Ten minutes from I Am Alive

G4MERS: "Find out just how tense a survival game can be in this demo of I Am Alive."

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Psychonaughty1973d ago

Looking at your comments you're obviously a play slave, gtfo!!

RyuDrinksTheDew1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

looks interesting.

not diggin the monochrome-esque visuals though.

ill give it a shot anyways.

any word on the price? cant find a solid answer.

alien6261973d ago

well visually is not the best looking game ever. this game as been on my radar sine first announce. i cant wait for release. and for the price range i remember hearing around $15 - 20 but not sure on that

jetlian1973d ago

its 15 dollars. looks decent for that price

Rolento1973d ago

I thought this was supposed to be a retail game? Oh well, it'll be ignored now.

CZUM1973d ago

It was. Than was canned and back to dev. team again to reboot. This I Am Alive it's completley different game.

Psychonaughty1973d ago

Looks great for a downloadable game, will wait for the demo before buying though as usual.

plumber151972d ago

This game has been on my radar aswel but the fact that it is a DLC game makes me cringe I really have no intrest in DLC . And or the comment above I dou"t there will be a demo on a DLC game but I will be looking for it for sure .