YouTube Users Are Currently Mostly Hating Mass Effect 3’s Gay Male Sex Scene

You can role-play as a gay man in next week's Mass Effect 3. Why? because the game's creators believe in giving their players a choice of who they want to be.

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NYC_Gamer2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

So why are hetero users clicking on it?i'm sure they read the title of the video.

RedDead2278d ago

Jesus what's wrong with their skin?

SilentNegotiator2277d ago

*Clicks to play*
"This video is private"
......uh, I guess that's what I get for trying to watch other people have sex. lol

If I had to guess, all of shepard's sexual escapades has led him to contract space herpes.

ThanatosDMC2277d ago

Guess, they never watch ME2's reskin of female Shepard to the male one.

LOGICWINS2278d ago

Youtube is home to racists, homophobes, and idiots. This doesn't surprise me.

rezzah2277d ago

It isn't youtube, but the world. Some parts may accept it more than others, but the resistance is still there.

It is human fear of what is considered to be different from the majority. Those who fail to understand and accept homosexuality (doesn't mean you must participate in homosexual acts or relationships) are ignorant and need to gain knowledge of the matter as a whole.

jthamind2277d ago

the sad part is that those same people are probably hypocritical and would like any lesbian sex scenes in the game.

ziggurcat2277d ago

actually, generally speaking *gamers* are racists, homophobes, and idiots.

and this type of thing has been going on in bioware's games for how long now... ?

Drabent2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

So is

honkyjesus2277d ago

Or people who aren't homosexual and find it appalling.

kaveti66162277d ago

Anonymity gives people the opportunity to reveal their hidden beliefs.

Those people who shout expletives and racial splurs and post similar comments on youtube are probably very cordial and polite in real life.

Imalwaysright2277d ago

"It is human fear of what is considered to be different from the majority" Im not afraid! I just find it disgusting. I dont care if gay people get married, adopt children... They can do whathever they want as long as they dont bother me. If that makes me an homophobe so be it. Either way i dont care.

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Persistantthug2277d ago

Bioware just made FOX NEW's whole month.

hazelamy2277d ago

"fox news" is a contradiction in terms isn't it?. o_O

cjflora2277d ago

Haha, you're cool because you hate Fox News.

ABizzel12277d ago

Fox news are the biggest extreme hypocritical [email protected]#es out there.

Getting back on topic. I'm sure it's an optional relationship, and if so then why are people complaining. If you don't want to have your character in a relationship with another male character then don't. It's really that simple. It's a freaking video game, not your everyday life. I hope Bioware makes this an achievement so you can't complete the achievements without it. It's really sad that some of you are that immature.

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hay2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

More important question is, why the hell they spew their hate on content which wasn't created for them.

I mean, you must want to hump the big guy to do that. It's not as if he's just waiting for Shepard to bend over.

SilentNegotiator2277d ago

This video isn't half as sexy as Jim Sterling's last Jimquisition.

The audience is mostly heterosexual males. They're annoyed that straight sex with "awesome" sideboob hasn't been released.

BraveToaster2277d ago

I'm guessing you didn't watch it

upallnightgamer2277d ago

Because they're still curious what it looks like.

Hozi2277d ago

Anal sex is gross already, so when two men perform anal on each other that shit's just disgusting!!!

BDSE2277d ago

If you don't like anal sex with a man don't do it. Not all gay men engage in anal sex.

Oh and grow up.

B1663r2277d ago

Disagreed, troll rated, reported,and blocked. Go take your homophobia to Youtube.

Oh, and everyone I have ever known who was a homophobe turned out to be gay later on in their life.

So I guess what I am trying to say is... homophobia is gay...

Hozi2276d ago

It's so strange...a few years ago, and everyone shunned at the thought people could be gay. Now it seems the whole world is turning gay...truly sad indeed. Men was created for women. Nothing else. and women for men.

ninjahunter2277d ago

People are attracted by the novelty, yet displeased that it does not fall in line with what they actually like. Just my thought on this.

jeeves862276d ago

That makes a lot of sense. Bubbles for you!

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marioPSUC2278d ago

Honestly? Its not like the game forces you to be gay, you never even have to see this cutscene if you don't try to romance a guy. When the title says "Gay Sex scene" you should pretty much know what it means. Also there's way too many homophobes in the comment section of that video.

JsonHenry2277d ago

They are not homophobes. They are trolls.

egidem2277d ago

Trollophobes, to be precise.

MRHARDON2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

egidem (5 hours ago)
Trollophobes, to be precise.

_____________________________ __________________

No, they can't be trollophobes, because most of the people in the comments are trolls. What you just said is that they are afraid to be trolls but they are trolls? so how can they afraid of being a troll if they are a troll themselfs?

Fylus2277d ago


IF you're smart enough to correct a person's understanding of root language, you should be smart enough to understand a JOKE.

egidem2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I was well aware that trollophobes makes no sense if the trollophobe happens to be a troll.

I was also well aware that someone wouldn't understand the joke. I could've said phobotrolls or homotrolls - but that sounds weird and makes no sense.

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Abdou232277d ago

Why does a game even include that ?! what is the point ?! i don't like to see nudity or any sexuality in video games.

Tameel12277d ago

To be fair the romance is completely optional in the MEgames. You don't have to romance anybody of any gender or race if you dont want to.

Solid_Snake372277d ago

Are you for real? I would love to see at least mild nudity in my games. I'm a grown up, i can handle it.

AKS2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )


Then check the ESRB ratings for that before you buy games and you shouldn't have a problem.

Abdou232277d ago

@ People who disagrees with me,I don't have a problem with nudity, i'm just saying it doesn't belong into video games, if you people play such games for the sexuality then you are in deep need of help.

Wolfbiker2277d ago

Nobody plays games for nudity or sexuality but those are undeniable human emotions and interations and to relay an emotion or enhance the story and make it believable sometimes nudity can do just long as you look at it and it is delivered in a mature manner.

AKS2277d ago


Where does it belong? Sexuality is part of the human experience.

Also, are you against violence to be included in video games? Violent acts are deemed felonies punishable by prison sentences and even death in our society. Consensual sexual relationships are a very common, healthy, and normal occurrences. By what rationale should anything related to sexuality be omitted from all video games because you have some sort of hangup about sex? It's also classic projection that you think other people need help if they do not want to see any trace of sexuality in video games purged. You're the one who seems to have a problem with sexuality.

Abdou232277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

My god people,why are you so offensive some of you are so stupid that they think i'm against sex or something.All i'm saying is that sex and nudity in video games doesn't have any impact on story or gameplay what so ever,and can be be easily removed without the feeling the the game has something missing.And there will be no controversy.It's not like sex in the movies.And you call yourselves grown ups.COME ON !!

Kyur4ThePain2277d ago

"It's not like sex in the movies"

Huh? Video games have long been story driven, some with mature themes. Now if someone were to put sex into Tetris you might have a point. ME is not a simple kill-some-time type of game.

lh_swe2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I can see your point Abdou, however I think it could have more of a point allowing gay relationships in games than straight ones, just to provoke, provoke the arguments that ensues. People need to be exposed to an issue which suprisingly still plagues society. The issue of Gay's, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transexuals and Pansexuals STILL not being allowed the same rights in society. In all this is good, even with all the bad press it's getting, the more this issue is pushed in people's face the more these issue's might be raised among Govts and presidents and rectified, THEY DESERVE THE SAME RIGHTS! /end rant

Captain Qwark 92277d ago

you could say the same about movies or books or any media. technically the only place sex and nudity belongs or is integral to the plot is porn.

however why does it matter if its in there or not? its not going to hurt your game experience or anybody else's who doesn't "choose" to see it. and for those who want to see shepard bang his crew, males and females, you can do that.

im not into watching digital sex but i still went on a mission to bang every chick in the last one just becuase i could. if i were gay i would try to bang every dude just becuase i could.....

its that simple. its only a problem when close minded people make a big deal out of nothing.

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telekineticmantis2277d ago

"Its not like the game forces you to be gay" lol

Fylus2277d ago

I'm just curious as to why these so called "homophobes" would even click a link called "Gay Sex Scene" to begin with. Kinda makes you wonder, eh?

MRMagoo1232277d ago

I think the majority of the trolls on there after watching the scene found inner feelings where stirred of a sexual nature and where confused as to why they where aroused by it, so then decided to spout gay hate to hide it and convince themselves they are straight. Just a thought but you never know.

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smashcrashbash2278d ago

Isn't it amazing how alien organs and human organs always content so well in space fantasy. The alien women and men always have the right organs and parts to have sex with. It's almost like they search the galaxy and purposefully find every race that you can make out with. You never find women or men with anything out of place or multiple sex organs or be incompatible unless they are the enemy or unimportant characters in which case they could be any shapeless, formless , blobs of goo or have a dozen tentacles or a hundred sharp teeth or a mouth in their stomachs.You hardly ever see anything humanoid or human making out with the tentacled, multi mouthed woman or man. Not in Mas Effect, Star Wars, Star Trek or anything.

ZeroChaos2277d ago

Funny you should mention star trek remember in the 6th movie when kirk hits the guys "knee"

But I do think that todays sci-fi is humanoid features which annoys me, so much for a universe of wonder if we're all the same.

jeeves862276d ago

I want to make it with a Hanaar. "This one will call you in the morning."

Fylus2277d ago

I totally agree with both of you. Besides, who wouldn't want to be groped by a tentacled pile of goo? ;)

But seriously, I do agree.

smashcrashbash2277d ago

Not sure if you are being sarcastic or sincere but my point was that all these games talk about harmony and relationships with aliens and yet they only seem to stick with the creatures that are humanoid.The enemy or minor characters are the only ones who seems to get away with being extraordinarily different. If it really was such an advanced society in these shows they such evolved beyond the outdated concept of physical bias.

But as soon as anything ever looks radically different in any way the people in the sci-fi make sure that the heroes or main characters keep only friendly relations if any at all.

I am not saying you should be making out with blobs of protoplasm but you never hear anyone say 'he has a very nice tail' or ' I love a woman with multiple eyes'. The people always trust and converse with anything looking human and anything looking radically different is a potential hostile. Even the things that are different have to take on human appearances or be thought as strange to the humans.If you are being sincere then forget everything I just said

Mikhail2277d ago

Then have sex with the girls, i wonder what would happen to my char, i cheated on ashley...miranda was hot for me.

MasterD9192277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Yes- she definitely is.

It has been confirmed but they haven't shown her or really allowed Yvonne to state anything.

Edit: She is in the ME3 video diary where they show off what actors are playing the characters in ME3.

vortis2277d ago

She's dead in my game, so no she won't be in ME3 for me. =(

FrightfulActions2277d ago

Actually you do see her for a moment in the femshep trailer.

STONEY42277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

*A slightly implied, but still not really a spoiler, spoiler warning. Yes, SLIGHTLY IMPLIED spoiler warning. IMO it's safe to read the below.*



There's going to be a pretty bad consequence that may or may not be hard to resolve. I cheated on Ashley for Tali, so I have it coming too.

Getting spoiled honestly sucks.

Rageanitus2277d ago

For me I don't like mass effect because the first and second did not feel right.. Rigid animations and game mechanics.

Although the first one feels different than the second it still felt rigid.... I find it funny how the fanboys would assume the third one is gonna be good but from the looks of it it gonna be even more action orientated than the previous ones hence making it quite differnt

Maybe this time around I might like it