Gilgamesh And Other Final Fantasy Villains Are Coming To Final Fantasy XIII-2 As DLC

Square Enix will add cameos from other Final Fantasy games like Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V to fight. If you win the battle and are lucky enough to get a crystal, Gilgamesh will join Serah and Noel in the monster slot.

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Snookies122364d ago

Holy crap! I might just buy this game now! Guest villian from FF6!? If it's Kefka, I'm going out to buy the game right at that announcement lol.

WildArmed2364d ago

That would be pretty awesome.
My fav. FF, and villian! (talking about Kefka and FF6)

Thou honestly, I hope they do a DLC-packed edition down the lane. I am not too eager to shell out 3-5$ for all the DLC. And being a FF-fan, I want to experience it. Esp. if they are bringing back all time fav. characters.

Snookies122364d ago

I agree man, FF6 was my favorite for sure... Also, not sure why I'm getting disagrees? Am I not allowed to like the thought of Kefka being in the game? XD

Tanir2364d ago

Would Love a Cloud,Zack, Sephiroth, Terra, Kefka DLC!!! seriously that would be amazing.

Maybe even a Sora from KH2 Boss fight? gah so many possibilities with this type of dlc. awesomee idea square!

and to the haters complaining about this, stfu, go buy ur day one mass effect dlc

no_more_heroes2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

Just the other day I was thinking to myself that it would be f*cking awesome if we could not only fight Sephiroth, but then add him to your party.

Kamikaze1352364d ago

Just give me a DLC with a bunch of monsters at the coliseum.

iamtehpwn2364d ago

Kefka and Sephiroth would make for some incredible Boss fights.

Snookies122364d ago

If it is indeed Kefka, I hope it's his God form. Either that, or a multi-tier boss battle leading up to that form... Man, I'd pay 15 dollars for that fight alone lol.

Burning_Finger2364d ago

I hate DLC. This is one of those thing that could have easily in the game disc already. **** YOU SQ AND OTHER COMPANY THAT ABUSES THE DLC.

iamtehpwn2364d ago

If Kefka and others were on the disc, we'd already know about it, because people have already ripped all the characters models from disc.

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