Eurogamer Sweden- The Last Story Review

Eurogamer Sweden- "If this is Sakaguchis final fantasy, it would be very sad, since it is only in that he seems to have found quite back to his top form. It's a nifty, emotional story that is told in a fast pace with strong (albeit partially archetypal) character, moral doubts and delivered with precision.

The biggest problem with The Last Story? Too few will bother to play it. As with Xenoblade Chronicles is released it to a dying platform, much too late."

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Knight_Cid2273d ago

there is zero western in the game

Thepcz2272d ago

huh? The game is very western

Knight_Cid2272d ago

there is absolutely nothing western about the game

The game has a that western?

The game has action/turn based battle that western? Especially when falcom has been doing it for 25 years.

Kos-Mos2272d ago

Horrible translation. Fantastic game.