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Submitted by BadCircuit 1368d ago | news

Assassin's Creed 3: OXCGN picks American Revolution in March 2011- Evidence now in!


"There's no doubt in any of our minds that Assassin's Creed III, when it supposedly hits this fall, is going to be one hell of a game...

As the days grow shorter until we experience the "end", more news has been surfacing as to exact details about the game's setting and protagonist.

We have long said the evidence points to the American Revolution as a setting, and have had other 'confidential' reasons to believe we were right.

Now an image has been leaked, courtesy of a Best Buy employee who snapped images of an upcoming promotional piece. This confirms our long-affirmed guess that Assassin's Creed III will, in fact, take place during the American Revolution!" (Assassin's Creed, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Proeliator  +   1368d ago

Can't wait to assassinate some red coats...
MsclMexican  +   1368d ago
I remember when this rumour came up on N4G...

I am wondering how this new assassin will tie with and conclude Desmonds story.

Also.. I do not know much about American history( canadian eh) but wasn't America mostly land with smaller colonies back then?

Wonder how the free-run mechanic will be affected.

Also wonder if there will be any combat changes.

This is one of my most anticipated (look at my avatar) games for 2012.

Ubi said that AC3 will have an aggressive advertisement campaign.

Wonder what they mean, but still very excited to see how it all ends


Perhaps.. Ubi released a picture today showing of a snow barren landscape.

Maybe they removed buildings to give that visceral feel of an Indian stalking his prey through the trees, waiting to strike

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tdogchristy90  +   1368d ago
Firstly, the colonies went from main all the way to georgia, so there is plenty of land. Secondly by the American revolution, Europeans had been in the colonies for at least 150 years, you do have pretty large, advanced cities like Boston. Granted they aren't AS large as some of the cities in europe, but they'll do I think. Besides, a smaller setting may make it more spooky/ ghost towns almost lol. Yay for stalking with a hatchet like an indian.
Shackdaddy836  +   1368d ago
Boston and Philadelphia are large enough to roam around in.


New York:


Plus you can go do side missions in maybe London, do a mission in an Iroquois tribe maybe, etc.
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Ezio2048  +   1368d ago
hell yeah!!! awesome!!!
already most anticipated even though i have not seen a bit of this game. =D
Hooshuwashu  +   1368d ago
oh man.. this is going to be interesting, to say the least.

Completely ridiculous, but maybe they're going to tackle racial undertones by the character being Native American? Would be an interesting subplot.
Belgavion  +   1368d ago
bold move
gaminoz  +   1368d ago
Not sure how it'll be...I like the more historic architecture of the old ones. I guess you can still use knives, especially if you are Native American, indigenous.

(please excuse my use of the word Indians before)
gaminoz  +   1368d ago
I guess freerunning up trees will be the go?

I think the suggestion of the French-Indian war was better...that had Yanks with Brits (and indians) against French and Indians.

I guess the Brits will be the bad guys and not the Americans???? Typical.
Proeliator  +   1368d ago
Destroy the red coats, attack their yellow teeth for massive damage!
gaminoz  +   1368d ago
Bah...all the Yanks wanted to do was go over the Appalachians and EXPAND (at the cost of the existing peoples there).

All about profit and keeping it to themselves, not giving it to the empire. Fair enough, but selling that as 'freedom', pfftt. The Canadians never suffered much under the 'yoke' of Britain.
MsclMexican  +   1368d ago
MsclMexican  +   1368d ago
Or.. maybe the free masons and all that other good stuff.

If you played AC2 one of subject 16's glyphs hinted that George Washington was a Templar whom controlled a Piece of Eden.

Also.. in the Assassins Creed: The fall comic, they stated that George Bush was a mere Templar puppet, whom had won due to a fixed voting campaign.

After all Ubi is based in Canada, France, Singapore and Britain.... not sure if they are in the US
WildStyles  +   1368d ago
I really don't care for the series but if you play as a Native American, I can't miss this. It's rare as hell to play as a Native American.
gaminoz  +   1368d ago
Agreed. I think this was the best move. They were stiffed by both sides. That should be the focus.
Majin-vegeta  +   1368d ago
Not really into AC but if we could do that i would buy this day one oh yea please let us scalp the enemies>:).
Ezio2048  +   1368d ago
yeah baby!! Love you Ubisoft!!!
Proeliator  +   1368d ago
In retrospect... should a French dev be making a game about the American Revolution?

After all, they were pretty royally pissed after they helped us win ours, and we denied their request for troops during theirs...
h311rais3r  +   1368d ago
I hope u know ubisoft Montreal is in CANADA not France................ And regardless of where it's made. By your logic should Japan be making anime with American characters despite WWII?
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BadCircuit  +   1368d ago
They originally started in France though, I believe.
SimplySneaky  +   1368d ago
I totally would have digged a female protagonist in samurai Japan. But this is pretty chill too.
BadCircuit  +   1368d ago
blast...double post. stupid delays.
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BadCircuit  +   1368d ago
I would have digged a female protagonist. Wait that didn't sound good...
Biohazard8860  +   1368d ago
Wow very exited 4 this game anyone agree ??
brettyd  +   1368d ago
where are you going?
Ghost250  +   1368d ago
please no multiplayer in this game for the love of god.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1368d ago
I wouldnt mind multiplayer if they let you free roam like in GTA4 and RDR.
brettyd  +   1368d ago
Hell yes, can't wait for this now. The series was getting extremely stale I've been hoping for this setting.
Eske  +   1368d ago
I'd be down for a Native American assassin. I really wonder how the backstory would fit in with the rest of the assassin/templar canon?
Neo Nugget  +   1368d ago
George Washington controlled a piece of Eden at one point.
ElliePage  +   1368d ago
Much like Activision with Call of Duty, it looks like Ubisoft plans on milking these games every year too. I stopped caring after the 2nd game.
Biohazard8860  +   1368d ago
This has been stated of being in development for a couple years so i would not call it milking.
NYC_Gamer  +   1368d ago
Its milking regardless.Call of Duty has many studios working on the games and people on gaming forums still scream milk.people need to stop having double standards towards everything.
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GraveLord  +   1368d ago
yeah, Kotaku already confirmed this.
Funny how you guys don't give them credit for this.
gaminoz  +   1368d ago
I think OXCGN has been saying it's American Revolution for a LONG time? The leaks just confirm that?
Hooshuwashu  +   1368d ago
you obviously can't read that this article isn't about the character, but the setting itself, which the site has been building on and speculating about since 2009.

Also, lol, Kotaku has zero journalistic integrity anyway
GrathiusXR  +   1368d ago
Pretty sure that Kotaku only confirmed the game like a month ago where as our 2IC speculated the setting of the game back in Feb of 2011 and seems to have been spot on!

BadCircuit  +   1368d ago
Well this is sure going to be different at the very least. It will have to be more about stealth behind trees. I don't see the new Assassin lining up in a line and shooting like they did in battles back then.

Certainly the Native Americans weren't that stupid.

The snow also confirms the American Revolution imo.
lashes2ashes  +   1368d ago
True but remember it was mostly the British that lined up to fire. The American soldiers were well known for gorilla tactics... Which we stole from the natives haha. But it worked great.
turgore  +   1368d ago
this is the dumbest setting ever.
won't be getting near this game.
Swiggins  +   1368d ago
Mind explaining your position chief?
Biohazard8860  +   1368d ago
Then Dont buy it very simple as that.
Shackdaddy836  +   1368d ago
I'll laugh when you get it.
BadCircuit  +   1368d ago
“Under a blanket of snow the game environment could be fresh and have new features like having to avoid enemies who can see footprints or blood that has dripped from wounds in the snow, or watch out for slippery rooftops.”

I'd LOVE these dynamics! I hope they do something like that, since there looks to be snow.
ISNeko  +   1368d ago
I think I'm finally going to play an AC game now. Sorry, but I just didn't care for the setting. Call me fickle, but I have to like the product as a whole, not just one aspect. I am very happy that the series is doing well, and not drowning itself in horribleness for coming out annually now.
Der_Kommandant  +   1368d ago
Not sure how I feel about this

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