Journey PS3 review OPM

Not a gun, grenade or fast car in sight. Not a character with a name, nor an explanation of where you are or what’s going on. Not even a single line of dialogue. But then that’s what Thatgamecompany does, as evidenced by its previous PS3 titles Flow and Flower.

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Cloudberry1787d ago


I wish there's a JRPG using this game's graphic & art design...

MariaHelFutura1787d ago

Why are people surprised? Thatgamecompany is amazing. Someone (Sony) needs to give them a big budget retail game to begin the PS4 with.

Toman851787d ago

Look at the scores it get. This title I have seen all those year of waiting. So finally the wait is over and I gonna get this jewel from my PSN!!

ginsunuva1787d ago

This thing is suddenly getting 100% scores all across the board!

mabreu1787d ago

Wow! Perfect score everywhere.

Ilovetheps41787d ago

I have been waiting for this game for so long. I cannot wait to pick it up. Flower is my favorite downloadable game to date so I'm definitely excited for Journey.

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The story is too old to be commented.