Team Meat bringing The Binding Of Isaac to PS Vita?

Following yesterday's news about Nintendo blocking The Binding of Isaac from a 3DS release due to its religious content, Team Meat has said it was turning to Playstation platforms for a console release. Could we see the game come to PS Vita?

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Darth Stewie2243d ago

Release this on Vita for $9.99 and this game well sell. Also if team meat has time they should make it cross compatible with the PS3 version.

Vinc3602243d ago

Completely agree, it seems like a perfect fit for the Vita/PS3 with cross play and everything. I want to play this on the go on Vita's screen tbh...

bubwright2243d ago

i love handheld gaming, its the weird games that i really like and puzzle solving. it gives my ps3 a break from all the fps games i own

Spacemagic2243d ago

Dont have a vita, but if this hits ps3, then my money is already spent on it, and i have golden god and 100% achievements on steam...

portal_22242d ago

They can shove it up their ass along with super meat boy and their Ms contract which prohibits SMB's release on PSN.