Dragonballz Trailer + new scans

Dragonballz Trailer + new scans

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SuperSaiyan43771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Not only does it confirm for BOTH PS3 and 360 at the end when the trailer finishes it just says Xbox 360 in the top right!

Perhaps the 360 is the leading platform for this game as well but oh boy cant wait!

Now the only reason for me to hang onto my PS3 is for Final Fantasy 13...
Edit: Oh yeah its in Japanese on the left sorry.

Wow look at the disagrees lol.

Marona3771d ago

It says PS3 on the top left too you know. :|

Darkiewonder3771d ago

the scan came out well before they showed the trailer :3

Mercutio3771d ago

No, c'mon stop it, there might be flamewars starting because of that.
We all know its PS3 and 360, if it was PS3 exclusive, many 360 owners would have bashed it.

Zhuk3771d ago

I was impressed by this trailer I hope it turns out as good as it looked

Laexerias3771d ago

Not one word about the XB360. Applause.

PS360WII3771d ago

Sweet I always like the DBZ universe. I have 3 of the fighting games on PS2 but I always liked the RPG one on GBA. This will deffinatly be fun but I want another departure from the fighting games. Well not really departure for I still want the fighting games to come out...

-iv3771d ago

looks great ill buy it but it would be really better if it was a rpg/fighter like naruto

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The story is too old to be commented.