New Metal Gear Solid Play Arts Kai Figure Revealed: Solid Snake

Konami has revealed that a small selection of new Metal Gear Solid action figures, created as part of the Play Arts Kai range, will be made available for purchase later this year. The first of this new series to be showcased is of course the one and only Solid Snake.

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h311rais3r2302d ago

This is old news......this was announced last year

mathsman2302d ago

Only just been confirmed for release in Europe.

Nate-Dog2302d ago

No it was announced last year for Japan and has been listed on for months now.

mathsman2302d ago

@Nate-Dog sell imported products. This is an official European release, through an official European distributor.

Nate-Dog2301d ago

Forbidden Planet have had it listed for a while too.

2302d ago
problemchild842302d ago

Wow it looks really cool and it's over 9 inches tall! Usually I only care for McFarlane's line of toys but this looks to have about the same amount of detail.

TheCopyNinja2302d ago

Finally something with Snake from MGS. Young Snake is the shit.

NeloAnjelo2301d ago

I already pre-ordered these from Japan. There is a Gray Fox figure as well. Also to come are Solidus Snake and Meryl. Not sure if there will be more, but I hope so.

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