Pokemon Black and White 2 will hurt the 3DS

So almost a year and a half into the 3DS' lifespan and Pokemon Black and White 2 is still coming out on the almost 8 year old DS?

Hey Nintendo, this doesn't make sense!

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pat_11_52273d ago

It may hurt the 3DS, but I'll still probably buy it.

pangitkqb2273d ago

They should have made a 3DS version or something. It would do wonders for the system to have another heavy-hitter title.

trenso12272d ago

doesnt the 3ds play ds games?

xhedleyx2273d ago

I bought a 3DS solely for a new 3D Pokemon game... I wish I didn't even buy one.

Way to screw me over again Nintendo.

browngamer412273d ago

Troll much? Hey I'm as perplexed as the next guy as to why Nintendo decided to put this on the old ds instead of the 3ds..but to say you wish you never bought your system? You know Nintendo will be bringing a new Pokemon game to 3ds ...just not this one-it'll probably be that Grey version or whatever people are always talking about(I don't know..I love Ninty but don't care for Pokemon)

Knight_Cid2273d ago

no it will not

when fire emblem and drill zoer were on the gba after the ds launched

did that hurt it?

gamefreak didnt make a ds pokemon rpg until 2 years later. Did that hurt it?

ronin4life2272d ago

hell, emerald released on gba after the ds launched (If memory serves me well enough...), and it took awhile for a ds pokemon to be released.
The ds did just fine, right? -_-;

Knight_Cid2272d ago

what I see is alot of butthurt self entitlement

pat_11_52273d ago

I think the situation with the 3DS is a little different though. The future of dedicated handheld devices is sort of in jeopardy right now. So releasing arguably their most popular title on an older console?

That doesn’t really bode well for the future of the device. I get where you’re coming from though.

ronin4life2272d ago

This is something they did with gbc-gba, and again with gba-ds.
It wouldn't make sense to abandon an entire install base at the drop of a hat without notice. Giving the old platform one last game is a fan abiding send off and a way to promote the current gen, by signaling that the old gen is officially over and it is time to move on.

Locking out the ds install base without this proper send off would hurt their fanbase, and maybe even turn away fans, not to mention they would be missing out on a great last chance huge install base market for software sales.

Relientk772273d ago

If they had this game for the 3DS, it would be another reason to buy the 3DS.

ronin4life2272d ago

You can have a million reasons to do something and still not want or be able to do it.
waiting for the 3ds install base to come up some first will increase overall sales of software and hardware, and just casting away the current ds install base with no transition would be a waste and upset many fans. A final ds pokemon game now and a real numbered 3ds game later is the best possible move.

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The story is too old to be commented.