6 Things I Hate About Sports Games

MMGN: Sports games are some of the most addictive in my collection. It’s easy to get lost for a night in Fifa or NBA, only to complete a tiny amount of the overall season, let alone career.

However, these addictions aren’t without frustration. There are a few key points that seem constant to all sports games that lead me to a fit of extreme rage, vowing to quit sports games forever. But like all “never again” self promises, it only lasts a few hours before you’re right back up there on the horse again. Nevertheless, the rage doesn’t go away. Here are six things I hate about sports games.

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2pacalypsenow2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Yep agree with the WTF, my team is retarded! one

NBA 2k12 My player game 7 of the ECF versus the heat Game is tied with 30 seconds left Chalmers gets the ball rose Intentional fouls him with 30 seconds left! we had 2 fouls to give they inbound the ball again , then again ! intentional foul! he made 1 free throw missed the second , then wade goes through Noah's body and get the rebound and lays it in while the ball goes thru Boozers and noahs hand (and mine) AND 1! were down 79-83 with 28 seconds left then i grab the ball pump fake wade dribble wide open shot (95 mid rnage, 95 clutch 99 off awr , very good pull up jumper skill) MISSED flat shot hits the front of the rim ..... We loose FML

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Tuxedo_Mask2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

I think most of these complaints come with the increased level in realism in sports games.

Gone are the days of Tecmo Bowl and 100 yard passes, or Nintendo World Cup and the super shots, you can still get an RBI Baseball style game in Japan with the Power Pros series, but they haven't been localized in the West since the PS2/Wii games were released due to the MLB license not being used, but I wouldn't mind playing as a Japanese team.

I'd rather have fun playing a sports game than worry about the technical aspects. At a certain level they can add to the gameplay, but it seems like now they've just gotten ridiculous.