New Perks: Turtle Beach Headsets Up To $150 Off, I Am Alive For Free is a Canadian website that gives members great deals on games and accessories. It is by membership only and you do have to answer some questions to gain entry but you will get free games from time to time, as well as many other bonuses.

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DFogz2331d ago

Signed up for the site to check it out, and I can't make heads or tails of it.... WTF am I supposed to do?

joab7772331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

Yeah, It's confusing. I had to go to my pc. I was lost on my nexus.

TrendyGamers2331d ago

You have to enter correct words that they are looking for. It changes every week or so, so try Google for the answers.

DFogz2331d ago

It took a lot of exploring around the site, but I managed to figure out a couple of the code words and "unlocked" some key if only I knew why I was doing this lol