Microsoft allowed to ban Xbox 360 consoles which have fan modifications

Thinking about moding your 360? You may want to think again. According to one source, it is perfectly fine for Microsoft to ban you if you have a fan mod on your Xbox 360. A user of '360patches' was reportedly told directly from MS reps that his fan modification on the Xbox 360 is in violation of the terms of agreement so therefore MS can legally ban users from live for that very reason

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Panthers3498d ago

I dont get it. You bought the damn console so you should be able to do with it whatever you want. It is like they want you to get the RROD so they wont let you get a bettter fan. lol.

BloodySinner3498d ago

I won't lie. That was a pretty funny comment.

ReBurn3497d ago

There's nothing stopping you from doing as you please with the console. But when you take the sticker off of the drive door you agree to use it in the way Microsoft says is acceptable. So mod away, but don't get all upset when you lose warranty coverage or XBL access.

jinn3498d ago

how in the world is that detectable

xsteinbachx3498d ago

"His 12v fan mod wouldn't too hard to detect as voltage metering is something which should be easily detectable though bios settings."

whats stopping MS from creating a patch which lets them check your bios to see if you've modded your Xbox.

Btw Merry Christmas everyone.

fanboi hater3497d ago

they can monitor power usage of the console. My friend got banned just recently from this. The only reason he modded it was so that he didn't RROD. So in short Microsoft are just A$$holes. Sorry for that but i just can't stand this kind of buisness model. Everything is their way or no way. BTW Merry Christmas

Mikelarry3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

banning and then just plain needs to stop worrying about console mods and more about even greater games in 2008.

Edit to the guy below ms there are fools and theres you. i never said ms should stop banning completely just not go overboard with it

jack who3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

your a dumb ass....if you played halo 2 when ppl started moding you would never say that again in your life..

Spinitus3498d ago

agreed with jack who. back when i played h2 religiously lol i aways got cheated in matchmaking. i think its great that ms is banning moded 360s