Fox Engine Lighting Demo: Reality vs Graphics

Today, the Kojima Productions GDC recruitment page has been updated with a sample of the lighting the Fox Engine is able to pull off. To demonstrate, three photos of the Kojima Productions meeting room were posted, and recreated using the Fox Engine. The page challenges you to find out which one is real and which one computer graphics.

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Holeran2242d ago

Good overall but I did guess correctly. Only reason was the bloom of the lighting in the second pictures though.

Jamaicangmr2242d ago

The images on the right but damn very impressive. Well i'd be really impressed if the game actually looks like this.

Nyxus2242d ago

I doubt the graphics will actually look like this, but maybe for the next gen consoles (since the Fox Engine is supposedly scalable to next gen).

360ICE2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Reality still has an edge on videogames when it comes to graphics. But ten years from now, maybe we can finally make fun of real-life fanboys for their inferior anti-aliasing and light effects.

OptimisticPrime2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Only barely...

BlmThug2242d ago

Hah, 10 years. Nothing surpasses reality

OptimisticPrime2242d ago

Isn't this the engine powering the supposed kojima vita game?

Nyxus2242d ago

The Fox Engine is being used for Project Ogre and probably the next Metal Gear Solid as well. I'm not sure if they are using it for Rising.

OptimisticPrime2242d ago

Isn't project ogre the vita title?

r212242d ago

wow, they must be a pretty down to earth company to allow a horse in the building. pretty cool engine they got right there too.

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