Gaming’s forgotten time periods: The American Civil War

Some game designers seem to be running out of ideas and simply knock out the same tired old format each year, yet there are still topics and time periods left relatively untouched in the world of gaming, and Xbigy games wants to know why. This will be the first of three articles that look at some of these untapped resources.

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Tuxedo_Mask2482d ago

The Civil War would be a difficult setting because of the nature of the war. The elements behind the conflict are too complicated and the situation is a wound that I don't think anyone wants to open to the level that an RPG would require. It would be interesting to see what could happen in a game based in the Civil War, but I definitely wouldn't want BioWare/EA to touch it.

kamruk2481d ago

I find it a little biased to straight up leave out the fact that other games have touched on the topic, even though they might not have been what the author wanted. Darkest of Days had an entire Scifi twist to the Civil War and AoE3 surrounded that time period!