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Hard4Games: Top 10 Worst DLC & Paid Services In Games

"I miss expansion-packs in games. I know they’re still around, but they seem less significant now with the amount of downloadable content seen with every current-gen game. I also miss the days of gaming where we weren’t constantly dumping money for added content into a game … instead, we were dumping money on peripherals like zapper-guns, memory cards, and rumble-paks. At least, with those, you didn’t need to spend more for each additional game you had, right? So without further ado, let’s take a moment to admire (and hate) the top 10 crappiest ways that gaming companies snivel their way into your pockets in today’s gaming-market. I was originally going to be game-specific with this, until I realized how many of them fit into similar categories—so I aimed for the categories instead of the games! Bare in mind, as always, that these are my own opinions, so I don't speak for everyone out there." (Culture)

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