StarHawk: Top Tips For Multiplayer Dominance.

If you have taken the time to fight the other war among the stars, than there’s a good chance you’re an Alien living in a human body, dreaming of returning to your home world. Hey! It’s possible. Or… you just like to play awesome games.

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Godmars2902211d ago

1) Get/use headset.
2) Find friends and work together.
3) Profit!

Pentex2210d ago

This writer evidently has no idea what he's talking about. Almost seems like he watched the trailer and wrote according to what he saw in it.

younglj012210d ago

I didnt even know you could destroy the other team Rift Energy...

Pentex2210d ago

You can't. The writer is clueless.

DirtyMike2210d ago

Rift Energy can be destroyed. It's placed in barrels around the map and you get for destroying buildings. reducing the other teams rift energy is a good strategy.

ThatIrishGamer2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

This game had so much potential. But hawks just need a quick wiggle of the sticks to evade 8 RPG's fired by ground support thus meaning RPG's are useless and hawks have easy invincibility to dominate the ground. Therefore it's massively unbalanced and won't gain mainstream success.

Strange why developers make such fundamental mistakes to sabotage their own games success. Surely they play it? Surely they've fire 8 RPG's at a hawk in a row and watched the driver wiggle his sticks and go about his business with ease?


Nykamari2210d ago

Was playing last night and yes evading missiles are to easy. But once you change to mech form around ground troops with rockets, you are done in 3 to 5 seconds. I think the balancing need to come by making missile evasion harder. I'm an lousy pilot but could hang with anyone in this system.

BitbyDeath2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

It'll only get worse once they release all the hawk weapons.

Hopefully troops get a massive weapon overhaul soon.
They need it.