What’s The One Game PS3 Players Have Platinum The Most?

Hint: It's not Uncharted.

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d0nni32277d ago

Kind of destroyed the point of going to the article tagging AC2 ;)

iChii2276d ago

Funny thing is, I have the 3 plats that are mentioned in this article. :P Also, Dante's Inferno should be #4. 97% of my friends that have played DI have the plat.

dericb112277d ago

Its funny to see MW2 since the trophy can be hacked.

Megaman_nerd2276d ago

every one of my friends that have the plat for MW2 was through hacks. XD

MySwordIsHeavenly2277d ago

Yeah. The tagging thing ruins MOST articles...specifically top tens. You can thank N4G for that one...

CarlitoBrigante2276d ago

No its good, it saves me time and trouble of the 1game/1page websites like GamingBolt.

Relientk772277d ago

I have the Assassin's Creed 2 platinum, and collecting all 100 feathers was such a b!tch

kneon2277d ago

But that was the only hard part, and it wasn't really hard, just tedious Other than that it's a pretty easy platinum.

synchroscheme2277d ago

If I remember correctly, I believe you got a trophy just for starting the game. Haha.

I do remember the collectible feathers though. It easily put me off from attempting the platinum.
While I consider trophies/achievements a way to increase the length of games you particularly enjoy, there are some that do it in pretty annoying ways. And I'm not enough of a trophy "enthusiast" to endure that kind of monotony.

Soldierone2277d ago

Collecting anything sucks, period.

aaronobst2276d ago

Dunno man, the riddler collectibles in Arkham Asylum were alright

miguelcoma2276d ago

Collecting anything in open world games sucks.
GTAIV's pigeons
ACII's feathers
Infamous' Dead Drops
But, for instance, getting Uncharted or Tomb Raider treasures was kinda fun.

Fez2276d ago

The only time I enjoyed collecting anything was hidden packages in vice city.

Even with a walkthrough I still enjoyed it for some reason. Probably cos the map was so small.

Hate collecting stuff now tho, so tedious.

Soldierone2276d ago

@aaronobst You got me there, those are rather fun.

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Angerfist2277d ago

the article is wrong, it states that trophies were available in 06 but the came out in 08 after MGS4

flyingmunky2277d ago

Yes and unfortunately MGS4 never got trophies.

dantesparda2276d ago

(No MGS4 trophies) The biggest disappointment of this gen for me

MaideninBlack2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )


KrimsonKody2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I would've thought, maybe, a game like Linger in Shadows, for example, would've got dat honor. Since you can platinum it in about 10minz.

Oops, my comment is faulted.

But still, although LiS is also on 360, I would've still thought that the honors would go to one of them small fast games that can be finished quickly.
& hell, no one has platinumized LBP, after so many years of play & easy "get all" trophies stages?

killcycle2277d ago

Linger in Shadow's don't have a platinum trophy.

KwietStorm2277d ago

You must be the only person in the world with a linger in shadows platinum.

callahan092277d ago

Linger in Shadows doesn't have a platinum AND it isn't on 360. Not sure what you're talking about.

KrimsonKody2277d ago

Ultra fail on my belief;
I could've sworn that LiS had a platinum for getting all the trophies, not true.
& I remember when it 1st came out, a friend claimed that they were getting their copy on 360, which was lies & lesbian tales.

(steps backward into the darkness)

wenaldy2277d ago

Kody, have you ever played LiS? Because i smell BS in your comment .

KrimsonKody2276d ago

Oh course I've played LiS.
I've got all the trophies (the looking at the cat one, rotating the panel for the scripture thing, shifting the screen to the corner trophy, etc.)
In fact, I played it twice, because I had the trophies on my old 60Gig PS3 (from launch) had got personally damaged & I had to buy a new one.
& I re-downloaded LiS for the trophies again.
I was fascinated by the art style.
Actually wished that they have made more games like it.
& my sister saw it once & thought that it was releasing 'evil spirits' in my house, like an digital Ouija board (she's religious).

So, yeah; played it.

Skate-AK2277d ago

Actually I have someone on my friends list that has the LBP platinum.

Hatmantc2276d ago

unless there's a different version of the game that i don't have there is only 11 bronze, 5 silver, 0 gold and 0 platinum trophies

Dark_king2276d ago

I got plat in LBP 1/[email protected] its a disc based release of course it has plat an gold.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2277d ago

Yeah. I have the platinum on that one. It was ROUGH though. :/ Green Lantern, Where The Wild Things Are, and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs were at least fun. Hannah Montana sucked...

dc12276d ago

Lol....don't forget Tornado!