The Biggest Bad Guys in Gaming Ever

Megabits writes: "Some may insist that size doesn't matter but when gaming is concerned, it's of the utmost importance. We've all experienced those jaw-dropping moments when you've dispatched a crowd of footsoldiers only to be confronted by one of the biggest enemies you've ever seen. And boy, is it satisfying when you beat the hell out of them!Here, in all their glory, is our selection of some of our favourite giant villains in video games

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BaseAllstar2303d ago

That's a superb list, I think when games deliver gargantuan enemies it becomes the most jaw dropping moment and personally I end up gaping at the screen for a minute or two in total awe.

Ibwib2303d ago

Nice. My inner nerd was pleased to see Galactus on there.

Tortilla2303d ago

Wyzen is completely awesome. Love the fact you thing he's done for then he grows and grows and grows. Asura's Wrath is pretty cool!!!!!!!!

tallulah2303d ago

Glad this included the large hector in EDF:IA. Brilliant game co-op and often overlooked. They are sooooo hard to kill

MrDead2302d ago

God of War III, Cronos played on a big TV with surround sound will give you fizzy knickers

specialguest2302d ago

GOWIII scale was jaw-dropping. Most impressive of all was that it was all rendered in real-time.