PS3 BioShock Infinite includes BioShock 1 on Blu-ray disc

Eurogamer: "The PlayStation 3 version of BioShock Infinite comes with BioShock 1, Irrational Games has announced. A free copy of the 2007 classic is included on the BioShock Infinite Blu-ray disc."

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TheHater2000d ago

I love the story and music in BioShock 1. Can't wait for Infinite because I feel like it's the true sequel to the original. tried Bioshock 2 and hated it.

Hellsvacancy2000d ago

I agree, Bioshock 2 just felt like Bioshock 1.5

Guitardr852000d ago

bIOSHOCK 2 SUCKED!!! We just need to remember that it was made by a completely different development team than the one that made one and is making Infinite. For all intents and purposes, Bioshock Inifinite IS the real Bioshock 2.

Solid_Snake372000d ago

It didnt feel like Bioshock 1.5... The drill saved the game for me...

jony_dols2000d ago

Why all the Bioshock 2 hate?

Albeit it was not as good as Bioshock 1 (then again how many games are!), but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. It expanded Rapture's lore, introduced new plasmids & we got to use a Big Daddy drill.

Bring on Bioshock Infinite!

spunnups2000d ago

bioshock 1 was one of the best
games ive ever played,
buoshock of
the biggest disappointmenting follow up sequels

r212000d ago

wow, so much negativity for bioshock 2. for me, the game was superb, great combat, pretty good story and very emotional endings.

kreate2000d ago

Agreed. Bioshock 2 was great.

The problems were the multiplayer component, lacking story compared to the first one, and the shortness.

But everything else from weapons to trap skills, gameplay and enemies, the big sister made it a more fun game than bioshock 1.

Kakihara2000d ago

Bioshock 2 is in the same boat as Fallout New Vegas for me. On paper it looks like it should be the far better game, it makes a ton of improvements over the original but it just misses the point of what made it's predecessor so great.

Like Fallout New Vegas took a desolate sepia toned atmospheric world and turned it into a wacky densely populated technicolor playpen, Bioshock 2 took a game based around the feeling of being trapped, helpless, weak and scared and replaced it with lumbering around as the biggest scariest enemy from the last game. It's like Amnesia the dark descent 2 making you play as a demonic zombie or something, it just cancels out any sense of tension and completely misses the point of what made the first game so great.

dgonza401999d ago

Then hold on to your butts, people.
Infinite is coming out october 16th!!

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yesmynameissumo2000d ago

That was announced at E3, along with Move support and BioShock Vita, wasn't it?

maverick402000d ago

Needless but cool nonetheless.

HarryMasonHerpderp2000d ago

I actually preferred bioshock 2 over the first.
Thought the enemies looked cooler and i like
the part where you play as a little sister that
was really cool too.

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