream to have that many exclusives but they cant! sony didnt make those exclusives in 5 years, but in more than 10 years!!
u have to understand sony is an international company not a japanese company, unlike MS which is American company which dominated the OS world wide!!


i never heard of MS being controlled by international people! can u tell me who is the boss of MS now? is he japanese or indian or spanish?

u r right in a way and i am right in another way! wat i ment that sony dont belong to japanese only but with MS is fully controlled by americans thats make it pure american! but yes if u look at the product only then MS is international but if u look at the people who control it then they r not really international! any way i am human too so i can make mistakes but if u say am wrong them prove it to me and i will take ur word!

that must be MGS4,GTA4,FF13,versus13,killzo ne2! i guess thats it for first day purchase!
#25.1 (Edited 2807d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
hamburgerhill  +   2807d ago
You just cracked me up with your statement lol! How is Sony an intrnational company and not MS when you clearly just said "MS dominated the world with it's OS" which meanss it's also international? I'm sorry but that just didn't make any sense.

Edit: I see were your trying to come from but Sony is a japanese company with branches around the world just like MS is American with branches also around the world. At no point was I calling you out and out of curiosity would like to know what games you actually plan on purchasing on day one next year?
#25.2 (Edited 2807d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2807d ago
Damn yellow font. I have to highlight them to see it. :/
FPS nut  +   2807d ago
How was this approved?
Nearly half of that list isn't even confirmed. It's like making up a list and then adding whatever you can make up at the top of your head. ?????????? HEEEELOOOOO
TANOD  +   2807d ago
Gamesradar also says that Uncharted has the best water

UNCHARTED wins no matter whatever way u are looking at it
FPS nut  +   2807d ago
Because it has the best "water"? so, I should go buy a game because it has the best dirt, mud or tree?

Wait, arn't you the guy that adds Asia and Australia in you're European PS3 sales numbers? I may be an FPS nut, but you bro are a real "nut" like "coo coo" nuts.
Snukadaman  +   2807d ago
dont bother fps nut
cant show them if they are already blinded by their fanaticism...I though the list was 150 coming exclusives...not a list of released games as well...again..anything too boost confidence in someone who is on the fence in buying a ps3....aint working with me. I got the ps3 i wanted for xmas....play beyond.

haha thats the best argument ...best water...how terrible.

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Oilers Fan  +   2807d ago
wow snukadaman the 360 controller looks huge compared to the ps3 lol
unlimited  +   2807d ago
im enjoying every exclusive game that is out right now for the ps3..hope sony bring out the games faster..next year will be big for them
ChefDejon  +   2807d ago
"Don't Act Like Your Not Impressed" -Ron Burgundy
faisdotal  +   2807d ago
Well I know ninja gaiden got a 9/10. CBA to research the others.
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