iD Software responds to the leaked Doom 4 screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Well, we’ve been looking forward to something like that, right? An official response to the leaked Doom 4 screenshots. And although Bethesda decided to remain silent, iD Software’s Matthew Hooper went ahead and made some comments about them. What’s really interesting here is that Hooper has not denied them, thus we can safely say that these artworks and renders were indeed from an early version of Doom 4."

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FinaLXiii2246d ago

DooM 4 not canceled then, sweet.

Zephol2246d ago

Doom 4 show in the E3 2012.

OcularVision2246d ago

Hopefully it will be a demo for a next-gen console by Microsoft or Sony at this coming E3. Then followed by a 2013 release.

zag2245d ago

I honestly hope it's not made for any console, and is a PC only release.

t0mmyb0y2245d ago

Good luck with that one zag

Zephol2246d ago

The leaked images are from Doom 4! Nice! I hope not ruin the game. Equal than Rage. Rage definilty the worst game from id software. Worst sales in a id software game.

FrigidDARKNESS2246d ago

The rage engine is one of the best engines created by ID Software and you can bet that Doom4 will be using this engine.

Orpheus2246d ago

Bulldozer even being an epic failure is the best CPU ever created by AMD isnt it bro ??? It does the last gen CPUs from AMD :-)

Hoje03082246d ago

The author of this article has problems using logic. The fact that the screens have been denied as being representative of DOOM 4 means that they are either not representative of the final product or of the product at all. It does not mean that the leaked shots are official by any stretch of the imagination. Tabloid journalism at its finest.

john22246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

There was a lot of talk about whether those shots were indeed from Doom 4 or not. By all means, this does not mean that they represent the final product. However, they are official now (well, they were and before since Thao Le was the one who leaked but... just saying).

Also official does not equal to screenshots that represent the end result. You should learn what official means. They are official shots/artworks from an early build. And that's a fact now, not a speculation.

Moreover, read Hooper's response carefully. He didn't go out saying <<These are fakes>> to deny it. He said that the end result will be better. Read behind words, it's quite easy. If those weren't from Doom 4, he'd say that they are fake (as Bethesda did with the supposedly Doom 4 cancellation). Instead, he chose his words carefully. Unless of course you believed all those carefully worded PR tricks that we've seen in the past from various companies ;)

Hoje03082246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

Again, your logic fails. Until you get official confirmation, those shots are not official (interesting, that). You can infer all you want, it doesn't change that very salient fact.
Also, there's no need to condescend to me simply because I'm willing to point out that this poorly written article makes a leap of logic that puts it on the other end of the spectrum from anything resembling journalism. Are these shots from DOOM 4? Probably. You've brought up the lack of official denial from Hooper, which is highly suspicious. What it isn't is confirmation. Example: We all know that MS and Sony are working on the next generation of consoles. Does that mean that NextBox and PS4 are confirmed? Hardly.
P.S. Don't tell me to learn what the word official means when your grasp of it couldn't even be described as tenuous.

john22246d ago

@Hoje0308: We simply agree to disagree, which is respectful man. Seriously, we can't all agree to everything. The world would be a boring place if there weren't disagreements and frankly, a good debate with arguments (not flaming or trolling, that's the worse of all) is the best thing in the world.

You have a specific point of view, I have a different one. It all comes down to each one's perspective. Some will agree, others will disagree. To you that logic seems awful. To me your logic seems way wrong with the amount of evidence we've got (Bethesda denying the cancellation but remain silent about the screenshots, ex-game artist Thao Le leaking them himself as Doom4 shots, Doom4 folder in one of those character models, Hooper not denying them).

Korix2246d ago

Since id has not publicly said "these are early stages of Doom 4" it is NOT official. Learn what the word means.
It's not a matter of opinion what "official" means. It actually has a specific meaning, as with most other words. It's like saying "red color" doesn't necessarily refer to the color red, but sometimes to green, if you feel like it. It's nonsense.
The fact that one person said something doesn't make it official. It's official when the company behind it confirms it, which this guy didn't even do.
Huge speculation on your part.
It might be Doom 4, it might not.

mynameisEvil2245d ago

John, your logic doesn't make sense. For instance, if my neighbor tells me, "I've been seeing a cat run back and forth between our lawns. Is that your cat?" and I respond with, "Well, I have a dog, so..." that doesn't confirm if it is my cat or not.

Until someone at iD or Bethesda flatout says, "Yes, these are images from a much earlier build of Doom 4. We have evolved the game far beyond what you see here. The end product will literally (yes, literally) blow titties out of your asshole,"... then it's not official.

john22245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )


Why do you skip all the other facts though? In your example, say your neighbor tells you that your cat was going up and down and adds that the entire neighborhood saw your wife opening your house door and letting the cat out (Thao Le leaking images), that the cat has a bracelet that reads 'mynameisEvil's cat, please bring him back' (Doom 4 folder present in the images, Doom logo, raw filename with reference to Doom2: Hell On Earth) and that your family stayed silent when asked about it (Bethesda staying silent)... will he still believe you that you don't have a cat if you simply say that you have a dog?

You have to take every fact into consideration, not only what Hooper worded.

PS: The fact alone that an artist of the game leaked them should prove how legitimate these shots were. Remember the DNF leak when the game was cancelled? It's exactly the same thing here, as both of them created their portfolio based on their works. There is no doubt that the final build will look better. I mean, just add some specular and normal maps, different TOD, better textures, post-particle effects and you get a completely different image.

PS2: And we've seen countless of times companies lying. NOT SAYING that it is happening in this story, but remember when Lucas Arts stated that PCs were not powerful enough to run The Force Unleashed back in the time or when Bethesda stated that Skyrim's engine would be a completely new, from the ground up engine (when in fact it's a Gamebryo enhanced version. So why did they refer to it as a new from the ground up?) or when Remedy stated that Alan Wake would be open-world (which was a marketing trick as they admitted later on and nothing more)? After so many examples, we should be more careful even about official comments/statements. That's a personal note, just saying

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ZippyZapper2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

They keep trying don't they? “these shots have nothing to do with what we’re gonna see in Doom4" They must have a blind spot for that.

Fake news fail... again

ninjahunter2246d ago

I am pleased if these have nothing to do with doom 4.

Vynzent2246d ago

Matt said they have nothing to do with what we'll see, he didn't say they have nothing to do with Doom4.

Anyway I am also pleased they're not what we'll get, because they look like shit. Not the design, nor the atmosphere, but the graphical quality is very damn low.

gamernova2246d ago

After how badly rage was screwed up for pc, not even considering this.

Vynzent2246d ago

How stupid, considering that Carmack has stated ALOT and a LOOONG time ago that focusing on console was a bad idea.

Seriously, every company makes at least 1 bad game, and usually more,so your logic reallyis stupid.

gamernova2245d ago

Well if every company makes one or more bad games then who is to say that Doom 4 will not be that other bad game? Lawyered. GTFO. :P

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