Zombies in Black Ops 2: Ideas to make it even better

Product-Reviews writes: How could Treyarch expand on zombies in Black Ops 2 to make it an instant purchase for you? We would love to see some little additions to current gameplay, such as multiple types of pack a punch weapons with each version costing more money but having greater features. We would also like to see the death machine mini gun as a main weapon, but make players earn it first by completing a certain puzzle or set of co-op challenges.

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R8342034d ago

:| There's hardly any ideas to make it better in this article, just a really brief list.

Personally, I've never really liked Zombies, but I prefer Spec Ops survival on MW3 because of the variation of enemies, and the fact that they aren't just running towards you trying to slap you.

T9002034d ago

Give the users some freedom and them mod capabilities, i am sure innovation will be back in the game.

Unfortunately Greedvision wont do this because they will lose out on DLCs.

tr00p3r2034d ago

Todd Howard was speaking about having mods in other games actually.. it would be great I agree if users could customize their zombie experience.

Also agree that it will never happen with Activision though..

KyRo2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Spec Ops was good for the the first hour then it got boring. There was hardly any reply value.

Zombies & Treyarch >>>>

tr00p3r2034d ago

Support for more than four players online is the big request from me.

Tommy3342034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

I 've veen playing since [email protected] its the only reason I own blackops. My Proplem is all these glitches and easter eggs that are in the game please take them out. Or atleast show on the leaderboard when people use them.Also have a seperate lobby or something for mics only.

R1CAN6172034d ago

Just add what MW3 added to Spec Ops survival and improve on it

Highlife2034d ago

I think there should be a lobby that starts you out on a higher round with some cash or give you a choice of a few weapons to start with. It can be a chore to start from round one every time.