Great Games You Didn't Play - Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Pedantic Gamers: There once was a somewhat popular Japanese PC title produced by Falcom (the masterminds behind series such as Ys, Xanadu, Brandish, and Popful Mail) as part of their Legend of Heroes franchise. As was the case with other titles in the Legend of Heroes series, Trails in the Sky eventually garnered a PSP port. The game was largely overlooked by the general populace, which is a shame because it was utterly fantastic.

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Knight_Cid1519d ago

no offense but you dont know anything

SC will be released in english because the first title did sell well here

try going on xseeds forum for a change

RustedMan1518d ago

I've never heard of the "xseeds" forum, does that make me an idiot as well?

I've never played the game, but I'd imagine the name "Legend of Heroes: Trails in the sky" would turn many people off.

Knight_Cid1518d ago

it kinda does. Especially if you talk about the games in america

And no it doesnt turn people off

Ulf1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

This is a phenomenal game. The whole series is, actually.

Really looking forward to SC!

-Gespenst-1518d ago

Girl in the picture looks suspiciously similar to Kid from Chrono Cross.

TheColbertinator1518d ago

Awesome game,one of my favorites from last year.

SaiyanFury1518d ago

I have the First Legend of Heroes game on my PSP, but I never played it much. Didn't really stand out too much. Never would've considered this one, but after reading this I'll definitely look at getting this to play on my Vita. The OLED screen will look all the better anyways, haha. :)

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