I'm just going to say it: Final Fantasy needs to stop

Why should Square Enix take a break from releasing Final Fantasy games?

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Snookies122274d ago

Yeah, after FFX it all just started kinda going downhill. :\

I'd love to see the day when a new Final Fantasy comes out and blows me away like 6-10 did in the past, but those were their golden years. I still have some hope, but I guess only time will tell right?

BitbyDeath2274d ago

Even FFX went a bit downhill as that was when they had removed summons.

Snookies122274d ago

Wha? Summons were in FFX man. XD

BitbyDeath2273d ago

Not real ones like in previous FF games where you could just summon them and have them do massive damage and leave.

In FFX they changed them to be controllable characters. The old way was so much better IMO

NYC_Gamer2274d ago

Final Fantasy will continue since its brings profit to SE

Knight_Cid2274d ago

hell no

ff type zero and ff 13-2 and ff rythm

the 3 most current games were amazing

Godmars2902274d ago


Until Square returns some concept of finality to the series they should stop making something that has "Final" in its title.

Snookies122274d ago

Yeah, they seemed to have lost that concept "post" FFX. When X-2 came out, that went out the window.

NovusTerminus2274d ago

So does Call of Duty, we don't all get what we want. FF needs Nomura in charge, not to stop.

TheSanchezDavid2274d ago

I personally don't care at all for Call of Duty, so if that went away forever, I wouldn't be at all bothered by it. That said, I certainly don't want Final Fantasy to go away forever. I simply want a break in the series that will allow fans to miss it, and hopefully a proper return, because as it is, the series is stale.

D3mons0ul2274d ago

like the gentleman above you said...Nomura

PetitPiPi2273d ago

Yeah... the 4 year break between 12 & 13 wasn`t long enough. /s

Imo there`s no need to take a break. They need to make a good game.

Godmars2902273d ago

As blasphemous as this might sound, as much faith as many place in him, I have to point out that it was Nomura who introduced the action-oriented gameplay, the 1-1 world scale that many see as a mistaking in FF, and much of the over-melodrama Square has become known for in KH.

Until I see a game, the man means nothing to me. Nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.