The Positives of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Avid Gamer, (in the wake of their review) look at what good the latest Pro Evolution Soccer has done. A look to the future, while contemplating on what has already passed, this article argues why Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 might be doing more good than harm.

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ELite_Ghost3682d ago

i have the demo for ps3 and it's too arcadish, I personally think Fifa 08 is better. The graphics are better, the stadiums are real stadiums, ect...

Snoozer2823682d ago

I'll probably have to face the facts and agree.

brianodom3682d ago

i've both and FIFA (though it has faults too) is much better

Konami outright crippled PES this year

lawler3681d ago

They butchered PES6 with the bad frame rates, online was practically unplayable. Not holding out much hope for this either. Maybe FIFA actually is better now (and FIFA sucks).

Snoozer2823681d ago

PES 6 was perfect for me :S

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