Team Meat looking to Sony platforms for Binding of Isaac

Joystiq writes: "It was revealed earlier today that Nintendo has refused to allow The Binding of Isaac on the 3DS eShop. Team Meat's Edward McMillen tells Joystiq it's "a bit primitive to 'censor' something due to religion, but it's [Nintendo's] platform and their choice on what they want to support." He also noted on Twitter that the decision hasn't soured the team's relationship with Nintendo, and that it "won't effect any future games with them."

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GraveLord2277d ago

If I was Sony I wouldn't like being the second choice.

PirateThom2277d ago

Bare in mind, things like Castle Crashers, Braid and Limbo were "second choice" for PS3. Sony don't have a problem with being "second choice" when it brings games to the platform.

Snookies122277d ago

That's what's good about them! They don't care about being first, as long as they have good hardware and software. Sony make some stupid moves at times, but they're my favorite out of the three evils lol. XD

Anyway, this is good news, I'd love to play some Binding of Isaac on my Vita or something.

BitbyDeath2277d ago

Sony was also second choice to LittleBigPlanet if i remember correctly.

PirateThom2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Fourth choice for a "Media Molecule" publisher...

They brought concepts to Microsoft, Nintendo and Valve (the concept they brought to Valve was along side the Portal team with a game that used portals if I recall)... but it was because Alex Evans knew someone from Sony they got a chance meeting and 6 months funding, which then had to be extended due to the product not meeting expectations, before Sony green lit it...

And you know the rest of the story and they're one of Sony's best European studios due to a fantastic concept.

BitbyDeath2277d ago

That would be it, memory was a bit hazy.
Have a bubble.

--Onilink--2277d ago

3rd choice actually, the game is already on Steam

yesmynameissumo2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Seems like it would make a great PSN PS3/Vita title. Best of luck to them.

SandwichHammock2277d ago

Binding of Isaac /w trophies on Vita for 9.99!!! *throws money at computer*

Jio2277d ago

*shoves money in Vita*

KillaManiac2277d ago

Double price than the PC version that was released last year? YUCK

I will buy this game for 5$ in a instant to play on my PS3 or Vita.

Jio2277d ago

I already have it on PC, but sometimes I want to play it while I'm on the toilet ya' know?

ElliePage2277d ago

Doesn't matter. I'd never buy any of the games made by these devs...EVER.

Titanz2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

You know, other than discrimination.

-On point-

I just hope the media backlash isn't severe.

--Onilink--2277d ago

well the game certainly is offensive in its theme, so its not that surprising for someone to think like this

Jazz41082277d ago

Isn't this the same dev that cried to the media over ms not advertising there game the way they thought they should and I believe they still sold 200 thousand plus copies on arcade. I say let the cry babies go where they fit in the best.

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