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Submitted by BIoodmask 2966d ago | article

What Game was the Biggest Disappointment of 2007? writes, "Since I'm sure you haven't finished your holiday shopping yet let's cut right to the chase this week and ask the question, What Game was the Biggest Disappointment of 2007?" (Culture, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
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CeruleanSky  +   2966d ago
Only Choice Halo 3
Halo 3 is the only choice for anyone but foaming at the mouth Xbox fans:

* Sub HD graphics - can only run at 640p and not 720p like real next gen games

* Crappy last gen looking graphics - oh look! Gaudy shiny coloured metal!

* Jaggies all over the place

* Huge framerate problems

* No dedicated servers

* Laggy P2P networking

* Can only manage 16 players per online game

* Only 6-7 hour single player

Remember when Halo 3 was supposed to be 1080p, have dedicated servers, large player counts, amazing next gen graphics...LOL!
socomnick  +   2966d ago
They shouldn't of have stopped at game they should just made the ps3 the biggest disappointment of 2007.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2966d ago
Like Call of Duty 4 being at 600p?
Oh, we forgot that one didn't we? Infact there are a hell of alot of PS3 and 360 games running at these low rez Enjoy (stupid)
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FPS nut  +   2966d ago
LOL Just in case you missed it
"Like Call of Duty 4 being at 600p?"

"Oh, we forgot that one didn't we? Infact there are a hell of alot of PS3 and 360 games running at these low rez" Enjoy (stupid)" OUCH!
Salvadore  +   2966d ago
*Scratching head* And yet it sold over 3 million +??
No comment, I will simply leave this to 360 users and the rest *Runs as quickly as possible*.
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Ri0tSquad  +   2966d ago
lol wtf?
Mwaan  +   2966d ago
@ CeruleanSky
And yet, Halo 3 is better than any game on the PS3. Review scores and sales numbers back up my opinion. You're obviously trying to get down to 1 bubble as quickly as possible. Here, let me help you.
CeruleanSky  +   2966d ago
LOL! Halo 3 'reviews'!

The game we've now learned that Microsoft handed out close to 1000 dollars worth of 'gifts' to reviewers...

So pathetic...
Mwaan  +   2966d ago
Have you played Halo 3 yourself?
Because I've spent more time playing that game than any other game this year. I have yet to find a game for my PS3 that could last more than a weekend. Seriously.
Bits-N-Kibbles  +   2966d ago
Stop trying to live in the past
and just go play COD4... for 360 OR PS3 OR PC....
ambientFLIER  +   2965d ago
Lol, huge framerate problems? Only in your dreams...(and on the PS3)

I too vote for the PS3 as the biggest disappointment.
TheSadTruth  +   2965d ago
I agree with Halo 3 for only 3 reasons

1) No custom game browser
2) Graphics that aren't revolutionary despite having UNLIMITED BUDGET
3) Horrible story
also: Horrible maps and small amount of maps...

Halo 3 could have been one of the greatest games ever made, but whether it was limited by DVD size, the Xbox 360 lacked the power necessary, or whether Bungie just didn't have the dedication necessary to create the game that could have been. Watching the documentaries it is revealed that they spent months building and play testing a single multiplayer map at a time.. and for what? The maps are not good... and it shouldn't take more than a couple days to develop a map... The story was atrocious and a better script could have been written by a 12 year old. Then they LIE to us and tell us they would have a custom games browser, which in my opinion would be the saving grace of the entire series but they decided to not include it for no good reason.

Fuc* you Bungie for only caring about money and being lazy as hell in creating one of the most mediocre first person shooters ever made.
Daxx  +   2965d ago
There was never supposed to be a custom game browser! It's like there's this sect of people that think that Bungie promised to put a custom game browser in Halo 3 but Me and the rest of Halo community just considers your kind a bunch of loons with a delusion of something that was never promised.
TheSadTruth  +   2965d ago

"1UP: One of the menus we saw while we were at Bungie said XBL Public, it was described to us as a "Matchmaking for Custom Games." What is XBL Public bringing to the matchmaking space? Is there an XBL Private, as well for Halo 3 online play?

CN: The basic idea with our online play still begins with our party system. You can invite your buddies to the party and it's easy stay together and play whatever you want in the game. If you want to keep it private you can set the privacy so that only friends can join, or so that an invite is required in order for any player to join the party. On the other hand you might need more players to play the type of game you want to set up and that's where XBL public comes in handy. When you need more people you can just open your party to the public. It's the perfect way to create a custom game and find people to join you. "

They have zero reason to "cut" this feature aside from being a bunch of overpaid lazy fatasses.
WilliamRLBaker  +   2965d ago
halo 3 was never announced by bungie or microsoft to be in 1080p.
Halo 3 was never announced by bungie or microsoft to have dedicated servers.
Halo 3 was never announced by bungie or microsoft to have player limits beyond 16.
Genki  +   2965d ago
@ Mwaan
A lesson in logic.

Popularity does NOT strengthen or back up an opinion. There's no amount of opinions that can override, nullify, or invalidate another. There's also no amount of supplementary opinions that can make yours any more valid or "correct" than those of another.
InMyOpinion  +   2965d ago
Calling a title that sold over 5 million copies and got great reviews everywhere a disappointment is just ignorant. I'ts beyond me that lots of people actually have clicked the 'agree' button on his comment.
akaFullMetal  +   2966d ago
cod4 was a disappointment for me, the single player was super short, if it had a 10,to 12 hour campaign, i would of bought it, not to big on multiplayer on cod4, so that was a disappointment, another is that lair wasnt as great as it was hyped to be, to bad i havent tried it yet, ive actually heard some say it wasnt that bad, ill have to rent it sometime
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gta_cb  +   2966d ago
im sorry but i dont agree, i think COD4 is an AMAZING game! the story mode will only 5-7hours if you dont play it on veteran, it took me about 3 days from purchase on launch day to get the full 1000/1000 achievement points for it, then i got loads of messages saying wow i cant beat level blah blah blah, so yeah if it was a disappointment i recommend you play it on veteran :)
actas123  +   2966d ago
All games that ignored or relatively ignored (COD4) single player campaigns are all disappointing. I mean, the single player game is the core of the whole thing. Developers should not concentrate on stupid multiplayer gaming over the single player gaming, that is just idiotic. I played online at games like COD4, TimeShift.. and found it plain boring. The only type of games multiplayer works is in sport games and that is it.
Bits-N-Kibbles  +   2966d ago
aww.. no love for COD4... i guess if you're not into online or w/e it wasnt so great, but I think the game, even though short, was excellent! from the amazing intro, the crazy past sniper mission, the slow-mo ending? I can see why it ranked #1 this year in many people's opinions
Stoned Alone  +   2966d ago
biggest disappointment
your face
AllroundGamer  +   2966d ago
to me it was Mass Effect and Halo3, insanely overhyped games...
The Dude  +   2966d ago
Mass Effect and Halo 3 are better than any ps3 game out there.
Bits-N-Kibbles  +   2966d ago
He never said
anything about the PS3 man...

people are so defensive...
hadouken007  +   2966d ago
damn this topic again? freakin garbage man.
jinn  +   2966d ago
wii is selling well even after its sucks in every way possible

rain check, whatever that is
Bits-N-Kibbles  +   2966d ago
I hate
the NAME!

Wii... remember when they first announced that it was called "Wii" and everyone was like WTF...

I liked "The Nintendo Revolution". The had more of a ring to it

Or maybe it was hard for other languages to get that out... as most people say, "Everyone in the world can say "Wii", even if you have no tongue."
gnothe1  +   2966d ago
leave it up to a sony lover to pick 2 360 exclusives that has sold over 1 millions copies EACH as his 2 most disappointment games. how ironic!!

so i guess LAIR wasn't hyped as being this holy grail PS3 game, just as HS(which i liked), an R&C which neither has sold over 1 million yet!!
DJ  +   2966d ago
Well jeez, sorry the PS3 has so much variety.
1 in 10 PS3 owners have HS and Ratchet, so that's pretty good, right?
Mars Attacker  +   2966d ago
Lair. LOL!
sak500  +   2965d ago
Liar. LOL!

Only possible on Ps3
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Skerj  +   2966d ago
Was a hard one but. ..
As much as I enjoyed the game I'm giving mine to Assassin's Creed. The first 3-4 hours of the game are absolutely freaking fantastic. There's nothing like when you first get to Damascus and get your first vantage point to show you just what lies ahead of you. But after you make your way to all the cities for the subsequent rounds, the repetition sets in. The main assassinations I didn't mind and actually enjoyed. Those recon sidequests (chores) HAVE to be worked on (or omitted completely) for the sequel though seeing as how there are 3!!

Hearing the same thing from EVERY guard, every peasant, even the begging chicks who I often stabbed so they left me alone (broad threw rocks at me first). Combat actually got better once you ranked up or else I'd have listed that as well. Even though it was a little predictable the story delivered like I wanted it to so that really has me psyched for the ending.

The game wasn't without its faults and even though I was expecting more, I still enjoyed the game.
TheMART  +   2966d ago
Haha Sony fans are funny

Lair was supposed to be one of the killer apps, system sellers with AAA score average over 90%. Not one single game has reached that status as an exclusive on the PS3 this year, let alone Lair.

The biggest dissapointment of 2007. Well actually it was the PS3 in total
joemomma  +   2966d ago
You are so ignorant.

First off not every game has to average over 90% to be AAA. If the game is fun and people like it then screw what the idiot reviewers say. Half of them are Xbots anyways. But if you want to judge a game based on what other tell you like a sheep then be my guest. It just makes you look that much more simple minded. Also i believe uncharted got a majority of 90% or Higher from reviewers. Screw your averaging crap. It was well recived by reviewers.

Second Lair was never promised to be a AAA game. That was part of overhyping like halo.

Third there have been planty of good games on the ps3 this year. I know it burns your eyes to read that but it true so get over it.
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Lex Luthor  +   2965d ago
"Second Lair was never promised to be a AAA game. That was part of overhyping like halo."

ROFLMAO! I see you haven't been a N4G member for long.
If only you knew what the sony fanboys had been saying about Lair before it's arrival you would know what i'm laughing about.
vilmer  +   2966d ago
Soldier of Fortune Payback, Hellgate: London.
FirstknighT  +   2966d ago
Yeah you can just add every 2007 ps3 game in that list. Even Uncharted was a simple Tomb Raider clone with guns. I see ps3 boys are still jealous of the mighty Halo 3. Not even their MGS will be as big as Halo 3. To bad kiddies. Cry some more.
IntelligentAj  +   2965d ago
And what was Halo?
snoopgg  +   2964d ago
halo 3 sucked
enough said..... Uncharted was better in every catagory. Story graphics proformance and so on. Halo 3 framerate staggered the whole way through and those lovely jaggies are priceless........ Itd funny how a simple tombraider ripoff destroys a Fpshooter with the budget halo 3 had and all that much needed hype. As for halo 3 being original, its ripped off about every fps out there bud......... At least Uncharted raised the bell for the genre it was cloning in yur words. Halo 3 didn't raise nothing having halfarse framerate jaggies, and subpar proformance, bad story only halo dorks would like even when it sucks they are clueless. AS long as the cover on the box says Halo they worship it. It sucked.....
demolitionX  +   2966d ago
bloodmask is a loser
you have some hate issues against SONY????!!! keep scuking d!ckless bill gates!
Meus Renaissance  +   2966d ago
Is it me or does it seem like certain people are constantly looking for the exact same articles (we've had a few of these now) to just bash Lair?
Skerj  +   2966d ago
Funny thing is I doubt most of the people who bash it has ever played it.
Marceles  +   2966d ago
seriously...most people's probably only played it 5 minutes, and after already reading the bad reviews, it's already sunk in their heads that the game is gonna be bad, so they don't give it a chance. Everyone I know that don't follow reviews and sites closely think the game is fun, despite the difficult learning curve
BloodySinner  +   2966d ago
Who plays crappy games?
rofldings  +   2966d ago
People play Halo, don't they?
AllroundGamer  +   2966d ago
now that was some quality rofl pwnage :D
BloodySinner  +   2966d ago
I was actually waiting for a comment like that.

Here you go, loser.

Mr_Kuwabara  +   2966d ago
Have you ever played the game? Regardless of the score you should give it a try if you have a PS3/friend with one. It's not a "OMG wowzers!" game but a game with just some minor control niches didn't really deserve a score so low.
Lex Luthor  +   2965d ago
Rofldings got PWNED!!

Bloody Sinner even provided PROOF.
rofldings  +   2965d ago
So according to Bloodysinner and Lex Luthor, if you think Halo is a crappy, generic, cheesy, overhyped game, then you automatically think Lair is an AAA game.

Lair wasn't for me, but one of my friends loves it - it was either hit or miss. Doesn't change the fact that Halo does nothing new and is no more fun than counter-strike or UT back in 1999; at least they didn't overdo it with a retarded~ly cheesy story line.
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Covenant  +   2966d ago
Major disappointments: Two Worlds (Oblivion killer, my @ss) and Lair (imagine it with analog, rather than quirky, glitchy Sixaxis controls...and yes, I've played it).

Minor disappointments: Blue Dragon (good, but not great), and Heavenly Sword (good, but waaaay too short).
Marceles  +   2966d ago
One of the comments on the story...
"My disappointment in 2007 was DDR Universe for Xbox 360" - Posted by Robb

I hope his whole name is "Robbin"...why would you even be excited to play that?? Anyways...I wasn't THAT hype for Lair to begin with...I just saw the game as something that demoed the amount of detail and huge levels on the PS3 that take no shortcuts as far as showing the whole can fly throughout the whole level and you can go everywhere, as well as a demo of how many controls the sixaxis can handle, and the only problem I had was lock on and the controller mistaking a 360 turn for a speed boost. Other than that, Lair was a very decent underrated game that just got bashed in the ground for stupid Heavenly Sword-like reasons.
Keyser  +   2966d ago
I agree...
Lair was a dragon game as I expected. I didn't know much more about it nor did I expect more. I didn't buy a PS3 for Lair. I bought it for innovative new IP's and some of the oldy but goody IP's.

I played Halo 2 like they were sending me a check every two weeks so Halo 3 was the biggest disappointment for me. It was not much different and unfortunately not much better than Halo 2. I'm not one of those people that believes the gameplay was already perfect and shouldnt have been changed. Halo 1 was changed and made better in Halo 2. I cant say the leap was that big in Halo 3.

So, Halo 3 is the biggest disappointment for me because that is the reason I got the 360 in the first place and to be so completely out shined by COD4 (except matchmaking) was a huge disappointment. I would have thought better of MS's flagship. Oh well...fortunately there were other games on the 360 I was able to enjoy.
Ri0tSquad  +   2966d ago
Well again this is pretty simple but I see Bloodmask or some other
Xbot has to go out of there way and rub it in. Thats cool.

Biggest disappointment of 2007 - Lair

You M$ kids are only bashing it off an opinion because I can guarantee 99% of you bashing it never even tried it.

Another flamewar but wasn't this posted before?

Funny how almost half of these people posting comments are on ignore.
#17 (Edited 2966d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
MaximusPrime  +   2965d ago
i asked the submitted to update the image to "hellgate" Lair is not the biggest disappointed.

Until he "fixed" it, the image hasnt change. I immediately thought, yep it a xbot again. Now this approved and oh joy its bloodmask.
Prismo_Fillusion  +   2966d ago
PC: Hellgate: London [lots of glitches, among other things]
360: Halo 3 [pretty much just next-gen Halo 2]
PS3: Lair [control problems for many, but not all]
Wii: NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams [control problems among other things]
Multiplatform: Guitar Hero III [just a rereleased GHII]

All are good/decent games, but were expected to be great.
ape007  +   2966d ago
In my opinion(not a fanboy)
halo3,lair and mass effect all of them deserve average 5 out of 10 but you can easily see the two most overrated and overhyped games of all time. Never before I've seen a game like halo3 or mass effect getting 10 out of 10 in most sites but in reality they're average, really average.

Games like bioshock,orangebox,ratchet,unc harted,cod4,metroid prime3 assassin's creed,pgr4,forza2,crackdown and super mario galaxy are the best deal for a real gamer in 2007. coming from a guy who owns all systems including ds & psp.PLAY ANY GAME YOU LIKE ON ANY CONSOLE,DON'T BE A FANBOY DON'T LOSE ANY GAME IF YOU'RE REAL GAMER.
#19 (Edited 2966d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
IrishAssa  +   2965d ago
Agree with everything you said except mass effect and assassin creed, creed's too repetitive and mass effect wasnt at all that bad except for glitches and too short and not enough important worlds(colonised).
Prototype  +   2966d ago
Assassins Creed which alone started me to rent/demo before buying games
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2966d ago
I love how you sony nuts thought lair was the second coming. That game fell out of the sky like a meteorite from space.
joemomma  +   2966d ago
Thats easy
Halo 3. It was the same as halo 2 but with an even shorter single player mode.
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2966d ago
I personally didn't really give a damn about any game that came out in 2007.

Come on 2008, give me my Metal Gear!

"Do you like my sunglasses eh Snake?" - Liquid
#23 (Edited 2966d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
OatLoops  +   2966d ago
Same here, dude. I wish people would let Lair go.
Skynetone  +   2966d ago
Halo 1.5 was a joke
Daxx  +   2965d ago
Yeah Halo 1.5 is such a joke because Bungie made a Halo 1, a Halo 2, and a Halo 3 but they never made a Halo 1.5, so funny.
Zhuk  +   2966d ago
Since its Christmas day, I am not going to attack the PS3 or Lair.

Instead, Zhuk will say something good about the PS3 to show that I have Christmas cheer even for the most delusional of fandroids.

Here it is:

The PS3 has the best power and eject button on any console ever made.

Merry Christmas to all
skagrerrrr  +   2966d ago
you made me laugh! merry Christmas to you all! Happy Holidays!
Share the love!
EZCheez  +   2966d ago
Merry Christmas!
FirstknighT  +   2966d ago
Sony fanboys don't know nothing about real games. How in the hell are you going to call Halo 3 a failure??? It averaged a whopping 93%. It broke sales records. Hit 5 million sales within a month = $300 million of profit.

How is that a failure???? You sony boys have no credibility in your arguments! You want to know failures??? Heavenly Sword, Unreal, R&C are all sales flops. Lair, Eye of Judgement, Folklore, etc...are all rating flops. If you think Halo 3 is a failure than your pretty much admitting that the whole ps3 gaming library is a disaster since no other game gets close to the average or total sales.

Jealous jealous sony boys*
rofldings  +   2966d ago
Overhyped game sales + inflated review scores based on hype =/= A good game
#26.1 (Edited 2966d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Slayer OP  +   2966d ago
Funny how you guys always scream about sales and reviews from people you have never met.

Sales mean nothing because fanatics buy a game even if its bad.

Reviews mean nothing because all reviers are biased. How else would reviewers give halo such high scores despite substancial flaws in its single player mode? Only 8 hours long. It also doesnt innovate at all. A guy in space killing aliens? How original.(saracasm) That does not make a good game at all.

Halo is overhyped unoriginal and a half assed game. You would know that if you werent such a sheep that judges based on others opinions rather then your own. Thats whats wrong with people these days. They are too simple minded to think for themselves.
Relientk77  +   2966d ago
I love Diablo and Diablo 2 ... and I'm waiting for Diablo 3 (hear me Blizzard get on it).. so yes to me Hellgate: London was a huge disapointment I played it for I think 2 weeks and I havnt touched the game since

I am waiting for the REAL king of games... Blizzard's currently working on it ... DIABLO 3 WILL RULE ALL!
socsca  +   2965d ago
yes, yes it will.
AnimeRaven  +   2966d ago
hmmm disappointments
Almost every game this year?


Halo 3 pretty much Halo 2.5
Mass Effect Great story crappy gameplay
Two Worlds just sucked
Blue Dragon just sucked


Orange Box Value do I have to say more?
Pretty much every EA title.
Heavenly Sword to short


Every game that was made minus Mario G
XxCYONIDExX  +   2966d ago
Hour of Victory. This game looked so badass in the trailers and previews but when it came to its gameplay it blowed ass.
JokesOnYou  +   2966d ago
lmfao, sonykids are soooo predictable
suddenly Lair was never hyped as a AAA exclusive, OMG are you fcking kiddin me? before that game launched all we ever heard was "Lair this Lair that", I remember sonykids yapping about how this game was only possible because of cell & bluray blah, blah, blah, oh gimme a fcking break you kids are so full of bs.

I remember sonykids didn't hate reviews when ps2 had some popular franchises that always were highly reviewed, *NOW ALL reviews dont matter, when the media praised ps2's dominate hardware sales (as they still do now) sonykids were first to taunt how successful ps2 was because of its sales and games library compared to the original xbox, seriously these are the same kids who love to quote the hardware sales of the ps2 install base, ha ha *NOW sales don't matter, wtf??? so pa pa please sonykids nobody wants to hear you weaksauce "I dont care about sales, it doesn't mean its that good" BS statements= you only say that because *NOW you're losing in every category that matters, hardwares sales, software sales, attatch rate, reviews, best gaming library and of course *exclusives that actually deliver.

So yeah, talk sh!t about Halo3 but the game just continues to be nothing but successful and I'm not even talking about sales, I mean seriously what ps3 exclusive has anywhere near the life span that Halo3 will continue to enjoy? Uncharted? pa please 1 playthrough and my roomate hasn't bothered with that game again, and I have no doubt it will be just another *forgotten game, like so many others that claim to be so much better only its collecting dust long after Halo3 is being played with gamers talking about new maps & gametypes, people having Halo partys/friends/clans etc, replays posted all over the net, sites hosting Halo3 tournaments all over the world, and all this adding to the already record sales= yeah OK sonykids Halo3 is a Big dissapointment; too bad micro, Bungie, and 5 mil+ disagree with the 10 sonykids who have 5 accounts each on n4g, go ahead sonykids make 10 more accounts that all say Halo sucks, it doesn't matter cause its still only you *insignificant few* who believe it.

In fact I think realisticly speaking ps3 as a whole has to be the biggest dissapointment this gen, seriously to go from the reputation that the ps1 and ps2 built to sony execs being so damm arrogant and taking the market for granted, then stumbling and making so many stupid tactical/PR mistakes, which then lead to the ps3 devs delivering *mostly inferior *exclusives and *multiplatform games than the competition for the ps3's whole first year and honestly being outsold by micro which not to long ago was only thought of as "just a software/OS company" that can't compete with sony's experience in the gaming or hardware arena, WOW, oh how times have changed, *NOW micro has changed alot of peoples minds, *NOW now all we hear from the haters is "wait until", or "well ps3 has only been out for 1 yr compared to 360's 2", or "more wait until", ha ha damm just give credit where credit is due, is that so hard? micro has had a solid gameplan, sure they made some mistakes, 360's *reliability being the biggest, but their strategy and focus on gaming with a great mix of online media capability has proven to be a big strength and with sony's help of misteps after mistep, and Ninty's extreme appeal to the casuals *NOW sony is dealing with the strongest competition they've ever seen= seriously I don't know how you can compare all 3 consoles and come to any other conclusion excpet that the ps3 continues to be easily the biggest dissapointment this gen.

#30 (Edited 2966d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
actas123  +   2966d ago
PlayStation360  +   2966d ago
@ actas123
his Avatar is not so bad. I think it's The Joker from the new Batman movie.
FullyLoaded420  +   2965d ago
You sir deserve a standing OVATION!!
Lex Luthor  +   2965d ago
Bubbles my friend.
sak500  +   2965d ago
LOL. Nicely put JOY. That shud put them droids in their place. + bubbles.
snoopgg  +   2964d ago
no you are so predictable my friend
I predict you and your xbots always having long rants that mean nothing.........
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